Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – Su Lin, the Teacher Is Uncomfortable

“What did you say? Su Lin, I didn’t hear it.”

The drone from the dryer made Lin Qingxue unable to hear Su Lin’s words clearly.

“I say… Teacher Lin, you’re so beautiful!”

Su Lin smiled and put his hands to his mouth to make a trumpet shape. He stretched his head forward to face Lin Qinxue’s ears and loudly shouted.

“Hehe! Thank you, Su Lin. You are so loud that the teacher’s ears are about to go deaf. Hurry up and go take a bath. I’ll call your parents and tell them you’re here so they won’t worry. What’s your home number?”


After reporting a string of numbers, Su Lin entered the bathroom. Lin Qing Xue picked up the landline on the table and dialed. It was his mother who answered the phone, and after a few sentences, they were settled.

“Um… It smells really good. The bathroom still smells like Teacher Lin …”

Taking a deep breath, Su Lin gently closed the frosted glass bathroom door. He felt that his body was indeed a bit sticky and sweaty. He simply took off his clothes and pants and also took a bath.

“Eh? This is… Teacher Lin had changed out of her underwear, and… Black stockings…”

There was a row of hooks on the inside of the bathroom for changing clothes. When Su Lin turned around, he saw Lin Qinxue’s pink lace undergarments, red lace underpants, and seductive black socks.

“This… This is way too beautiful!”

Just as Su Lin wanted to reach out his hand, he suddenly remembered that the bathroom door was a frosted glass door. Didn’t his movement form also become visible to Lin Qinxue who was outside the bathroom?

Immediately, Su Lin’s face also began to heat up. He looked at the frosted glass door, and then looked at the few tempting little things hanging on it. He swallowed his saliva and sighed to himself, “It’s better to just bathe honestly!”

“Shua, shua, shua …”

“Swish, swish, swish …”

With a brand-new toothbrush in his mouth and Lin Qinxue’s fragrant rose shower gel on him, Su Lin didn’t feel uncomfortable bathing in the bathroom.

Looking at the bathroom door, she suddenly remembered that her own bathroom door was frosted glass. If that wasn’t the case, while she was bathing, although she wouldn’t be able to let Su Lin completely see her, her body’s outline and movements were basically clear as well.

That’s right, that’s right. There was also the underwear and stockings that she forgot to take out when she left them in the bathroom …

The more she thought about it, the more her face turned red. Lin Qinxue was a little flustered, she was only worried that Su Lin would come home so late in the night, and only let him stay for a night. However, how could Lin Qingxue, who was used to living by herself, care so much? Now, Su Lin had actually seen so many things that she shouldn’t have seen, this… How was she going to face Su Lin in the future?

“Teacher Lin, I’ve finished washing, but my clothes seem to be a bit wet. Do you have any clothes that I can wear?”

After washing up, Su Lin opened the bathroom door a crack, then stuck his head out and asked. He had showered to his heart’s content. Su Lin had accidentally wet his jeans and t-shirt. How could he wear them to bed?

“Su Lin, you… Wait a moment, don’t come out yet, I…  I’ll go find it for you…”

Lifting her head, she saw Su Lin with his upper body naked. Especially behind the frosted glass door, she vaguely s

aw Su Lin wearing only blue boxer shorts. The middle part of his pants bulged slightly, causing Lin Qinxue to blush and quickly run back to her bedroom.

“Lin Qingxue, Lin Qingxue, what exactly are you thinking? Su Lin is your student, he’s not even eighteen yet! He’s just a child…”

The red-faced Lin Qinxue rummaged through her bedroom closet for a long time before she finally found a set of pajamas. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves, stomped her feet, and walked out of the bedroom.

“Ah… What are you doing, Su Lin… Why don’t you put on your clothes… Hurry up and put on your clothes…”

As soon as they left the bedroom, Lin Qinxue screamed because she saw Su Lin sitting on the sofa in his boxer shorts, watching TV and blow-drying his hair.

“Teacher Lin, you didn’t give me your clothes, what should I wear?”

Su Lin smiled and put down the hair dryer, but he was puzzled in his heart, “At any rate, Teacher Lin is already over twenty, I’m not completely naked, so there’s no need for this right? Could it be that Teacher Lin has never seen a man’s naked body before? ”

“Then… Then quickly put it on! Don’t… Don’t catch a cold…”

Lin Qinxue tossed the pink pajamas onto the sofa and turned her head away. Her face was as red as an apple, and it was boiling hot. Her breathing quickened once again.

“What’s wrong with that? You really haven’t seen a man before? ”

He then picked up the pajamas that Lin Qingxue tossed over to him from the sofa. This was considered one of the more modest of Lin Qingxue’s pajamas; in addition to the lace at the end of the sleeves and the pink color, there were also the patterns on the pajamas. There were a few elegant butterflies, fluttering in pairs.

“Alright, Teacher Lin, I’m done. You can turn around.”

“Heh heh… “hy, why is it like this …”

With a “puchi”, Lin Qinxue turned her head and saw that Su Lin was wearing her butterfly pink pajamas. She could not help but smile. It turned out that Lin Qinxue was 1.6 meters tall, while Su Lin was nearly 1.7 meters tall. She was wearing Lin Qinxue’s pajamas, which was naturally inappropriate.

Fortunately, the pajamas were loose, so Su Lin could barely put them on, but after putting them on, his calves were exposed, and his sleeves were not long enough, revealing half of his arms. What made her laugh the most was that the pajamas weren’t long enough to cover Su Lin’s navel, so in Lin Qingxue’s eyes, Su Lin was just like a belly dancer.

“Teacher Lin, you… You’re not allowed to laugh, or otherwise I won’t wear it and will sleep naked. ”

There was a mirror in Lin Qinxue’s living room. From the mirror, Su Lin also saw his predicament. If those kids in his class knew that he was dressed like this, especially Hao Zi, they would definitely laugh themselves to death.

“Good!”Good! Good! Su Lin, teacher is not laughing at you. It’s almost 12 o’clock, I’ll get a blanket for you and go to bed early. If you’re not used to sleeping, let me know and I’ll let you sleep in the bedroom, I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

After experiencing such a small incident, Lin Qinxue seemed to have completely swept away her previous awkwardness. She smiled until her eyes narrowed, then took out a blanket from the closet and gave it to Su Lin. She stretched and rubbed her eyes, saying, “Su Lin, go to sleep early. Call me if you need anything. I’m going to sleep too.”

“Teacher Lin, good night! ”

“Su Lin, good night to you too!”

Su Lin took the blanket from Lin Qinxue’s hands and watched as she walked into the bedroom and closed the door. He didn’t know why, but he felt slightly disappointed. He curled up on the sofa in the living room with the blanket in his arms.


The lights in the bedroom were turned off, and now only the faint moonlight shone from the living room window. Su Lin hugged the blanket, and whether it was the blanket or the pajamas on his body, they were both faintly fragrant.

In the tranquil night, Su Lin could not help but feel sleepy as he heard soft snoring sounds coming from the sofa.

“Um… Ah… Nnnn…”

If it was anyone else, they might not have been woken up by this sound, but since Su Lin was sleeping in an unfamiliar environment and in Teacher Lin’s house, how could he possibly have a complete sleep in his heart? Especially in the quiet night, even the slightest noise was enough to wake him up.

“What’s wrong? This voice came from the bedroom. Teacher Lin, she… Could something have happened? ”

Su Lin, who had been woken up from his sleep, looked in the direction of his bedroom, hesitating as to whether he should go in and take a look.

“I think I’ll go take a look. It seems like Teacher Lin’s condition isn’t too good.”

After hesitating for a moment, Su Lin recalled Teacher Lin’s burning body temperature. He got up from the sofa and walked to the door of the bedroom. The bedroom was not locked. Su Lin turned the handle of the door and gently opened it.

“Teacher Lin, what’s wrong? I heard something outside, so I came in to see you … ”

After entering the bedroom, Su Lin turned on the light in the bedroom.


The dazzling lights seemed to fall on Lin Qingxue who was lying on the bed. She covered her eyes with her hands and rubbed her legs. She was groaning in a low voice, just like when Su Lin rescued her from the hotel.

“Teacher Lin, what’s wrong with you?”

Seeing Lin Qinxue writhing on the bed as if she was in pain, Su Lin went forward and put aside Lin Qinxue’s hand that was blocking his eyes. He touched her forehead. It was boiling hot. His entire face was boiling hot.

“Su Lin… I… Teacher is…. I’m feeling terrible… ”

Her body still kept twisting and twisting, especially her legs that kept rubbing against the peach blossoms on the bed, making a series of hissing sounds that pierced one’s heart.

“Where are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Su Lin was about to think about it more carefully, but he didn’t expect that Lin Qingxue would suddenly wrap her arms around his neck and pull him down. Her cherry red lips tightly pressed against Su Lin’s lips.



Su Lin felt his mind go blank. He…  he was actually forcefully kissed by Lin Qinxue?

“Oh my god! So soft, so moist, so comfortable … Is this Teacher Lin’s kiss? ”

After being forcefully kissed by Lin Qinxue, Su Lin felt Lin Qinxue’s burning lips press tightly against his. A fire suddenly ignited in his heart.

He hadn’t even been in a relationship before, let alone having an intimate relationship with a woman. Even if he accidentally kissed her that day, it would only be a moment of carelessness. In general, Su Lin was a pure emotional idiot, but he had seen many famous island action films. At this moment, Su Lin could not hold it in any longer. Regardless of whether she had a teacher or not, if she did not act now, would she still be considered a man?


Su Lin fought back and tightly sucked Lin Qingxue’s lips. He reached down with both hands and threw the blanket that was covering Lin Qingxue to the side.

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