Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Coming

In less than twenty seconds, Su Lin had kicked each of them in the stomach.

Time recovered!

Instantly, all the security guards simultaneously let out a blood-curdling scream before falling onto the ground, clutching their stomachs as they screamed in pain.

Li Jianxing was surprised to find that at some point, his hand had formed into a fist, and as if someone was holding his hand, he threw it at Liu Yuanfeng beside him.

“Aiyah… My teeth! ”

This punch was really ruthless. Plus, Liu Yuanfeng had already been punched by Su Lin earlier, which caused Liu Yuanfeng’s two front teeth to completely fall out.

“Liu …” Young Master Liu … No… I… It wasn’t me who did it! ”

When Li Jianxing saw that he had beaten Liu Yuanfeng, he was so scared that he was at a loss for words. He was on the verge of crying.

Liu Yuanfeng’s eyes were bloodshot. He covered his mouth with one hand and supported himself on the ground with the other. He roared angrily at Li Jianxing, “Just you wait!”

“A good chance!”

The security guards were all knocked to the ground. Su Lin seized this opportunity. A princess carried Lin Qingxue and quickly ran towards the stairs. Lin Qinxue was also cooperating very well as she wrapped her arms around Su Lin’s neck, looking at him with a dazed expression.

“Teacher Lin, I’m here. It’s alright, we’ll be able to escape very soon.”

Su Lin comforted Lin Qinxue as he ran.

At this time, Lin Qingxue had already lost herself to Su Lin’s evil palms. After being gently caressed by Su Lin just now, her body had completely softened. In addition to the effects of Free and Unrestrained Powder, she immediately felt countless sounds of desire roaring in her body.

“You useless bastards, quickly chase after me! Let the security guards below chase them … You all eat sh * t, right? If they can’t even handle a single child, does that mean they all want to go home and farm! ”

When Su Lin, who had run down the stairs, heard Liu Yuanfeng’s angry roar, he also started to worry in his heart. If the security guards of the Jiaxing Hotel had caught up, the remaining ten seconds wouldn’t be enough. Su Lin looked at Lin Qinxue, whose eyes were already clouded, and thought, how about we get some more time?

Swallowing his saliva, Su Lin stood in the elevator and pressed the button for the hall on the first floor. He and Lin Qinxue were the only ones in the elevator. At this moment, Lin Qingxue’s eyes were slightly closed and her cherry lips were slightly opened. Her face was moist and moist, a burning red color. An extremely tempting smell exuded from her body.

“Give it a few more seconds!”

After hesitating for a moment, Su Lin unrestrainedly used his pig claws to slowly climb up Lin Qinxue’s chest.

“Ugh …”

The stimulation was so strong that Lin Qinxue couldn’t help but let out a “hmph”.

Su Lin jumped in fright, thinking that Teacher Lin was angry. He quickly moved his hand away, but as soon as he moved, Lin Qingxue seemed to become unhappy.

“Teacher Lin, you…”

Staring with both eyes, Su Lin was also stunned. This was actually such a sexy scene.

“Hot… So hot… I’m so hot … ”

With one hand not enough, Lin Qingxue leaned on Su Lin and began to tear the white shirt in front of her chest with both hands. With a hiss, a piece of the white shirt was torn apart, revealing an alluring scene underneath.

“Hot? It can’t be! There’s an air conditioner in this elevator, it’s so cool! ”

Just as Su Lin was thinking this, he suddenly felt that under the stimulation of the scene in front of him, his body was also gradually heating up.

Oh my god! What was going on?

Ding dong!

At that moment, the elevator door opened and they arrived at the lobby of the first floor. Surprisingly, there were more than ten hotel security guards waiting for them, eyeing them covetously.

“It’s this brat, Young Master Liu has instructed me, I must not let him run.”

“Go, hit him …” However, he was worried that the woman beside him was personally ordered by Young Master Liu. Don’t hurt her … ”


… ….

The security guards rushed up, the elevator was narrow and there was nowhere for them to escape. Su Lin had no choice but to pause for a moment and kick away the sea of people in front of him.

Three seconds …

Two seconds …

One second …

Time ran out again. The security guards were stunned. How did Su Lin escape in the blink of an eye? Several security guards were kicked away by Su Lin. The security guards who were still standing immediately turned around and chased after Su Lin with their batons raised.

“Damn it. We don’t have time again. It seems that we still have to …”

The situation was extremely urgent. Just as Su Lin was planning on using that method to gain more time, he heard an inexplicable prompt, “Sorry, the time limit for the top-grade beauty development system to be obfuscated has been reached.”

“What?” Forming a top-notch beauty into a system? What is this? There was a time limit? “What should we do?”

There was still a large group of people chasing after him while shouting and shouting. If he was caught, even if he didn’t die, half of his life would be taken. Su Lin did not think that Liu Yuanfeng, who was beaten badly by him, would let him off so easily.

They would soon reach the hotel’s entrance. Once they exited, they would be able to escape by running faster and taking a taxi. Besides, they did not dare to do anything in broad daylight. Su Lin’s only hope now was to quickly escape from the hotel.

“Quickly close the door, close the door!”

The door of Jiaxing Hotel was a remote controlled glass door. Upon seeing this, the waiter at the main desk on the first floor immediately pressed the button and the door closed before Su Lin’s eyes.

“Damn it! I can’t get out. ”

Su Lin had already run to the door. He used his hands to smash the glass door, but he couldn’t open it no matter what. Meanwhile, the security guards behind him also slowly and fiercely pressed on.

“Haha!” Stinking brat, you can’t escape anymore, right? I told you to run! ”

“Brothers, go and capture him. Wait for Young Master Liu’s order.”

Su Lin saw the security guards surrounding them and they had nowhere to go. At this moment, the sound of sirens came from outside the hotel. Su Lin was elated and looked towards the door. It was the young married woman who called for the police.

“Don’t move! “Open the door…”

As soon as the police officers arrived, how could the hotel security guards still act arrogantly? In front of the pitch-black guns, all of them held their heads and squatted on the ground, not daring to move at all.

Su Lin also let out a sigh of relief and stood to the side with Lin Qinxue in his arms.

Not long after, the police officers had surrounded the entire restaurant and were searching it one by one. As for the young woman whom Su Lin had seen earlier, she was currently in the lobby of the first floor, giving orders to several of the police officers.

“Who exactly is this young woman? Why did the police officers listen to her? ”

From the aura that the young woman gave off, Su Lin could tell that she wasn’t an ordinary person. It seemed that she really wasn’t a simple person since she could even command these tough guys from the Criminal Police.

“Ugh …” Su Lin, I’m so hot … You. Why don’t you hurry and send me home? ”

Lin Qinxue struggled to wake up a little in Su Lin’s embrace. She felt that if this continued, she would lose control of her body. She quickly got Su Lin to send her home. Lin Qinxue’s legs were tightly clamped together. She had originally wanted to go back by herself, but now that she had become so weak that she couldn’t move anymore, she could only lower her face and let Su Lin take her back.

“Teacher Lin, you… Why don’t I take you to the hospital? With such a hot forehead, it seems like I really have a fever. ”

Su Lin touched Lin Qingxue’s forehead. It was abnormally hot, not even a fever could cause such a thing!

“Don’t… Just … “Just go back to my house.”

Twisting her body a little, Lin Qinxue said with great difficulty while half-squinting her eyes.

Since Lin Qinxue had strongly requested for it, Su Lin could only give her a perfunctory reply before walking out of the hotel.

At the same time, when Su Lin was carrying Lin Qinxue away, the young woman looked at Su Lin’s back and nodded slightly.

“Mayor Fang, what’s wrong?”

Seeing the mayor nod, Criminal Police Captain Liu Xingyu asked.

“Nothing, Captain Liu. I suspect that this hotel provides a place for gangsters to trade in the Dragon Tiger Gang. This may involve drug and pornography transactions. We must immediately seal it and close down our business to rectify ourselves.”

“But… Mayor Fang, the owner of this hotel seems to be Young Master Liu’s. ”

Criminal Police Captain Liu Xingyu said somewhat awkwardly.

“Which Young Master Liu?” Fang Liping asked.

“He’s the Eldest Young Master of the City Council’s Secretary …”

“Then we must still proclaim it, the prince who violates the law and commits the crime together with the commoners, proclaim it!”

Fang Liping crossed her arms and said decisively.


After stopping a red Volkswagen taxi, Su Lin carefully put Lin Qing Xue in the taxi. He then sat on it and told the taxi driver, “Go to the Municipal Hospital, quick!”

Teacher Lin’s forehead was already so hot, how could she not go to the hospital?

“No …” Don’t go to the hospital. “I want to go home …”

It was at this moment that Lin Qinxue’s faint voice rang out. Su Lin could barely hear the meaning behind her vague words.

“Ms Fang, your entire body’s been boiling hot. You must have a high fever. You can’t not go to the hospital.”

With such a high temperature, it would at least be 39 degrees Celsius. If he were to drag it out and not go to the hospital, he might even lose his life.

“Don’t go, I … I’m really fine! ”

Lin Qinxue struggled to sit up. Her face was boiling hot and Su Lin was looking at her with such a gaze. She said to the driver, “Driver, let’s go to Jinhua District.”

“No!” “Teacher, you have to listen to me. Driver, go to the Municipal Hospital.”

“To Jinhua sector”

“I say, where are you two going?” “Let’s discuss this first, is that alright?”

As the two of them argued about this, even the driver got annoyed. He simply braked the car and parked it by the side of the road.

“I’m your teacher, listen to me and go to Jinhua District!”

Lin Qinxue seemed to be angry. She assumed the posture of a teacher and Su Lin turned off the ignition.

“Alright!” “Jinhua district, let’s go …”

The chauffeur started the car, turned the steering wheel, and drove towards Jinhua district.

“Ms Fang, since you’re like this, you can’t possibly not watch it when you’re sick.”

“Su Lin, thank you for saving teacher this time, but teacher really isn’t sick, it’s just that …”

As she said this, Lin Qinxue crossed her legs a bit unnaturally. After rubbing them together for a while, her expression became a bit strange.

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