Chapter 42
Chapter 42 I Will Kill You
The bodyguard, called Xu Zhanjiang, was a Shaolin disciple. He had practiced martial arts since he was a child and he was far stronger than the other bodyguards, but Ye Fei still incapacitated him with a single strike.

The other bodyguards became nervous. Even Fire Dragon was taken aback. He knew Ye Fei must have some skill in martial arts, but he couldn’t possibly be that strong.

Fire Dragon knew Xu Zhanjiang's abilities well. Few could match him in all of Shanghai.

Of course, Fire Dragon assumed that Xu Zhanjiang had simply underestimated the enemy and Ye Fei had seized the opportunity. After all, it was stupid to strike at a knife with his bare hands.

Seeing Ye Fei striding boldly toward Xue Bing, Fire Dragon raised a hand and coldly commanded, "Stop him!"

The other bodyguards immediately surrounded Ye Fei. The bouncers downstairs were little more than thugs, but Fire Dragon’s personal bodyguards were all expert martial arts practitioners.

Ye Fei's expression changed. No wonder the police couldn’t arrest Fire Dragon. He must have had great resources and power to be able to employ so many expert fighters as bodyguards.

Even Ye Fei couldn't beat them all on his own, and he knew it.

Nevertheless, his intention was not to challenge Fire Dragon, but to drag Xue Bing away. Now that Ye Fei knew Xue Bing’s plan, he was probably going to try to run away. He would be all the more difficult to catch if he made it across the border.

Fire Dragon's temper flared. "Gang up on him! He can’t fight you all at the same time!"

Hearing the boss's orders, the bodyguards all lunged towards Ye Fei simultaneously.

Ye Fei didn’t dare underestimate these men. He retreated, dodging several fists, until his back hit the wall of the office behind him. Then, he hopped up and kicked off the wall, sticking his elbow out toward the foremost bodyguard.

Seeing Ye Fei flying towards him, this bodyguard immediately raised his foot to kick Ye Fei. However, Ye Fei was too fast, flying straight past him towards Fire Dragon.

Destroy the head and the body will collapse.

Fire Dragon smiled coldly. Ye Fei's plan was pretty clever - even he did not expect it - but unfortunately, Ye Fei picked the wrong target.


An icy grin emerged on Fire Dragon’s face. His huge palms grabbed the fabric of his vest and tore it apart, exposing his bronzed musculature.

He looked like a bodybuilding champion, muscles rippling with raw power in unison with his breaths. There was no doubt that Fire Dragon was stronger than any of his bodyguards.

"Ha! You think I hired these bodyguards to protect me? You are wrong. I keep them around to have someone to spar with!" he laughed.

Hearing these words, the bodyguards couldn't help but shudder a little. Fire Dragon said he had sparring sessions with them, but in fact, he just liked to beat them up. With his powerful muscles, he could easily take them all on simultaneously.

"Whoah, he’s ripped!" Ye Fei stopped in his tracks and stared at him. With his foresight, he surmised at first glance that Fire Dragon was also a martial arts master. Otherwise, he probably would have fallen into Fire Dragon's trap. "Unfortunately, I’m not here for you!" Ye Fei sneered. With a heavy breath, he leaped up from the ground, sailing over Fire Dragon's head and landing in front of Xue Bing.

Ye Fei glared into Xue Bing's eyes. "President Xue, come back with me and explain yourself to Manager Lin and the police!"

“I have nothing to say to any of them, damn it!" Xue Bing was scared. He thought he’d be safe at Fire Dragon's side. He never would have believed that even this many people weren’t enough to stop Ye Fei. "Fire Dragon, stop him!" he screamed as he turned tail and sprinted down the hallway. He wasn’t going to let this Ye Fei catch him that easily.

Ye Fei took off after Xue Bing, but just then, felt a gust of wind behind him.

A tall bodyguard leaped towards Ye Fei with a flying kick.

Southern Kung Fu styles were based on the fists, while northern Kung Fu preferred the legs. The tall man was probably a martial artist from the north of the country.

In Chinese martial arts, only masters would dare to use such kicking attacks. Ye Fei did not underestimate him. He dodged this attack and slammed into the man’s chest with a palm strike.

The tall man felt like he’d been hit with a sledgehammer. The blow was so painful that his arms went numb. He spat out a mouthful of blood, his face rapidly draining of color.

The other bodyguards were aghast, at a loss for what to do next. While they were stunned, Ye Fei started again after Xue Bing, leaping down the stairs to the ground floor.

He had wasted precious time fighting off the tall bodyguard, and couldn't catch up to Xue Bing in time. When he ran out of the bar and into the parking lot, Xue Bing had already started his car and was gunning it straight towards Ye Fei.

Ye Fei frowned. Xue Bing was trying to kill him to silence him.

He calmly watched the car barreling toward him. He wasn’t going to dodge.

"I’m gonna kill you!" Xue Bing roared, slamming his foot on the gas pedal.
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