Chapter 294: 294

The village head Luo Bixu was frightened by Tie Dan, but because of Ye Fei, he dared not do anything, so he waved has hands, five or six male villagers immediately came out with hoe, shovel and other farm tools in their hands, separated Tie Dan, Luo Feng two people and Ye Fei.

"The village head Luo, You are not going to go back on your words?"

Ye Fei coldly said.

"Of course not! But... I think you should raise now! If you lose, you must give those one hundred thousand Yuan to me."

"Hum, only one hundred thousand Yuan. Come on, what will we play?"

Ye Fei coldly said, and he kept his anger under control.

With Fei's Kung Fu, now he could completely beat down all the people in the house and save Tie Dan and his mom out.

But, Luo Bixu was the village head, and he was like the local emperor in this village.

If Ye Fei forcibly saved Luo Feng and Tie Dan out, as long as Ye Fei left, then Luo Bixu would continue to find them and beat them.

By force, it was the most effective, but it didn't solve the underlying problem.

"Well, we'll bet on the dice this time!"

Luo Bixu smiled and said, "It is very simple, three dices, who gets the smallest number, who will win!"

"Let's go."

Ye Fei immediately said.

Luo Bixu waved his hands, and someone immediately took two black gambling devices, two dice cups, six dices.

"This time, I will gamble with you personally, young man, I must remind you! You can not cheat, otherwise, according to the rules, I will break your hands!"

Luo Bixu stared at Ye Fei and seriously said.

Ye Fei did not speak, but pointed to Luo Bixu, "You go first!"

At this time, because heard that Luo Bixu would gamble with a young man from the big city, almost all the villagers surrounded here, blocked in the doorway, stretched his head to look inside.

In addition to the usual gamblers, even those villagers who did not love gambling also came here. Among them, there were a few elders.

In other words, if Ye Fei won Luo Bixu, then he would really not dare to make Tie Dan and his mom into trouble.

"Hum! Unexpectedly, so many people come here to watch this match. But you will be defeated undoubtedly."

Luo Bixu grasped a black dice cup on the table, put three dices inside it, then started to shake up.

The dices roll on the wall of the cup, making a crisp sound.

"Good! Good!"

"The skill of the village head is really amazing!"

"This is his forte skill, three-storey pagodas! Originally the smallest point is three, but he can roll three diced on top of one another, and the top point is still one! This man from the big city must be defeated undoubtedly!"

When the villagers saw Luo Bixu's gambling skills, they were repeatedly applauding.

Xu Haifeng, Da Wu and Xiao Wu three people were stunned, they did not think the village head incredibly had such superb gambling skills.

As soon as Ye Fei heard the sound of the dices, he sneered.

The sound of the general dice was crisp and pleasant.

But, the sound of these three dices of Luo Bixu was a little muffled.

The layman could not hear the difference, but Ye Fei could hear that.

That meant Luo Bixu was cheating, in these three dices, were filled with mercury.

The gambling skill of the three-storey pagoda, in the big international casino, was not unusual. After the strict training of the top cheater, the people can learn this skill easily.

But, Luo Bixu obviously had not undergone this kind of skill training, so he could only cheat by mercury.

With a sound, Luo Bixu had finished shaking, then he showed a confident smile.

The dice cup slowly moved up.


Everyone was making a sound of amazement!

They saw three dices were stacked t

ogether, and the top of these dices was a blood-red point!

Three-storey pagoda!

A point!

Luo Bixu was complacent, and he took out a long-stemmed Chinese pipe, then slowly put chopped tobacco inside, after lit it up, smoked and laughed, "Man, see, this is the real skill. You will lose no matter what points you get. Come on, spit out all the money you've won! Tie Dan and Luo Feng will stay here, you can go now!" 

"Dad, your skill is wonderful."

"Village head, on the basis of your skill, when you go to the big casino in Macau, you also can win."

"Tut tut, three-storey pagoda, I have seen it on TV! Unexpectedly, our village head can do this."

Everyone was praising the village head.

"You are really like the frogs at the bottom of a well."

Ye Fei reached out to grab the dice cup, shook it a few times and then slammed it onto the table!

"You lost!"

Ye Fei did not open the dice cup, pointed directly at the nose of Luo Bixu, said confidently.

Luo Bixu got angry immediately, came over and pick up Ye Fei's dice cup.

When the people saw the dice under the dice cup, everyone was stunned.

"What's the matter? Let me see."

"What the point is it?"

The villagers outside couldn't see what happened inside, so they were anxious to crush into the room.

The door of the room was crushed by the flock of villagers.

"What the point is it?"

The villagers in the back still couldn't see and shouted.

"Stop! No point!"

The villagers who could see clearly ahead shouted.

"No point? How could that be?"

The people in the back didn't understand.

Luo Bixu looked at the dice, full of sweat.

There really was no point!

Because the dices were all crushed to powder, of course, there was no point!

How did the young man in sight do it?

Seeing the villagers were surprised, Xu Haifeng three people could not help but laugh aloud.

They all knew Ye Fei's Kung Fu, as long as Ye Fei used a little strength, he could crush the cement brick easily.
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