Chapter 283

"Uncle Ye Fei, I'm so sorry. I've seen you stay in this house for too long, and I'm afraid you're in trouble, so... So I walk a little closer, unexpectedly, I am caught by them." 

The Tie Dan's face was red and swollen, and his new clothes was torn. Apparently he had suffered a little when he was caught.

"It's not your fault! Don't be afraid, I will save you!"

Ye Fei softly comforted Tie Dan, and then looked at Old Joe, said, "Old Joe, you'd better immediately release Tie Dan. Otherwise, I will kill you."

"Young man, do not talk about these things. It's not good. Aren't you just going to take these kids away? They're just like trash, and I don't want to feed them. If you want to take them away, just do it."

Old Joe suddenly smiled and said.

"Old Joe, that's what you said! Tie Dan, come on!"

Ye Fei did not think Old Joe incredibly let them go, what on earth did he want?

"Young man, I said let them go, it's no problem. But they all owe me money! Do you think it's right to pay back the money?"

Old Joe laughed.

"How much did they owe you, I will pay for them!"

It suddenly dawned on Ye Fei that Old Joe wanted to get money. However, as long as he could use money to settle with this matter, he would not fight with them, because he was not sure that he could protect the children behind him.

"Not much, one child owes me about 100,000 Yuan."

Old Joe counted the children and said, "There are fourteen children here, I give you a discount, you give me 1.5 million Yuan!"

Ye Fei was so angry, fourteen children for 1.5 million million Yuan. Was that a discount?

"Old Joe, aren't you a little excessive? How old are these kids, even if you keep them for ten years, can they owe you 100,000 Yuan each person?"

Ye Fei loudly said.

"Young man, that's why you don't understand the market. I didn't use illegal methods to trick or kidnap these children. I bought them all from human traffickers, and they cost at least 100, 000 Yuan each."

Old Joe was not nervous at all, because he knew that even if Ye Fei had the ability to escape, these children could not escape.

In fact, Old Joe just spent thousands of Yuan to buy these children from the human traffickers.

"Uncle, you leave here on your own... We'll make an apology to Joe, and he will not kill us."

The little girl behind Ye Fei was shocked when she heard the figure of 1.5 million Yuan, so she said to Ye Fei.

"Yes, uncle, we are not worth so much money!"

Other children cried and said.

"Don't cry. I must take you out."

Ye Fei consoled the children, looked at Old Joe and said coldly, "You won't let us go without paying this money?"

"Of course. It is compulsory to return the money back if you borrow it. I never do a loss business!"

Old Joe laughed.

"OK! I give you the money!"

Ye Fei gritted his teeth and picked up the phone, "You give me your account number and I will transfer the money to you immediately."


Old Joe still laughed.

Ye Fei was just a bodyguard, all his money was transferred to his comrades.

Now, Ye Fei could only call Lin Qingwan to borrow money.

Lin Qingwan was talking with a foreign businessman on a cooperative project, when she saw Ye Fei called her, she was hesitated, then still went out to pick up the phone.

"Ye Fei, how's your body? Why do you call me? It's not like your style!"

When Lin Qingwan received Ye Fei's call, she was a little confused.

"Qingwan, there's something wrong here. Lend me the money, 1.5 million Yuan."

Ye Fei said directly.

"1.5 million Yuan, it's not a small number, what's the matter?"

Lin Qingwan was stunned, so she hurriedly asked.

"I have no time to explain to you now, immediat

ely give me the money!"

Ye Fei's attitude was very strong, loudly said.

Lin Qingwan the whole person was stunned.

No one dared to speak to her like this kind of tone, even her father. However, Ye Fei this bodyguard incredibly dared to speak to herself like this, and he still wanted money. Lin Qingwan suddenly became angry.

Just then, Lin Qingwan heard a lot of children crying on the other end of the phone and these cries were extremely miserable, made her anger suddenly all poured out.

"Give me the account number, I'll transfer the money to you right away! However, when you come back, you must explain to me clearly. If you can't explain clearly, don't blame me to deduct your salary!"

Said Lin Qingwan immediately.

Ye Fei told Old Joe about the account number to Lin Qingwan, and Lin Qingwa immediately contacted the company's Finance Department, transferred 1.5 million Yuan from to that account number.

"Manager Lin, this is the company's account after all."

The financial manager received Lin Qingwan's telephone, embarrassed to say.

"Do as I tell you. Who is the president in this company?"

Lin Qingwan immediately shouted angrily.

The financial manager dared not speak any more, then he hurriedly transferred the money to the other side's account.

When Old Joe saw the information on the mobile phone, he was very happy.

To tell the truth, these children were stupid and could not steal the money. Unexpectedly, they incredibly could exchange for 1.5 million Yuan, so his mood was naturally good.

"Get out of here with these children. By the way, I remind you, don't call the police! Because it's useless for you to call the police. Before I change my mind, fuck off."

Old Joe waved his hands to motion for his young men to give a way out.

When Ye Fei looked at the smiling face of Old Joe, he wanted to beat him down, but, he knew it was impossible to do that today. 

"Old Joe, the coming days will be long."

After Ye Fei saying that, he took the children away.
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