Chapter 291: 291

"Three Cards, everyone knows that."

Xu Haifeng whispered in a low voice. In his opinion, he gave all the money to Xu Jie, that meant his money would be lost, he did not know why Ye Fei did that.

Ye Fei had no explanation, followed Xu Jie came to a table.

There were a lot of people at the table, most of them were farmers, and their clothes were patched with dust, and their shoes were covered with mud.

Seeing Xu Jie came over, someone immediately shouted, "Xu Jie, you have lost your wife, and your leg is broken, you still come here to play."

"Didn't you just get thrown out?"

Xu Jie's face turned red, then he took out the 2,000 Yuan, loudly said, "I have money now, this time I must win."

"Hah, I guess you will lose your clothes and your fingers."

All the people were laughing, the arrival of Xu Jie made the atmosphere in the casino active.

Anyone who saw someone worse than himself would be happier.

Ye Fei stood behind Xu Jie, and he glanced at the money on the table, in this casino, there was no plastic chips, they directly used the cash.

This pile of banknotes was about seventy or eighty thousand, like a small hill, these farmers could not earn thousands of Yuan for a year, so when they saw so much money, they naturally became excited, accidentally fell into other people's trap.

Xu Jie immediately let a person give him cards.

Three Cards, also known as "Golden Flower", the rules were simple, as long as the people who had contact with poker basically knew, and this was the most favorite method of gambling for these men.

When Xu Jie got the cards, a smile immediately appeared on his face. Obviously he had a big card in his hand and he immediately put five hundred Yuan out.

But, unexpectedly, The opponent's cards were bigger than his and he lost them all the money at once.

Xu Jie was not convinced, so he directly put one hundred Yuan on the next cards, as a result, his cards were still smaller than others.

"Damn, it's really unlucky! Did I really get tangled up by plague? When I have time, I must go to the Thien Mu Temple to burn incense."

Xu Jie grunted and cursed, leaving five hundred Yuan, he did not dare to put all the money in, so he had to put a hundred Yuan at a time, hoping to get a big card to earn the money.

Ye Fei glanced at the cards and then landed on the hand of the man who dealt cards, which made Ye Fei sneered.

"Brother Fei, there is something wrong. I have just seen that Xu Jie's two cards are not small. But the other just get a little bit bigger than him. Wouldn't that be a coincidence?"

Xu Haifeng frowned, he knew that if he got that card, he also lost the money.

Ye Fei smiled and said, "You are right, no matter how much money, Xu Jie will lose undoubtedly. This card is a perspective poker, the person who dealt cards can see the points and colors from the back of the card. Moreover, the way he dealt with the cards was also problematic, but these tricks can't hide in my eyes."

"What? You mean that he is cheating? But why I can't see that?"

Xu Haifeng rubbed his eyes. He was staring at the man's hand, but he couldn't see any sign.

"Get up and I will play."

Ye Fei patted Xu Jie on the shoulder.

"You play? But you don't know the rules? What if you lose?"

Xu Jie was so angry because he just had only one hundred Yuan in his hand.

"Damn it, the money in your hand belongs to me."

Xu Haifeng grabbed the neck of Xu Jie and lifted him up.

Ye Fei sat in Xu Jie's seat, looking at the one hundred Yuan in front of him.

"Hey, man, you lent the money to Xu Jie? That means your money will be gone. Now you have only one hundred Yuan left in your hand, and you can't play for many times."

The man who dealt with the cards was

a middle-aged man with an honest appearance and short fingers, not like a cheater.

But then again, the less he looked like a cheater, the more likely he was a cheater.

"I lose all, and naturally i will take the money out."

Ye Fei seriously said.

"That's all right."

The middle-aged man's eyes lit up, he knew that the young man in front of him was a young master from the big city, because Luo Ben told him about that.

"Hah, today a fat sheep come to the door!"

The middle-aged man burst into laughter and immediately gave Ye Fei the cards.

Ye Fei did not look at the cards, just waited for opening cards.

The gamblers around were surprised.

Xu Haifeng was also very surprised, he pushed Ye Fei's shoulder, "Brother Fei, why you didn't see the cards?"

"There is no need to see the cards, because I must win."

Ye Fei said.

"You brag, you can win without looking at the cards? If you can win, I will eat the table legs!"

Xu Jie shouted in the back.

But at this time, Ye Fei had opened the card, and he indeed won.

Unfortunately, he only only won a hundred Yuan.

Xu Jie and Xu Haifeng looked at Ye Fei with surprise.

The gamblers around were also surprised, "This boy really has a good fortune."

But Ye Fei smiled and said nothing.

Because he knew the first game he only had one hundred Yuan, the middle-aged man must deliberately lose.

The second game, Ye Fei won again, the counter became four hundred Yuan.

And the third game, the counter became eight hundred Yuan.

Xu Jie was jealous to say, "Your luck is really good!"

"I want to play some games, but I don't have too much cash, how can I draw money here?"

"We have poss machines here."

At this time, Luo Ben walked over and said.

"The equipment is very complete, I will draw out fifty thousand Yuan first."

Ye Fei said with a smile.

He knew that the next game was the decisive one, and that middle-aged man was sure to cheat.
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