Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Falcon is a Group of Heroes
Facing Murong’s accusation, Ye Fei could only smile bitterly, "Officer Murong, why are you always against me?"

"Because you're not a good man." Murong coldly growled. She stood up and touched the handcuffs on her belt.

“Sister Murong, it wasn’t him. The shooter was in building across the street. Ye Fei saved my life!" Lin Qingwan wiped away her tears. She walked up to Ye Fei, touched the red handprint on his face, and apologized. "Sorry. That’s my fault. Does it hurt?"

"No, no," he said.

Lin Qingwan's cold fingertips making contact with the handprint felt pleasant on Ye Fei’s skin. While he had been fighting abroad, he never had the chance to have such close contact with a woman. His face reddened slightly.

Murong went into the office, saw the mess inside, and immediately made a phone call to the criminal investigation unit.

Soon, a forensics team arrived. The scene was full of officers and there were also a few media vans downstairs, but the entire building had been closed off by the police. The reporters, unable to speak with the police, were interviewing a few witnesses who had been passing by.

Shanghai was an international metropolis. There were many criminal cases every day, but this shooting was a major case. The higher ups attached great importance to it.

The small conference room on the twenty-first floor became a temporary interrogation room. Several policemen asked Ye Fei about the situation. As soon as he came out of the room he met with Murong.

She seemed a little anxious. "What's the matter? Have you not found out where the shooter was hiding?"

"The shooter must have shot from the opposite building, but we can't find out in which room he took the shot." A policeman with a ruler was taking some measurements.

Ye Fei walked over, carefully observed the surroundings for a while, stretched out his hand to touch the bullet holes on the ground, and looked out the window.

"The shooter used a modified Soviet SVD sniper rifle, called ‘Type 79’ in China. The bullet hit the floor at 25 degrees, from a distance of 750 meters."

Ye Fei calculated in his head for a while, then looked up at the opposite building, pointing to one of the windows, "The shooter was in that room."


The cops were stunned. They looked in the direction he was pointing at and one said, "How do you know? Did you witness that? Why didn’t you tell me when you were questioned?"

"I just figured it out. You may use equipment, but I use mental arithmetic," Ye Fei said seriously.
As a world-class sniper, he not only needed to master camouflage and sharpshooting, but also needed to be able to counter enemy snipers. A counter sniper could calculate the location of an enemy sniper in the shortest possible time, and then counterattack.


The cops grinned. "Young man, don't be such a big talker. We couldn’t even calculate the sniper’s position with our equipment, so how could you possibly figure it out on your own? Just stay right here, trust the police to catch the shooter."

"When you figure it out, it'll be too late." Ye Fei coldly said. He understood the police didn't believe him, but he didn't want to say any more.

The other policemen left, but Murong came over shyly, saying, "Ye Fei, are you really sure the shooter was in that room?"


Since Murong had repeatedly wronged him, Ye Fei had a bad impression of her and therefore, ignored her.

Murong licked her lips, pulled Ye Fei to the side, and said to him with a pitiful voice: "Ye Fei, I was mercilessly scolded by the Director General because of last time. Don't be angry with me.”

"Ye Fei, I'll tell you the truth. As a woman, I work very hard in a criminal investigation team full of old men, but they all think I am just some kind of dec

orative vase meant for eye candy," she whispered.

"Aren't you?" Ye Fei looked at Murong mercilessly.

"Well... I may be attractive, but I’m more than that. Help me solve this case. Not for myself; I want to help Qingwan figure it out. Please, just help me, okay?" Murong said meekly, and bit her lip.

Ye Fei was not a pitiless person. Moreover, he quite enjoyed the official and beautiful Murong begging for his help.

"I’ll help you, but you must say ‘Falcon is a group of heroes’ 10 times," Ye Fei smiled.

Murong looked at Ye Fei and wondered how a kid with such a childish temper could become a terrorist.

Since Murong begged him, she had little choice but to fulfill this childish request.

" Falcon is a group of heroes, Falcon is a group of heroes, Falcon is a group of heroes..." Murong quickly said 10 times.


Ye Fei felt the pores in his whole body open. He was as happy as a baby with a candy bar.
"Let's go. I'll take you to find the shooter. And I’ll give you all the credit, so you can hold your head high in your squad."

Ye Fei led the way toward the opposite building.

Murong was joyful as she followed Ye Fei. She knew he was a world-class sniper. Although she couldn't catch the shooter on her own, she should be able to find some important clues with his help.

Ye Fei took Murong into the building across the street and took the elevator to the twenty-third floor. When they exited the elevator, they ran into Captain Zhang Shuaipeng.

Zhang Shuaipeng was searching door to door with a group of detectives. It was a very inefficient method. By the time he found the “sniper’s nest”, the shooter would have had plenty of time to escape Shanghai.

"How did you get here, Miss Murong?" Zhang Shuaipeng looked at her impishly. He obviously looked down on officer Murong.

"Captain Zhang, we've found the room the shooter was in," said Murong.

"You found it?" Zhang Shuaipeng beckoned to five other detectives. He coldly laughed, "Murong says she has already found the shooter’s room. Let’s follow her and see where it is."

This was an obvious underhanded scheme. If Murong really had found it, there would be nothing more to say about it, since Zhang Shuaipeng had assisted her in the search. If Murong couldn't find it, then she would be mercilessly ridiculed.

Murong understood Zhang Shuaipeng's thought process and felt a little nervous. She pulled at Ye Fei's sleeve, "Is that a problem?"

"No problem whatsoever."

Ye Fei led the way to the room, but he couldn't open the door because it was locked from the inside. He took out the fruit knife, inserted it in the crack between the door and its frame. Within seconds, the door opened.

Ye Fei walked into the room and found two people lying on the floor, a man and a woman, bound by ropes.

"What's going on here?"

Zhang Shuaipeng rushed in and was relieved to see that the two weren’t dead. He immediately called for an ambulance.

Ye Fei went to the window. A few shell casings lay under the windowsill. This was where the shots were fired from.

Seeing these shell casings, Murong’s beautiful eyes stared at Ye Fei in amazement. "Ye Fei, you’re really something."
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