Chapter 4

Should I Try Saying It?


While I was rolling my eyes at this incomprehensible situation, the door suddenly opened with a bang, and a super beauty with bright red hair appeared. She was a gorgeous lady with large red eyes nose and mouth. Her eyelashes were also thick, enough that a toothpick could be placed on it. 1

“Agro! Is that kid leader’s illegitimate child?”
“Amanda? What are you talking about?”
“Na~h. Isn’t she cute? Leader has a face as if he isn’t interested in ladies, yet she has a cute girl like her. Hey, hey, how many? Her name? What happened to her mom?”

She asked in rapid succession, and I rolled my eyes even more.

The world is going round and round…
The world is shaking…

Then, everything faded.



Often, it’s said you can wake up in a dream, but when can you say that you really woke up?
Is it when you wake up in your own bed?

Well, what if you never woke up from that dream…?

What if that dream became reality and what should be reality does not exist anymore…?



Yes. I’m also self-aware.
I’m still running away from reality.

After all, when I woke up, it wasn’t the familiar ceiling.
I looked around when I woke up and I noticed that it looks just like that office I was in before I passed out..

It should’ve been a dream, but I still haven’t woken up….

I felt like my tears forming.

But that’s no good.
Crying is no good.
Even if I cry here, nothing will change.

Think, think. What should I do after this I wonder?

First of all, what do I want to do?
It’s decided: if this world is real, then it’s to return to my former world.

Then, how do I return to my former world?
…There, my thoughts stopped.

Do people like me from different worlds come to this world I wonder? Perhaps you can freely come and go?
If that’s the case, I can immediately go home, so I’d be relieved, but….

If perhaps I can’t freely come and go between worlds, then whether it was intentional or by chance, there should be some sort of reason of why I came here. If I know that reason, I think I should also know the way of going home.

However, how should I find out the cause I wonder…?

As I looked up, I tried stretching out my arms.
Those hands were much much smaller than my original hands.

I’ve definitely become a small kid.

I wonder if this world is where a single small kid can manage on their own…?

It’d be good if I could see my status… I could see it in Elysia Online, but I wonder if I can see it here as well?
But there’s no pressable buttons after all. Or perhaps I have to say ‘status open’ like in novels?

S-Should I say it?
Should I try saying it?

It’s said that once over the border, on may do anything. Should I try boldly saying it?

“S-Status. Open.”

Because it’s embarrassing since it’s like I have chuunibyou, I tried saying it in a soft voice.

Then, a semi-transparent window appeared in front of me.

“Eh. It worked?”

A lot of words and numbers were lined up on the semi-transparent window. Perhaps this is my status?

Umm, let me take a look.


Kujou Yuuri. 8 Years Old. Lv 1 Sage.

HP 156
MP 125

Skills Possessed
Magic 100
Healing 100
Alchemy 100

Magic Master
Healing Master
Stray From Another World


The HP and MP are tricky numbers, but Lv1 would be something like this?
Age is 8 huh. I wonder what’s up with this half-assed age?

If the skills are taken from the game, then these are the MAX values. The problem is the titles right…?

What’s with ‘Stray From Another World’ I wonder…?

‘Stray’, what does that mean I wonder?
In Japan, the most famous stray monster is that silver one though…2 H~m, h~m?

In other words, is it that?
That I’m a lost child???

That’s right. The fact that the status screen appeared means that I can log out right?

L-Let’s try it out for now.



“Execute: Logout!”

Again, silence.

“Logout, enter!”

…No response. It’s just a corpse.
It’s no good after all.

Then, what about the friend chat I wonder?

“Friend chat open.”

This also has no response.
I wonder if only the status screen responds…?

Haa……how regrettable.

So that means I can’t go home.
Oka-san, Oba-san, Onii-chan…

Tears flowed down my cheeks once more.

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