Chapter 29
Chapter 29 Everything Under the Sun
Ye Fei watched the video with rapt attention, while Murong's face flushed red. She snatched the phone away. "Don't look, pervert!"

On the screen, Lin Qingwan had just emerged from the bath. Even a bath towel couldn’t conceal her delicate, sexy body from the pinhole camera.

When Murong took the phone, she unintentionally glanced at the screen. Lin Qingwan's skin was absolutely flawless, like a newborn baby’s. Seeing Lin Qingwan's body, Murong couldn’t help but feel a bit insecure.

"We should call Sister Qingwan immediately. This is very serious," she said.

Half an hour later, a taxi arrived at the villa. Lin Qingwan anxiously got off the car, threw a one hundred Yuan bill to the driver, and rushed upstairs.

Lin Qingwan had invited Chu Mo and Liu Manman to a restaurant and was just telling them that she wanted to live in the apartment for a while longer. Just as she was sitting down at the table, Murong called her and said that the footage from the pinhole cameras had been found.

Lin Qingwan dropped everything and rushed to the villa, leaving Chu Mo and Liu Manman waiting in the restaurant. She never expected Ye Fei would succeed so quickly.

When she came in, Lin Qingwan immediately ran up to Ye Fei, "Ye Fei, where is the video?"

Ye Fei pointed to Murong.

Murong hurriedly stood up, "Sister Qingwan, I didn't want to deceive you. I came with Ye Fei because I wanted to help you."

Lin Qingwn waved her hands, "Sister Murong, I know how your head works. How can I blame you?"

Murong took out her mobile phone and handed it to Lin Qingwan. There were many videos on the signal receiver, but Murong only managed to download ten of them before her mobile phone ran out of space.

Lin Qingwan grabbed the phone. The moment she glanced at the screen, she felt dizzy. Her grip loosened and the phone slipped down from her hand.

"Ah!" Murong screamed. This was her new mobile phone. She had only used it a few days!

She was not like the affluent Lin Qingwan. She was just a common police officer and she would be devastated to lose her expensive, brand-new phone.

Fortunately, Ye Fei rapidly lunged and seized the phone mid-fall, then put it on a nearby table.

Lin Qingwan sat on the sofa, covering her forehead with her hand. She looked like she was about to faint.

"Sister Qingwan, are you OK?" Murong hurriedly walked over.

Lin Qingwan did not answer. She lowered her head and feebly waved with her right hand.

Ye Fei also walked over, grasped Lin Qingwan's wrist, and checked her pulse. "It’s nothing serious, just a mild shock. The sudden blood vessel contraction caused a momentary cerebral blood insufficiency."

"You’re a doctor, too?" Murong stared at Ye Fei in amazement.

Ye Fei was really amazing. He could do everything under the sun even though he had never gone to college! What kind of life experience allowed him to master so many skills?

"Don't be silly. Just go and get some alcohol from the kitchen." Ye Fei used one hand to support Lin Qingwan's head, massaging her neck with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand to stimulate her blood vessels.

Murong wordlessly walked to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and found it was full of brandy, whiskey and other foreign liquors and wines. "There’s only foreign stuff," she shouted.

"Imported alcohol is the best. Bring over whatever’s in there."

Murong grabbed a tray and picked a few bottles and two glasses for Ye Fei. 

Ye Fei instructed Murong to support Lin Qingwan while he opened a bottle of whisky, a bottle of brandy and a bottle of vodka from the tray. A strong bouquet of aromas filled the room.

Lin Qingwan had lived in the United States since childhood, so she never really developed a taste for Chinese liquor. The lux

urious, expensive brands of alcohol she brought with her from abroad exemplified Lin Qingwan’s quality of life.

Although Ye Fei had also spent a lot of time abroad, he never really got to sample these kinds of high-quality liquors.

He mixed a carefully measured amount of each liquid and gently shook the cup until they changed to a smooth amber color. Then he handed the drink to Lin Qingwan.

Lin Qingwan usually did not drink. The variety of alcohol in her refrigerator was usually reserved for guests, but she was dizzy and felt a tightness in her chest, so she grabbed the glass from Ye Fei’s hand and downed the drink in one gulp.

Lin Qingwan burped. After a few moments, she started feeling better.

"Ye Fei... What's going on?” Murong looked at Ye Fei in amazement. “Since when can alcohol cure dizziness? I have never heard of anything like this! Shouldn’t booze make her even dizzier?"

"Don’t look at me like that, I only know a few basics. I’m far from a proper doctor." Ye Fei modestly waved his hand. "Alcohol dilates the blood vessels and increases blood circulation, so moderate drinking can help with cerebral blood insufficiency and chest tightness," he explained.

Lin Qingwan abruptly stood up and announced, "I’ll castrate the bastard who dared to put that camera in my bathroom!!!"

As the last word left her mouth, Ye Fei’s fist hit the back of her head, knocking her unconscious.

"Ye Fei, what are you doing?!" Murong jumped from the sofa.

Ye Fei laid Lin Qingwan down on the sofa. "She was drunk, so she fainted."

"I just saw you knock her unconscious!" Murong gaped at Ye Fei with disbelief.

"No... She was drunk; it had nothing to do with me." Ye Fei shook his head with a serious expression. "Or... should I have let her yell and scream? The person who installed the pinhole cameras hasn’t been caught yet. I suspect that they already have these videos."

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