Chapter 88
Chapter 88 As Blind as a Bat
After Zhao Hao got his job, he became happy. A wide grin appeared on his face.

At the time, a lot of students were eating in the cafeteria and most of the seats were occupied.

While Ye Fei was finishing up his food, he overheard a group of students talking loudly in annoyed tones.

"Damn it, why did that nasty girl in our class come back?"

"A girl who poured soup on her told her to get lost long ago. Why is she here again?"

"I don’t know why she is so disgusting. What is up with all that ugly hair all over her face? She's definitely the ugliest woman I've ever seen. She makes every girl I know look like Miss Universe in comparison."

"It’s not just you, everyone thinks so. I don't know what son of a bitch put her photos on the campus network, but ever since people in other universities saw those photos, they’ve been calling our university the Shanghai Jurassic Park. What a disgrace!"

Ye Fei was stunned to hear these words and looked toward the entrance of the cafeteria.

He saw a long-haired girl wearing a very old white shirt and a pair of jeans come in. The most conspicuous thing about her was the huge, black birthmark on her face, covering most of her face and extending down to her neck, with coarse black hairs growing out of it. It was utterly disgusting to look at.

Lin Qingwan started complaining about the students degrading the girl, but when she saw her, she almost retched herself.

"It's her, Zhong Mei."

Ye Fei smiled, because he had expected Zhong Mei would come looking for him.

Zhong Mei walked over and the students around her stopped eating and lowered their heads because they did not want to see her face. At the same time, they constantly muttered obscenities at her and wanted to drive her out of the cafeteria. A few people deliberately threw trash at her.

However, none of this elicited any reaction from Zhong Mei. She didn’t even glance in their direction.

Zhao Hao was ashamed. Compared to Zhong Mei's powerful heart, he was a weakling. He dared not imagine what would happen if he were in her position.

He thought he would run and jump off the roof of the nearest building.

Zhong Mei did not go to the counter to buy food. She was carefully scanning the room, as if looking for someone.

Ye Fei knew she was looking for him, so he stood up and approached her.

When she saw Ye Fei, she looked very happy and asked him to sit down with her. She had just come back from the hospital and then went to the campus to find Professor Chu Mo. She wanted to tell her it was impossible for her to take Chu Mo’s money.

She did not find Chu Mo, but she had overheard that Ye Fei was in the cafeteria, so she came looking for him in hopes that he might know where Chu Mo was.

Hearing the comments of the students sitting around them, Ye Fei’s heart was filled with disdain. "These people are ignorant. Can’t they see she is beautiful under her birthmark? So many people in this world are as blind as bats."

Ye Fei shook his head and looked her in the eyes.

Although Zhong Mei was not afraid of other people's stares, she had never met a man who stubbornly stared at her like Ye Fei. She started feeling very uncomfortable and coldly said, "Why are you still looking at me?"

"Because you are a beauty," Ye Fei replied, as if stating a simple fact.

Zhong Mei was a little surprised, then her face showed a hint of disappointment. She slowly shook her head.

At first, she thought Ye Fei was unlike other men. He was the first man who did not laugh at her, but now she found she was wrong.

He was no different from other men at all. He was not only disgusted, but derisive.

Zhong Mei knew how ugly she was. She was not beautiful at all.

Ye Fei stared at her relentlessly and smiled, "You think I'm laughing at you?"

"Aren't you?"

Even if Zhong Mei’s face was ugly, her eyes were like cold pools of water, extremely beautiful.

Ye Fei shook his head and pointed to his eyes, "They mock you because they can't see your beauty."

"My beauty?"

Zhong Mei laughed, "You are still making fun of me. There is something called a mirror in this world, and there is something called a camera. If there weren’t these two things in the world, I might believe you."

"Maybe you won’t believe it," Ye Fei smiled and pointed to his eyes again, "but if there is anyone in this world who can find your beauty, it’s me!"


Zhong Mei could feel Ye Fei's sincerity.

She sighed and shook her head glumly. "Do you honestly think I’m beautiful?"

She dreamed of being beautiful, but reality was cruel. Ugly was indeed ugly; it was impossible to change.

Nevertheless, Zhong Mei was quite happy. After all, Ye Fei was the first person to ever say she was beautiful.

Even if he was lying, she still enjoyed hearing it.

"Thank you…" she murmured. Not wanting to continue this uncomfortable topic, she said, "I came here to tell you that I will pay you back."

She took out a stack of hospital receipts from her bag and handed Ye Fei an IOU.

Ye Fei did not refuse, but glanced at it and accepted it.

He clearly knew that Zhong Mei was like Zhao Hao - even more proud than Zhao Hao - and it was an insult to give them charity.

Treat them as you would everyone else. It is the most basic respect.

Zhong Mei's handwriting surprised Ye Fei. It was very pretty.
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