Chapter 34
Chapter 34 The Goddess’ Favor
Chapter 34 The Goddess’ Favor

When Ye Fei was on missions abroad, he often had to infiltrate clubs or bars to kill targets. He was familiar with those kinds of places.

The signboard outside the Burning Bar showed a volcano with red magma flowing out. Business was hot, and many people were going in and out.

They were all there for one reason: self-indulgence.

Ye Fei passed through the door and the music struck him like a shockwave.

There was a huge iron cage in the middle of the hall. Inside the cage was a small dance floor with several beautiful girls pole-dancing. Their revealing clothes and lithe forms made them all the more alluring under the colorful strobe lights.

Throngs of young people were dancing madly around the cage like they were high on speed, shaking and swinging their colorful hair.

Ye Fei lit a cigarette and walked around in the crowd. He didn’t know nightclubs had become so popular back in China.

Eventually, he came upon a door. Behind this door was a staircase that led to the second floor, and it was blocked by two bodyguards in black suits.

A couple of drunk young guys came by, thinking this was the way to the toilet, and got pushed down to the floor by a bodyguard.

Ye Fei could see these were no ordinary bodyguards. Their calloused hands indicated that they had trained in martial arts for many years.

They were definitely good fighters, but Ye Fei still believed they were no match for him. True masters would be too proud to watch over a door for someone else. 

Even so, he knew the Fire Dragon of the Burning Bar was no ordinary character either. He probably kept many master fighters around him.

Ye Fei smiled. Fire Dragon scared a lot of people, but not him. Even if it was dangerous, he wanted to have a look around. 

He was not in a rush to do anything. He just wanted to see if Fire Dragon was present. If he wasn’t there, Ye Fei needn't act rashly.

"Hi!" He walked over to the bar, knocked on the countertop, and smiled at the young bartender.
"Would you like something to drink, sir?" the bartender returned a friendly smile.

"It depends on what you have."

Ye Fei looked at the bottles on the shelves behind the bartender. They were mostly imported foreign brands. Glancing at the prices on the drinks menu, his tongue lolled out of his mouth in astonishment.

Ye Fei was not ignorant. On the contrary, he was experienced and worldly. He had been to many countries and tasted countless brands of booze, but the price of everything at the Burning Bar really caught him by surprise.

He was a soldier. He carried out various missions year-round and had a hard life, but he had always paid attention to quality alcohol. He didn't like the plain stuff.

"A bottle of Budweiser, please." Ye Fei put the menu aside. He wasn’t planning on getting a hangover anyway.

Budweiser was nothing fancy, but at least he knew exactly what he was getting. Besides, even a small bottle of Budweiser would cost him fifty Yuan.

The bartender handed over the bottle with cold eyes, like he was looking at an impoverished wretch.

Ye Fei returned a light smile. He could care less about the bartender's attitude.

In fact, Ye Fei knew this was a kind of marketing trick. Vain young guys couldn't stand that cold and scornful gaze, so they would order more expensive drinks to show off. It was a psychological trap.

Ye Fei drank a sip of beer and casually blurted out, "Hey, Brother Dragon owns this place, right? Is he around tonight?"

"Humph!" The bartender gave Ye Fei the cold shoulder.

Ye Fei could only smile bitterly to himself. It was going to be as difficult to get any information out of that bartender as it was to get money from Lin Qingwan.

"Two glasses of Hennessy, please," came a soft female voice by Ye Fei’s ear.

A glass of dark brown liquid slid across the counter to Ye Fei, and the soft voice said, "It's on me."

Ye Fei turned and saw a beautiful woman. Her oval face boasted a pair of large and pretty eyes, a softly raised nose, pink lips, and a sweet smile.

He knew this woman; she was Murong's roommate, the professional model, Liu Manman.

Liu Manman's appearance tonight was hot, but classy. Her getup was particularly sexy. 

The pale pink-blue silky blouse, fitting tightly around her large breasts, made men’s hearts quicken their beat. Her black leather miniskirt, cutting off fifteen centimeters above the knees, and short boots, alongside her flesh-colored transparent stockings, revealed her snow-white, slender, shapely legs.

With that figure, she was the focus of the entire Burning Bar. She was the object of countless men’s affections, but these men had no idea how to approach someone like Liu Manman.

She was dancing on the dance floor when she saw Ye Fei sitting alone at the bar. She left her dance partner and hurried over to buy him a drink to express her thanks for saving her earlier.

In the eyes of the other men, her gratitude became flirtatiousness. Behind Ye Fei’s back, they glared at him with burning jealousy.

Many men stood gnashing their teeth, not knowing how this Budweiser-swilling yokel could have earned such a goddess’ favor.
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