Chapter 288: 288

At noon, Ye Fei them had lunch in the county, after lunch, they continued to go.

Ye Fei asked Xu Haifeng in amazement, "Luo Cun is not only more than 100 kilometers away from Shanghai? Why haven't we arrived after the morning?"

"Brother Fei, the straight line distance is more than 100 kilometers. Luo Cun is not far, but the road is not smooth, and there is a section of mountain road, so we will arrive about two or three o'clock in the afternoon."

Xu Haifeng said.

Soon, the van drove up the mountain road. When Tie Dan saw the scenery outside, his eyes were gradually, and he started to point to the familiar scenery.

Ye Fei looked out of the window, he had not been to the countryside in China for many years. From the sight of the roadside, although they entered the mountains, but the countryside here was basically a two-storey small building, the courtyard was fed with chickens and ducks, it looked like pastoral style.

The scenery here was indeed more beautiful than the city, and the air was clear. Ye Fei could not help taking a deep breath.

The only drawback was that when Ye Fei saw there were few people here, and most of them were the elderly and children, Ye Fei basically didn't see adults.

"How come there are so few rural people now, how can I not see the workforce?"

Ye Fei asked strangely.

"All the young people are working in cities, and the rest are left-behind children and the elderly."

Xu Haifeng answered casually.

"What about farming? If there are no crops, will there be less grain?"

Ye Fei continued to ask.

"Now how much is the grain? It's really cheap. Now most of the land in the countryside is contracted to individuals. Anyway, our country is not lack of food, some days ago I read the news, there is too much food in the barn to put away."

Xu Haifeng also seemed to come out of the countryside, so he knew a lot things about the countryside.

"I see."

Ye Fei answered and did not proceed on this topic.

After entering the mountain, the road became more and more rough, and in the end, it was impossible for two cars to meet each other in the mountain road.

Fortunately, there was no traffic in the mountains, so there was nothing.

Luo Cun was a very remote village, and it was also very poor. Tie Dan said though now the village had electricity, there was no running water, if someone wanted to drink water, he needed to use a waterwheel to pull water.

Ye Fei was surprised after he heard that.

But, Xu Haifeng waved his hands and said, "That's nothing, there is no real poverty in a countryside hundreds of kilometers around Shanghai. You have not seen the real poor places, that is really badlands, you just look at that, you will never go back for a lifetime."

Ye Fei involuntarily thought of Liu Manman, she walked out from the real poor place.

After driving for about one hour, the van stopped outside a countryside, Xu Haifeng said, "This is Luo Cun."

"You really know this countryside."

Ye Fei took a look at Xu Haifeng.

"Back then... I went here with a friend to collect antique goods."

Xu Haifeng's language was vague and unstated.

In fact, the so-called collection of ancient goods was not really to collect things, but came here to investigate with the tomb robbers, saw if there were tombs here.

Under the big pagoda tree at the entrance of the countryside, Ye Fei saw a child squatting and playing with stones.

It was a beautiful child, with big eyes and curly hair, but his skin was a bit dark. At first sight, it looked like a foreign child.

Seeing Ye Fei walked over, the child looked up and disappeared in a fearful manner.

"What's the matter with the child?"

Ye Fei asked in amazement.

"Although this place is not

so poor, sometimes the men of the countryside can't marry the women. It is estimated that his mother is the bride bought from Vietnam, so she gave birth to such a beautiful hybrids."

Xu Haifeng said.

Ye Fei didn't say much, let the Tie Dan lead the way home.

After they went into the countryside, Ye Fei found that the countryside was different with other countrysides. There were few young adults in other countrysides because they were all out working. But Ye Fei could see a few young people wandering or sitting under the wall in Luo Cun.

They looked listless, as if they did not sleep well.

Ye Fei did not think much, followed Tie Dan to a small building.

This two-storey small building looked very good, the tiles and painting were new, there was a solar water heater upstairs.

"Mom, Mom, I'm back!"

Tie Dan went back this building, then tears flowed out from his eyes, suddenly rushed to the home, shouted loudly.

Ye Fei followed Tie Dan to his home, found the yard was dirty, chicken manure was everywhere, and the weeds were very deep.

When Tie Dan rushed into the room, he saw a man lying in bed, sleeping.

That was his stepfather Xu Jie, Tie Dan walked around in the room, but could not find his mom Luo Feng, and his footsteps made Xu Jie woke up.

Xu Jie opened his eyes, saw Tie Dan incredibly went back, immediately sat up, scolded, "You little bastard, how you run back!"

"Where is my mom?"

Tie Dan asked loudly.

"You son of a bitch dare to run back, you want to make our whole family into the trouble?"

Xu Jie was a cripple, he got down from the bed immediately, grabbed the walking stick at the bedside, and hit Tie Dan.


Ye Fei came in and took Xu Jie's walking stick away.

Xu Jie stared at Ye Fei and said, "Who are you? I beat own son, it's not your business."

"I am Hu Tou's comrade and Tie Dan's uncle."

Ye Fei coldly said.

"Hu Tou's comrade? It's you who have been transferring money to us?"

Xu Jie smiled and said, "Well, unexpectedly, you send the money here personally."

After saying that, Xu Jie stretched out his hands, because he wanted money.

Ye Fei never seen such a shameless person, said, "This money is not for you, is to give Tie Dan and his Mom Luo Feng, where is her?"

"His mom is out, I'm going to call her back!"

Then Xu Jie went out with the walking stick.
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