Chapter 306

Chapter 306 The Amusement Park


Of course Ye Fei would not argue with this little girl, so he just smiled and said nothing.

Lin Xuejiao saw Ye Fei was silent, so she laughed. "Sister, when I look at your bodyguard, and then look at my three bodyguards, I immediately feel more comfortable."

"Well, Xuejiao, you took a while to find us. It's getting late now, let's go back to the city to have a meal."

Lin Xuejiao was also really hungry. Originally, she planned to get into a car with her three bodyguards, but she wanted to talk to Lin Qingwan, so she went with her and Ye Fei.

Along the way, Lin Xuejiao did not stop talking, Ye Fei did not know why she had so much to complain about.

From the poor air quality in Shanghai to the road conditions to the people and cars, everything in Shanghai displeased her.

Lin Xuejiao often said, "Alas, how can a Chinese city be so messy? The United States is so much better." 

Now Ye Fei understood why Lin Qingwan had implied that her cousin was very opinionated.

In Ye Fei's eyes, she was not only stubborn but a spoiled brat.

Finally, they reached a five-star hotel. In order to get rid of Lin Xuejiao, Ye Fei made an excuse to go back outside, then he hung around smoking.

Those inside were halfway through a meal when Xu Haifeng ran outside. When he saw Ye Fei, he said, "Brother Fei, what's wrong with this little girl? I've never met a girl like her!"

"Hah, you said you would make her happy!"

Ye Fei laughed.

"Make her happy? If she were my girlfriend, I'm afraid I wouldn’t be able to help but punch her!”

Xu Haifeng also lit a cigarette. "I had Da Wu stay with her inside. He must be dying of boredom. No wonder the salary is so high, earning this money isn’t going to be easy."

"Don’t give up. After all, Lin Xuejiao is a beautiful girl, and her family is also very rich. If you make her happy, and really become her boyfriend, you will be set," Ye Fei said with a smile.

"I thought so, but it turns out that I was wrong. I really don't why she is so whiny. And she just thinks I’m some country bumpkin."

Xu Haifeng sighed.

But Ye Fei ignored Xu Haifeng's complaints. After dinner, he hurriedly left with Lin Qingwan, leaving Xu Haifeng, Da Wu and Xiao Wu to take care of Lin Xuejiao in the hotel.

In the following days, Ye Fei kept busy with his own affairs, but he occasionally came out with Lin Qingwan to have a meal with Lin Xuejiao.

When they all ate together, Ye Fei thought Xu Haifeng had been affected by Lin Xuejiao. He constantly complained about everything, especially when he got a moment away from the girl.

"This little girl is really a brat!” he said to Ye Fei during a smoke break. “Do you know what we do every day? Just go shopping! And I carry her bags! She complains about everything in China being bad, and then she buys everything whenever we go out!"

"Bear with it. After all, she is a pampered rich girl."

Ye Fei laughed.

"Do rich people get their money from heaven? I've never seen a person spend so much money."

Xu Haifeng sighed, then he went back inside to stay with Lin Xuejiao.

Xu Haifeng kept telling himself that if he could endure her obstinate temper, he would get a lot of money. 

Lin Xuejiao’s money seemed to be limitless and she didn’t seem to keep track of what she spent. Therefore, Xu Haifeng got her credit card number, and each time they went shopping, he would take some of her money. 

As for Ye

Fei, besides doing his own bodyguard work, he spent the rest of his time lately looking for Nine Fingers Old Joe.

Old Joe was really very cunning, and it was as if he had evaporated. Not only did Ye Fei not meet him, but he didn’t see any of the children who worked for him either.

Ye Fei was also worried about Li Bin. Ye Fei hadn’t heard from him since he left and didn’t know if he had found Ye Fei’s grandpa yet.

One day, Ye Fei called Xu Haifeng and discovered that he was accompanying Lin Xuejiao in the amusement park.

When Lin Qingwan heard this, she immediately perked up.

"The amusement park! I've been working so hard that I haven’t had time to play."

She’d felt overwhelmed by work lately and decided that she’d take the afternoon off to go play. Ye Fei immediately drove her to find her sister.

After they entered the park, Ye Fei saw Lin Xuejiao in front of a game booth, with her three bodyguards standing behind her.

She was playing the sandbag toss, ten yuan for a toss. There were a lot of stuffed animals on shelves behind the booth, and if someone could knock one down with the sandbags, they got to keep it. 

Lin Xuejiao had bought dozens of sandbags, but she was only able to knock a few small toys down.

Xu Haifeng said, "Miss Lin, don't waste your time. The center of gravity of the sandbags is not stable, so you can't control the trajectory."

"I don't care. I want the big one."

Lin Xuejiao pointed to the back of the store at the biggest toy, a stuffed Baymax .

"Well... I'll give it a try."

Xu Haifeng had no choice but to play himself. However, he threw ten sandbags, and was unable to hit the Baymax at all.

Lin Xuejiao mercilessly scolded him. "You are so stupid! Let me throw 100 sandbags again. I will certainly get it."

"Miss Lin, if you throw 100 sandbags... That's enough money to buy ten of these toys. Let's go," Xu Haifeng said.

"Enough, young man! Are buying and winning the same thing? You are so mean!"

At that moment, the stall owner came out and shoved Xu Haifeng.

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