Chapter 29


The Philosophy of Causes and Consequences

No wonder Zhao Yuchen had attached his heart on this woman, because Bai Qingqing really had what it took to seduce a man.

Liu Xiangyi forced herself to suppress the jealousy in heart, she assumed a decent posture and said seriously, “Please forgive me, Bai Guniang. I begged Sacred Emperor to decree the order all for adhering to public opinion. As the master of the harem, I represent the interests of all. Now the disease spread all over the palace and even you Bai Guniang who professed to have high medical skill had no solution, it must be a heaven-sent disaster.”

Bai Qingqing sneered, “A great excuse. But I still wonder where is the astrologer that predicts I am the bane.”

“It’s said that the astrologer is a master who is elusive and untraceable all the time. How could I know where he is?”

“You mean, there is no solid evidence to say I am the scourge?”

“Why are you still struggling? If not, how could you explain the disaster?”

“A lot of disasters happen in the world every day. You ensure it’ll be peaceful if I die?”

“I can’t. But since you came, continuous disasters happened to our peaceful palace. I can only beg Sacred Emperor and the emperor to dispose you by law unless you can come up with an explanation why it happened. You should know many ministers believe the existence of bane and it made us frightened. If Sacred Emperor and the emperor really think of the benefit of civilians, they must make up their minds as soon as possible in case that spread of the disease kills more innocent lives.”

Liu Xiangyi, some credit must be given to her, she was so shrewd that she took advantage of public opinion to annihilate her enemy, Bai Qingqing.

On hearing this, she questioned back, “What if I can stop the disease?” when Zhao Yuchen was about to flare up.

Both Zhao Yuchen and Liu Xiangyi were shocked at her words.

Bai Qingqing sneered, “I wonder if Imperial Concubine of Emperor Emeritus Yi wants to make a bet with me. Give me three days, if I manage to stop it, then I win. If not, feel free to say whatever I am.”

Liu Xiangyi answered, “If you fail, are you willing to be punished as a bane?”

“Of course!”

“Qingqing...” Zhao Yuchen wanted to stop her but was refused by Bai Qingqing, saying, “She was right. Now it's not a personal problem anymore. Whether the bane exists or not affects people of the whole capital. Faced with them, I can't go my own way because of our relationships. Please grant us approval, Sacred Emperor.”

That moment, Zhao Yuchen felt himself restless like ants on a hot pan.

He swore he would forever protect his beloved little one who was hard to retrieve. However, his high-profile love to her got her into trouble.

He stared at Liu Xiangyi again, with murderous look in eyes.

But Liu Xiangyi didn’t show any fear at all, because she believed she would win.

She would like to see what Bai Qingqing could do within three days on earth.

As soon as Liu Xiangyi left, Sacred Emperor pulled Bai Qingqing in front of him and said seriously, “Are you silly? How could you make a bet? You know she is setting you up!”

It was Zhao Yuchen who lived in the palace for years as a master. He clearly knew what Liu Xiangyi’s scheme was.

But due to the fact Liu Xiangyi had established a reasonable image in the harem, he must be scolded by the public if disposing of her for selfish desire.

“I definitely know. And that’s why I want to have a fight with her.” Bai Qingqing answered.

“Are you confident?”

Bai Qingqing beamed and whispered to him.

>Listening to her, Zhao Yuchen was shocked then surprised, “You serious?”

“Just check it then you’ll believe!”

Miracles really happened several days later.

Though Bai Qingqing was unable to get antidote to the poison, Elimination, an excellent idea came to her mind that she asked those in Imperial Institute of Medicine to make several pots of infusions according to her prescription, which contained some ingredients for clearing the stomach and intestines and one of them was croton.

As was known to everyone, croton was to make people diarrhea. So she cooked it with several herbs for detoxification and nourishing Qi and let flunkeys take these infusions.

Every morning, afternoon and evening, three times a day, they took the medicine and had severe diarrhea, which help them discharge the residual toxins from their bodies.

Within three days, those who were on the verge of death were on the mend.

At the same time, Bai Qingqing finally found the record of Elimination,  according to the record, it was deadly poisonous yet it could  help herbaceous plants grow.

Knowing this, she asked someone to pick up a few handfuls of vegetables in the garden to check, and the result was astonishing.

Almost all the people in the palace were looking into the source of Elimination but in vain. Unexpectedly, it was in the soil of the garden, which was the reason why people eating vegetables with it got poisoned, even to a point that they died.

Fortunately, the garden in a corner provided vegetables only for flunkeys.

As for the masters of the palace, there were special places for them to provide fresh vegetables, that was why Zhao Yuchen and Zhao Rui, as well as masters in the harem weren’t poisoned.

With the stop of Elimination, the rumors about bane turned into nonsense then disappeared under the design of Zhao Yuchen.

Liu Xiangyi who lost underestimated the competence of Bai Qingqing, fancy her having defused the disaster within three days.

What made Liu Xiangyi outraged most was that Bai Qingqing originally was called the bane, became the heroine in the palace somehow. Those who were saved by Bai Qingqing all praised her as the miracle-working physician privately.

Before long, the image of Bai Qingqing got highly praised from mouth to mouth, which made Liu Xiangyi jealous and angry, but helpless.

Afterwards, Liu Xiangyi was furious in Palace of Inlaid Harp and broke many cups and bowls, regardless of dissuasion of her maids and eunuchs.

By no means had Liu Xiangyi expected that Zhao Yuchen, like an ascetic monk should break his rules merely for a country girl.

Could it be said that he had forgotten the solemn pledge of love with Su Ruoqing and began to love Bai Qingqing?

But what exactly was Bai Qingqing’s charm?

Despite her good look, she had neither status nor a strong background, even her character was dislikable.

Why did Zhao Yuchen love such a girl? Or some secrets were hidden between them?

At this time, Liu Xiangyi suddenly realized a lot of things were out of control.

So she asked flunkeys to leave after she calmed down, she retired to the study to write a letter in secrecy, then she whistled for a carrier pigeon and tied the letter on it without being seen.

Until seeing the pigeon fly away, she slowly calmed down and thought about the next plan.

After all things were solved, Zhao Yuchen deployed a group of secret guards and took Bai Qingqing to the Putuo Temple that was 300 miles away from the northern suburbs of the capital city on the grounds of keeping his promise.

He really chose a perfect reason, because six years ago, he often went to Putuo Temple to pray for his blind eyes, hoping to get Buddha's mercy of recovering from blindness.

After six years of sincere devotion to Buddha, he finally recovered his sight, which was the perfect reason to pay this visit to Putuo Temple.

“You kept promise to Buddha yourself. What do I care?” Forced to be taken from the palace, Bai Qingqing was dissatisfied simply because she didn’t want to leave her little emperor for a moment.

“You healed my eyes and defused a big disaster for the palace, I certainly want to praise your merits in front of Buddha.”

“Humph. If I remember it correctly, now I am a wanted criminal to be seized by the court.”

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