Chapter 305

Chapter 305 The Wayward Lady


The next three days, Ye Fei trained Xu Haifeng, Da Wu and Xiao Wu at the company office.

Being a bodyguard seemed pretty straightforward, and when Ye Fei started, he hadn’t received professional training but had simply started. However, he’d been a soldier, and he had protected the central leader in the army. Coupled with his strong insight and safety awareness, as well as fighting skills and firearms knowledge, he was a natural.

However, these skills that bodyguards needed, Xu Haifeng, Da Wu and Xiao Wu completely lacked.

Over these three days, Ye Fei mainly taught them close combat skills and safety awareness. He didn’t have the time to teach them about firearms, and China was really strict on gun control, so it was more important for them to learn other skills anyway.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to train their reflexes in such a short time.

Three days later, Ye Fei picked up the three men so they could go to the airport and meet Lin Qingwan’s sister.

As soon as Lin Qingwan saw them all wearing casual wear, she immediately frowned and said they looked too unprofessional, so she immediately gave them six thousand yuan to buy suits.

The three men were overjoyed.

Xu Haifeng immediately went to wholesale market to spend six hundred yuan for three suits, then he spent one hundred yuan to buy three pairs of black sunglasses. Then the men pocketed the rest of the money.

After they put on their new outfits, the three men really looked like bodyguards.

"Why are you so generous now, Manager Lin? I didn't see you buying me clothes when I was protecting you. But they get six thousand yuan?"

Ye Fei smiled at Lin Qingwan as he drove the car.

"Do you think I want to give them money? You think my money falls from the sky? My sister, well really, she is my cousin, her name is Lin Xuejiao and she is very delicate. She grew up attending a western aristocracy school and it's very difficult to please her. You tell your friends to be smart. If they do this work well, I'll give them more bonuses," Lin Qingwan said coldly.

"Another stubborn lady!" Ye Fei whispered.

He already thought it was difficult to serve Lin Qingwan, but listening to her talk about her cousin, it sounded like the men were in for an even tougher time.

Ye Fei told Xu Haifeng to remember not to embarrass Lin Qingwan.

"Don't worry, Brother Fei. After a few days of training, I feel I’ve already become a real professional bodyguard. Hah, Brother Fei, you are really good at training. Do you have any interest in running a training course? I think it would be a good way to get rich," Xu Haifeng joked with Ye Fei.

When Ye Fei saw that Xu Haifeng was relaxed, he smiled.

After they arrived at the airport with Lin Qingwan, they waited for three hours in the waiting area. The flight time had already passed, but Lin Xuejiao still did not appear.

Lin Qingwan was worried so she went to find the airport staff to ask what was going on.

The staff member she talked to was also surprised, and he hurriedly called the airline to confirm that Lin Xuejiao had gotten on the flight and arrived safely.

Lin Qingwan was so anxious that she called the police.

As they stood around anxiously, Lin Xuejiao walked out. When they saw her, Lin Qingwan and the others hurriedly walked over.

Lin Qingwan rushed up and hugged her cousin.

"Xuejiao, are you okay?" she asked.

"Of course I'm fine. What a terrible airport, it's so big!"

Lin Xuejiao pursed her mouth and looked dissatisfied.

It turned out

that she had gotten herself lost in the airport.

Ye Fei and Xu Haifeng looked at Lin Xuejiao. She was just 18 years old, and she looked about 14.

"Haifeng, you must take care of this girl well!" Ye Fei said in a low voice.

"Rest assured, she’s just a little girl. I am great at making little girls laugh."

Xu Haifeng grinned.

"I just asked you take care of her, protect her, not make her laugh," Ye Fei said helplessly.

"Ha ha, I feel there is no difference. It’s all just making her happy."

Xu Haifeng waved his hands, then he walked over with Da Wu and Xiao Wu and said to Lin Xuejiao, "Miss Lin, my name is Xu Haifeng, and I am responsible for your safety while you’re in China."

"That's right, I had these three men become your bodyguards," Lin Qingwan said hurriedly.

Unexpectedly, Lin Xuejiao coldly said, "Sister Qingwan, where did you get these three rustics?"


Xu Haifeng was stunned. Why was she so impolite?

"Yes, rustics. What rags are you wearing?"

Lin Xuejiao looked at these three men coldly.


Xu Haifeng was so angry that he couldn’t say anything.

Although his suit was not expensive, it was new. How could it be compared to rags?

"Well, you all have never seen the world. Isn’t that true, Sister Qingwan?"

Lin Xuejiao looked at Lin Qingwan with a smile. Apparently she was trying to humiliate her. 

Lin Qingwan could only smile and say, "Their clothes seem to be clean.”

"Sister, who's that over there? Is that your bodyguard?"

Lin Xuejiao had seen Ye Fei.

Ye Fei wore casual clothes and his demeanor was very casual.

This was a display of strong self-confidence, but in Lin Xuejiao's view, Ye Fei was lazy. Compared to the three men, Ye Fei looked even worse.

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