Chapter 71
Chapter 71 Mental Arithmetic
Incredibly, Qin Xiaomeng’s strange answer turned out to be correct. The girls who laughed at her tightly shut their mouths, while Du Wenxing's face turned bright red. Now he was the one looking for a hole to crawl into. He was completely speechless and embarrassed in front of Qin Xiaomeng.

In fact, Qin Xiaomeng was even more embarrassed. All she did was read aloud the number Ye Fei had given her. She had no idea what happened. Her eyes slowly rolled to him.

Ye Fei winked and motioned her to keep quiet.

"Good work, Qin Xiaomeng, I’m very impressed," Professor Nie smiled. "I have been teaching in Shanghai University for more than 20 years and this is the first time I’ve seen a freshman figure this problem out. You are really clever."

Qin Xiaomeng looked at Ye Fei. He’d given her the answer, but how did he get it?

Of course, she did not believe he could figure out this problem himself in such a short time, because he didn't even know what advanced mathematic was before the lesson began. Besides, he’d never even gone to high school; he was completely uneducated!

Furthermore, Ye Fei never even put pen to paper to make any calculations. Professor Nie had said that this problem required an hour’s worth of calculations, so he couldn’t possibly figure it out in his head.

Qin Xiaomeng could only assume Ye Fei coincidentally happened to have seen the solution to this particular problem beforehand.

Professor Nie took out the roster to make a mark next to her name. "Qin Xiaomeng, you’ve more than earned the extra credit for solving this problem. However, I’d like you to walk us through your process, so everyone can follow along."

"I..." Qin Xiaomeng stuttered.

Seeing her speechless, the other students began to feel suspicious. Du Wenxing saw his opportunity to save face and latched onto it with both hands, "Miss Qin... did you just guess the answer? No, no, no, that was too precise. Did you look it up online?"

The other students began whispering amongst themselves. In fact, most of them had tried searching for the answer online, but they couldn't find anything. However, most of them tended to agree with Du Wenxing's view, because it was the only reasonable explanation.

Qin Xiaomeng didn't know how to do. Ye Fei gave her the answer, but if she confessed to that, she would be betraying him. At the same time, she had no other way to explain how she came up with the answer.

Then, Ye Fei raised his hand and loudly said, "Professor Nie, I gave her the answer."

The class looked at him in amazement.

Who would have guessed that he could figure that difficult problem out, while Qin Xiaomeng couldn't?

Professor Nie furrowed his brows at Ye Fei. "Well! How did you know the answer to this problem, then?"

"I figured it out by myself," Ye Fei said with a straight face.

In the back of the classroom, Lin Qingwan spat out the water she was drinking onto the boy sitting in front of her in shock. She hurriedly apologized, and luckily, when this boy saw the beautiful woman behind him, he was not only not angry, but even a little flattered.

"Is he joking? He doesn't even know what advanced mathematics is!" someone grumbled.

This was Ye Fei’s first day in class. As far as anyone but Lin Qingwan knew, he was nothing more than a migrant laborer, so how could he figure it out when everyone else couldn't?

It was an insult to these university students!

Even Lin Qingwan was a little upset. She knew Ye Fei, was a soldier, with no time for education and no time to learn mathematics, but he still managed to solve the problem while she could not.

It was indeed an insult to Lin Qingwan as well!

Du Wenxing grimaced and bent over his desk to grab Ye Fei’s notebook. "Look at his notebook,” he held it up in the air, “it’s completely blank! He didn’t make any calculations at all! You sure can brag, dude!"

In the face of his classmates' sarcastic remarks, Ye Fei was unmoved. "I did it in my head," he calmly stated.

Ha ha ha!

Several of the more stuck up students, Du Wenxing included, burst into uproarious, condescending laughter.

"Hahaha... Wow, this guy sure can talk."

"The new class clown!"

"Where do you think you are, primary school? In your head? Are you even serious?"

"Yeah, did you even see how many formulas there were on the blackboard? Do you seriously expect us to believe you solved it all in your head? Do you think we’re as dumb as you?"
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