Chapter 80
Chapter 80 An Extremely Beautiful Girl
As a man, Ye Fei liked to appreciate beautiful girls, so he couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. It could be said to be a man's instinct. Then, he stared at the woman not because her face was ugly, but because he was interested in her.

Zhong Mei was a little surprised to see Ye Fei’s focused gaze. He was the first man she could remember who had not been frightened by her.

"Professor Chu, hold on a minute. I’ll go to prepare this medicine." Zhong Mei turned back to take the package of traditional medicine from Xiao-Ling and walked over to a small stove to boil it. 

Chu Mo wanted to help her, but since she didn't know anything about traditional medicines, there was little she could do. However, she noticed Ye Fei unrelentingly staring at Zhong Mei.

"Perfect stature, charming voice, nice character and exquisite facial features. What a beautiful girl!" he whispered as he watched her kneel by the stove.

Chu Mo was so stunned to hear this that she almost bit her tongue.

"Ye Fei... are you myopic too? Did you forget to wear your contact lenses today? Didn’t you see her face?"

As a teacher, Chu Mo didn't want to judge her students by their appearance, but a beautiful girl was still a beautiful girl and an ugly girl was still ugly girl. There was no need to pretend otherwise.

Zhong Mei was really ugly. Most people couldn’t help but instinctively want to avert their eyes when they first saw her, so Ye Fei saying she was a beautiful girl sounded highly sarcastic and insulting.

He certainly knew what Chu Mo was thinking, but he just smiled and did not explain himself.

For most people, a girl’s beauty could be judged by her most superficial traits. If she had a pleasant face, she could be said to be beautiful. Otherwise, she was ugly.

However, Ye Fei's eyes were different from ordinary people’s. He could see through the superficialities and get to the essence of things. 

He saw Zhong Mei’s soft cheekbones and delicate facial musculature. It was only because of the black birthmark on her skin that she looked ugly.

These days, cosmetic surgery could change a person’s skin, but it was difficult to change muscles and bones. If Zhong Mei had cosmetic surgery to remove her birthmark, she would absolutely become a stunning beauty.

The only problem was that she had no money and couldn’t afford the surgery.

The shack she lived in was extremely dilapidated with only a plank bed and a shabby cupboard inside. The bricks of the roof were broken, so rain would leak through in buckets. It was hard to imagine anyone living in such a rundown place.

Zhong Mei used a small black pot to quickly boil the medicine, stirring it in a way that suggested she had a lot of experience cooking traditional medicines. 

After washing her hands, she said, "Professor Chu, it’s too messy in here and there’s nowhere to sit. Let’s talk outside."

Chu Mo nodded and followed Zhong Mei to the courtyard. "Zhong Mei, you haven't been to class recently. The director of your department showed me your truancy record,” she said seriously. “If you don't attend your classes, you won’t be able to graduate to the next year. I know you have difficulties at home, but I’m sure we can work something out."

"Professor Chu, I don't want to go to class," Zhong Mei said flatly.

"Why?” Chu Mo cried in amazement, and tightly grabbed Zhong Mei's hands. “You have to think about it; knowledge can change your fate! Besides, your grades are so good, it’s a waste for you not to study."

In Chu Mo's memory, Zhong Mei’s hands were very delicate, with fair skin and slender fingers.

But now, her knuckles were swollen and rough and the skin was wrinkled, like it had been soaked in water for a long time.

Zhong Mei quickly pulled back her hands as her tear

s suddenly flowed out. "Professor, please just leave me,” she said sadly. “Xiao-Ling's grandma has taken care of me ever since I was a child, but now she is sick and she has no money to go to the hospital, so I found a job as a dishwasher in a restaurant and can just barely afford her medical expenses. I won't go to class while she’s ill. Besides, what use is a diploma for someone like me?"

Chu Mo didn’t know what to say.

Now she knew that the old woman was not even her relative, but her neighbor's grandma.

Zhong Mei was really kind. She really was a good girl.

Her words made Ye Fei feel dejected.

Can knowledge change your fate?

Maybe, maybe not.

Zhong Mei, at least, thought it couldn't.

"Professor Chu, I have had enough time to think about it. Instead of spending money to go to class and suffer the contempt of the students and teachers, I’d rather go out and earn money on my own." Zhong Mei, "Thank you for coming. I am very happy to see you here, but I am old enough to be responsible for my own decisions and actions."

Chu Mo sighed, "Well, if you’ve made up your mind… Let's go, Ye Fei," she said helplessly.

Suddenly, the clatter of shattered crockery rang inside the shack, and Xiao-Ling's old grandma walked out.

Her face was haggard as she stared at Zhong Mei, pointing a trembling finger at her. Xiao-Ling stood next to her to support her.

"Grandma, what are you doing out here? The doctor said you have to stay in bed!" Zhong Mei cried. This was the first time in a week Xiao-Ling's frail grandma had gotten up.

"Grandma said... if you don't go to school, she will never let you enter this house again." Xiao-Ling said. "Also, if you do not go to school, I won’t go to school either. I will go begging in the street."

Zhong Mei was stunned. She quickly walked over to Xiao-Ling and helped her support her grandma. "Xiao-Ling, you are still little, you have to go to school."
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