Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Home

With a brake, the taxi stopped at the entrance of Jinhua District. It was already eight o’clock in the evening. A county city like Jianan City, at this time of the night, was usually empty except for a few busy night market streets. There were only a few pedestrians returning home late at night.

“Thank you.”

He wanted to pay for the taxi, but Lin Qinxue quickly fished out her wallet and took out a twenty dollar bill. After the driver found the money, the two of them got out of the car.

“Teacher Lin, how many floors are you staying at? It’s not safe even at this late at night, so I’ll send you home first! ”

The spring had just passed, but the cool wind at night still brought a hint of chilliness. After getting off the car, Lin Qingxue was much more clear-headed by the cool wind blowing against her face. At the same time, it was possible that the effects of the Free and Unrestrained Powder weren’t that strong. By relying on her control, Lin Qingxue barely managed to calm her body down.

“C-block 302, it’s so late, Su Lin. I’ll call your parents later and tell them that you were too late to go back to your teacher’s classroom for supplementary lessons, so you can’t stay there for the night. ”

Lin Qinxue hesitated for a moment. She felt that since it was already so late, she wouldn’t be at ease if Su Lin had to cross half of the city to go home. Thus, she decided to just let Su Lin stay.

“This …”

Looking at Lin Qinxue’s black stockings which was wrapped around, and her somewhat messy jacket that outlined the appearance of a woman who had just matured, Su Lin swallowed his saliva. If he refused, he wouldn’t be able to say anything.

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!…

Following behind Lin Qinxue, and listening to her high heels as she walked up the stairs, Su Lin was secretly delighted in his heart, “To spend the night at Teacher Lin’s house, my god!” If Laozi knew about this, wouldn’t he be jealous of me? ”

“Come in!”

When they arrived at Building 302, Su Lin followed behind Lin Qinxue and entered the home of the high school teacher who had never been here before.

“Come in and take a seat. The teacher lives alone. He didn’t do anything and everything is messy.” You haven’t had dinner yet, have you, Surin? How about you get a bowl of instant noodles? ”

“Teacher Lin, there’s no need to trouble yourself…”

Su Lin sat down on the sofa with a bit of restraint. Just as he was about to say something, his stomach growled a little, “Indeed, Su Lin hasn’t eaten since lunch.” Su Lin sat down on the sofa with a bit of hesitation, just as he was about to say something, his stomach growled a little.

“Alright, you don’t have to decline. I’ll let you have a taste of Teacher’s cooking skills.”

Upon hearing Su Lin’s growling stomach, Lin Qingxue happily smiled. She took off her suit jacket and put on a pink casual coat before going to the kitchen. She turned on the electric stove and boiled water.

For some reason, Su Lin, who was sitting on the sofa in boredom, suddenly thought of such a wise saying. Looking around, Lin Qingxue’s rented room wasn’t too big. It only had one bedroom, a small living room, half a kitchen, and a small bathroom. It was estimated that a rented room like this in Jian An city would only need about 800 to 800 months.

Lin Qinxue was not a local person in Jianan City. She had just arrived at Jianan City First High School and hadn’t been assigned a teacher’s security room. Thus, she could only rent a small bedroom for herself.

“It see

ms like Teacher Lin’s life isn’t that easy either!”

Looking at the trash bin in the living room, it was filled with take-out packages for instant noodles and a few boxes of cold food. It seemed that Lin Qinxue would have to eat instant noodles whenever she was busy and would not even be able to eat a decent meal.

“Alright! Su Lin, come. Try out my cooking skills. You should know that teachers don’t only know how to attend classes and correct homework! Master Kang’s instant noodles are teacher’s specialty, and teacher even beat two eggs for you. The taste is excellent, so try it properly. ”

Carrying a bowl of steaming hot instant noodles with two fragrant eggs floating on top, Su Lin did not know why his eyes started to ache. Looking at the two eggs in the bowl, he said to Lin Qinxue, “Teacher, you …. Do you usually eat instant noodles? ”

“More or less! Almost every week, there will be a small test, and once a month, there will be a big mock exam. All of the papers of the 800 + people in the entire year were approved by us English teachers, so I was busy with it. I was alone at home, so I didn’t want to get too much work done.

As Su Lin ate the instant noodles with his chopsticks, he thought to himself that it wasn’t easy being a teacher either. Who said that a teacher would have to take two big long holidays a year on a Saturday?

“Little pig, a bowl of instant noodles can make you eat so much.”

As Lin Qinxue spoke, she actually reached out her hand and patted Su Lin’s head. She smiled and said, “Su Lin, thank you so much for saving Teacher today. Otherwise, Teacher…. Hey! Since it’s already so late, I can only let you have some instant noodles. Teacher will treat you to a big meal and reward you a bit, okay? ”

“Teacher’s instant noodles are the most delicious.”

“Haha! Seeing you eat so much, Teacher is also hungry. ”

“Teacher, please have some too!”

As he said this, Su Lin picked up a piece of egg with his chopsticks and held it in front of Lin Qinxue. When he did this, Su Lin was also stunned for a moment, but he did not expect Lin Qinxue to not reject him. She bit down on her chopsticks, rolled her tongue slightly, and even smiled as she ate, saying, “My cooking skills are not bad!”

“Teacher Lin, you…”

From Su Lin’s impression of her, Lin Qinxue had always been strict. In the school, Lin Qinxue always acted like an experienced head teacher. But today, in Su Lin’s eyes, Lin Qinxue was like a cute little girl. Moreover, Lin Qinxue did not seem to be afraid of him. Could it be that because he saved her, Teacher Lin’s attitude towards him began to change?

When Su Lin saw this change, the look in his eyes towards Lin Qing Xue changed. He no longer had that half fearful, half naughty attitude from before.

“Phew … I’m so full now, thank you teacher. This is the most delicious instant noodles I’ve ever had.”

Just like this, Su Lin and Lin Qinxue finished the whole bowl of noodles in one bite. Lin Qinxue smiled and said, “Su Lin, this is also the most delicious instant noodles teacher has ever had.”

“Hehe, of course it’s delicious. Teacher, you don’t even know how much of my saliva you’ve eaten.” Su Lin secretly rejoiced and viciously thought in his heart.

Seeing that it was almost eleven o’clock, she said to Su Lin, “Su Lin, it’s already eleven o’clock. Do you want to wash up and go to bed? You should go to bed early. Only tomorrow will you have the energy to attend class.”

With that, Lin Qinxue pointed to the bathroom and said, “There’s a spare toothbrush and a towel in that small drawer in the bathroom, they’re all new. Hurry up and wash up, then you can go to bed, you can sleep in the bedroom, and I’ll lie on the sofa in the living room.”

“Teacher, how can this work? It should be me lying on the sofa while you go back to the bedroom to sleep. I am a man, how can I let you sleep on the sofa? ”

Su Lin puffed out his chest. Unexpectedly, Lin Qinxue extended her slender hand and patted it, “Okay, go wash up. Young man, okay. Hurry up and bathe. Teacher still has to take a bath! ”

Stretching lazily, Lin Qinxue felt that her body was sticky, especially in some places. It was hot, itchy, and very uncomfortable. She wanted to take a good bath first.

“Then, teacher, you go wash first. I’ll watch TV for a while, I’ll wait a while before I wash …”

With the remote control in hand, Su Lin turned on the TV guiltily and picked a random channel to watch.

“Alright, then teacher will go first. If you are really tired, then go to sleep first! It doesn’t matter if I don’t wash. ”

After returning to the bedroom, she took a change of clothes and went into the bathroom. Soon, the sound of water splashing could be heard and Su Lin’s sharp hearing seemed to be able to hear the sound of something sliding and rubbing.

“This, this is too…”

Su Lin slowly shifted his gaze from the television to the bathroom. The bathroom door was frosted glass, allowing him to see Lin Qinxue’s figure rubbing inside. Adding to the hazy vapor, Su Lin couldn’t help but take a deep breath, as if he could smell the shampoo in the bathroom.

“Teacher Lin’s figure is too good! It should be protruding and protruding…”

As he faced the frosted glass door, Su Lin could not help but let his thoughts run wild, and a part of his body began to react clearly. A man and a woman in the same room, and the other side was such a beautiful and mature woman. Even more so, it was rare to see Lin Qingxue being the teacher in charge of his high school English class.

Which boy wouldn’t have fantasized about the beautiful English teacher in high school?

Half an hour had passed, and as the sound of water in the bathroom stopped, Lin Qingxue took up the towel and began to wipe her body bit by bit.


The bathroom door opened and Lin Qing Xue, who still had her long wet hair, came out with her slippers on. The beauty came out of the bathroom with a refreshing fragrance. It made Su Lin’s heart itch even more.

“I’m sorry, Su Lin. Teacher has been bathing for so long, hurry up and go! If you want to take a bath, just use whatever’s inside. ”

A large bathrobe wrapped around her alluring body and she stepped on her slippers. Lin Qingxue then walked in front of Su Lin and sat down on the sofa. She put on the hair dryer and just hummed her way through the living room.

“Teacher Lin, you’re so beautiful!”

As he breathed in the faint fragrance of the shampoo and the smell of her body, Su Lin could even feel the heat coming from Lin Qinxue’s body. Especially when Lin Qinxue was blowing her hair and stroking her bathrobe. Her white bathrobe was tightly tied up with a ribbon, making it seem as if with a light tug, she would completely fall off.

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