Chapter 45
Chapter 45 Importune
Relieved, Ye Fei followed Officer Xiao to a balcony to have a smoke. When they returned, Qin Peng had just finished questioning the blackmailers.

He seemed a little annoyed. As soon as they left, he threw the statements he’d recorded into a dustbin and whispered, "What a load of crap."

One of them said she saw Ye Fei driving the Land Rover and running over her husband, another said he saw Ye Fei driving a BMW… They were clearly lying.

In fact, Qin Peng had watched the security camera footage too, so he already knew Ye Fei was nothing but a Good Samaritan. He only came by to follow protocol.

"Captain, I’m finished with him," Xiao Xie reported.

Qin Peng nodded, "Does everything add up?"


"Well, that's it, then." Qin Peng took an ID card out of his pocket and handed it to Ye Fei, "Mr. Ye, thank you for your heroic act. You are a role model for the rest of society. Here is your ID, and you can come back to the hospital to reclaim your deposit in a few days. Now, if you have anywhere else to be, you may go.”

Ye Fei really did have other things to do, so he grabbed the ID card and headed towards the exit to find Lin Qingwan.

Before he could make it out, the fat woman jumped in front of him and blocked his path, shouting, "You’re a hit-and-run driver, you can't go!"

Ye Fei glanced helplessly at Lieutenant Qin.

Qin Peng cleared his throat, "We have thoroughly investigated the incident and it’s clear he had nothing to do with it. You should be thanking him instead of blocking his way."

"Even the police say so. What more do you want?" the nurse from before added meekly.

"You investigated thoroughly? All you did was ask him a few questions, and now you’re letting him go!" A middle-aged man sneered. "I work for the government, I know what this is all about. He drives a BMW, so he is definitely rich. You cops are protecting the rich and oppressing the poor!" The middle-aged man walked over and, to everyone’s surprise, shoved Lieutenant Qin.

Qin Peng stared furiously at this middle-aged man. "You dare to attack the police?"

"Attack the police?! I was taking a closer look at your badge number! I’m going to file a complaint about you!" the man screamed.

The angry vein popped on Qin Peng’s forehead again.

However, in Qin Peng's line of work, he met countless equally unreasonable people on a daily basis. He took a deep breath and pulled out his mobile phone. "I’m not supposed to show you this, but if you are going to keep making such a fuss, I will let you watch this security camera footage. After you watch it, please shut up and go home."

Before Qin Peng left the police station that morning, he had copied the video to his phone.

There was a high-resolution security camera on the street near the Burning Bar, with a clear view of the scene of the accident.

A black Land Rover with a flat tire could be seen hurtling madly down the road and hitting the two unlucky passersby without even slowing down. After a short while, Ye Fei ran into view and began giving first aid to the injured. The video stopped there.

Anyone with a brain could clearly understand what happened there.

"Ah, he really is a hero." The nurse looking at the screen over the group’s shoulders glanced at Ye Fei with admiration.

The relatives of the victims were dumbstruck, sharing awkward glances. They hadn’t considered the possibility of there being security camera footage of the accident. With this irrefutable evidence at hand, they just looked like a bunch of shameless buffoons.

Suddenly, the fat woman stretched out her hand and snatched the mobile phone away from Qin Peng’s hand, screaming, "Do you think I was born yesterday? Anything can be faked these days! This video is fake! I’m taking this to an expert to prove it!"

Qin Peng quickly yanked his phone back out of her grip.

"Look at your flustered face! I know the video is fake! You want me to believe this guy is a hero? Bullshit!" one man bellowed.

The rest of the group immediately joined in, pointing fingers and accusing Ye Fei, Lieutenant Qin, and even the nurse of all manner of forgery, corruption, and breaches of ethics.

It was mid-morning, and more and more people were coming into the hospital. A crowd began gathering around the commotion.

"What's going on?"

"I don’t know; I heard this man ran some people over but won’t admit it."

"Tut-tut, he’s probably some rich guy and the police are covering it up!"

Seeing more and more people arriving, most of them taking their side, the blackmailers grew bolder. They surrounded Ye Fei, the three policemen, and the nurse, backing them to the wall.

Qin Peng and the other two officers looked like they wanted to take off their uniforms and give those idiots a taste of their fists, but in the end, they were policemen. If they did that, they would be kicked off the force.

Lieutenant Qin could do nothing but stand there and take the abuse.

"These people are not reasonable, brother; they just want to blackmail you. Take advantage of the chaos and get out of here," Xiao Xie whispered to Ye Fei.

"Forget it, I don’t have time to deal with you," Ye Fei sneered at the blackmailers. As pissed as he was, he wouldn’t look too good if he beat up these shameless people in public.

Ye Fei slunk back behind the three officers, trying to edge his way past the crowd. However, seeing him sneaking away, the fat woman roared and charged madly, body-slamming him into the wall.

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