Chapter 68
Chapter 68 What Is Advanced Mathematics
Chapter 68: What Is Advanced Mathematics?

Qin Xiaomeng tightly grabbed Ye Fei's hand. He looked back to Lin Qingwan embarrassedly.

"Humph, playing with cute girls during working hours…" Lin Qingwan muttered. She was very dissatisfied with Ye Fei, but Qin Xiaomeng’s cute face softened her up.

If it were someone else, Lin Qingwan would certainly have refused, but she had a good first impression of Qin Xiaomeng, so she agreed.

"The pretty sister is OK with it, so you can sit next to me!" Qin Xiaomeng dragged Ye Fei down to the first row and pushed him into the empty seat beside hers.

"Hey, where's your textbook?" she suddenly noticed that he came empty-handed.

"What textbook?" he scratched his head abashedly.

"This is an advanced mathematics class, where is your textbook? Did you forget to bring it?" Qin Xiaomeng took her own textbook out of her bag and smiled, "Oh, just use mine for now. I’ve already prepared for this lesson in advance, so I don’t need it."

She put the textbook on Ye Fei’s desk, followed by a blank notebook and a black fountain pen.

"Thank you..."

Ye Fei's facial expression didn't change, but he was moved by her kindness.

To be honest, Ye Fei had already helped her out before on the bus, so she owed him, but she was still very nice to him... Maybe she wanted to repay the favor, but in any case, she was a kindhearted girl.

However, Qin Xiaomeng’s actions made the other boys very jealous and upset.

"Pfft, he didn't even bring his textbook to class," a boy with thick glasses sitting behind Ye Fei mumbled.

His name was Du Wenxing, a typical nerdy A student. Although Qin Xiaomeng was also a good student, she had never paid much attention to him.

Du Wenxing was one of Qin Xiaomeng's admirers, but there was little to set him apart from the other boys. All he could talk about with Qin Xiaomeng was coursework and studying.

Ye Fei ignored him, but Qin Xiaomeng got angry and abruptly swiveled around in her seat to face him. "So what if he didn’t bring a textbook? Is it bothering you? Besides, maybe he’s so smart he doesn't need a textbook."

"Smart? Looks like a washout to me," Du Wenxing sneered.

Qin Xiaomeng wanted to continue arguing, but was stopped by Ye Fei. "Ignore him. Anyway, what’s this lecture about?"

Qin Xiaomeng blinked, "I just told you, this is an advanced mathematics class."

"I know that, but what is advanced mathematics?" Ye Fei scratched his head awkwardly.

"Eh? What is advanced mathematics?"

Qin Xiaomeng was silent for a while.

Behind them, people started giggling and whispering.

"Hah, did you hear that? This kid doesn't even know what advanced math is."

"Bro, did you really come here to listen to the lecture? Did you even finish primary school?"

Qin Xiaomeng snapped around toward Du Wenxing again, "Did he ask you? Why you are so talkative? It’s none of your business if he knows what advanced mathematics is!"

"It’s my mouth; I'll say what I want with it. Besides, this is a university classroom, not a restaurant, not a basketball court. Random people can’t just come and go at will." Du Wenxing snorted, "Miss Qin, class is about to start, so why don’t you send your servant on his way?"

Qin Xiaomeng growled, "He is my friend, not my servant. Besides, Ye Fei has the right to learn. The campus rules don’t prevent anyone from listening in on lectures."

"Learn? Humph, don’t you think he’ll get bored and fall asleep? Don’t you need a certain foundation to understand a university course?"

This drew a few scattered chuckles and chortles from several students around the auditorium. Qin Xiaomeng was about to give them a piece of her mind, but Ye Fei stopped her again.

"Don't argue with them

," he whispered.

"Why not? They’re making fun of you," she pouted.

"What do you have to gain?"

Pretending not to hear the ridicule, he whispered to her, "Anyway, they’re right. I have never been to college. After primary school, I was sent abroad to a special training camp."

"Primary school...?"

Qin Xiaomeng looked at him in amazement. Did that mean Ye Fei was uneducated?

"Ignore them. Just think of them as barking dogs. Now,” Ye Fei tapped his finger on the textbook, “why don’t you give me a quick summary of what advanced math is?"

Qin Xiaomeng wasn’t so angry anymore. She had a good personality. After she took a deep breath, she started patiently explaining advanced mathematics to Ye Fei.

However, the bell rang a few moments later and an old professor with thick-framed glasses and a shabby-looking button shirt came in.

The old professor stepped up to the podium and took a look around the auditorium. Satisfied that the class appeared to be in full attendance, he put down the textbook and smiled, "Looks like we have a few extra people listening in today, so I won’t take names. You folks in the back can come sit in front, or you won’t hear anything."

"Professor, I would like to sit in front, but an outsider took the last empty seat."

du Wenxing stood up and glanced contemptuously at Ye Fei, "This guy isn’t in our class. I don’t know who he is; he looks to me like some kind of migrant worker. This is a classroom, shouldn't he stand outside?"

"Oh?" The old professor squinted at Ye Fei through his thick glasses.

Qin Xiaomeng quickly stood up and reported, "Professor, he is my friend. Even if he is not a student in our university, there’s no rule against him listening in."

Qin Xiaomeng was quite clever. Based on how Ye Fei and Lin Qingwan spoke to each other that morning, she now surmised that Ye Fei was not actually a student in Shanghai University, but Lin Qingwan's personal bodyguard.
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