Chapter 282: 282

"Old Joe!"

When the children saw the leader, they suddenly knelt on the ground, kowtowed, "Old Joe, we do not want to escape, really do not want to escape, please do not punish us."

"Don't be afraid, my children. I'm here, and no one can hurt you."

Ye Fei guarded these children behind him, looking at Old Joe.

"It's him who's helping Tie Dan and made my hands broken!"

Skeleton's hands had been bandaged, now he was staring at Ye Fei, and the eyes were full of malice.

Nine Fingers Old Joe took two iron ball in his right hand, this thing was not fitness equipment, but a kind of concealed weapon.

Nine Fingers Old Joe's eyes fell on the body of Ye Fei, and a grim smile broke at the corners of his mouth. Then he lifted up his left hand, this hand only had four fingers, the index finger was missing, looked very scary.

Suddenly, those young thieves behind Nine Fingers Old Joe immediately became silent.

That meant Old Joe was a horrible existence in their hearts.

"Young man, who are you? Don't you know this is my territory? You incredibly dare to break in? You don't want to live?"

Old Joe said with contempt.

"My name is Ye Fei, from the Swallow Club."

Ye Fei answered.

"What? The Swallow Club, is it the Swallow Club of Li family in Hebei? So you're also a thief. Hey, we are a family."

When Old Joe heard Ye Fei Incredibly was from the Li family in Hebei, he was slightly surprised, and his tone involuntarily also eased down.

"Li family is indeed an extraordinary existence in stolen business. Even Old Joe is a bit scared!"

The reason why Ye Fei said that he was the man of the Swallow Club, was to make Old Joe afraid.

"But you really are the man of Li family?"

Suddenly, Old Joe gave a strange exclamation, raised his right hand, and two iron balls flew toward Ye Fei.

The sound of iron balls breaking into the air was very special, not as sharp as the throwing knife, but it could make people thought it was very heavy.

However, Ye Fei had been prepared, and the throwing knife went out of his hand the moment that Old Joe threw the iron balls.

The speed of throwing knife was faster than the iron balls, then it hit on one of the iron ball.

With a crisp clank of metal, one of the iron ball was hit by the throwing knife, and it changed the course of the flight, then hit on another iron ball.

With another crisp clank, two iron balls hit behind the cement wall, directly hit two big holes.


Old Joe was stunned, because the people of stolen business often practiced the Kung Fu in hands, so concealed weapon is often used by the people of stolen business.

Old Joe always thought that he could not find a better a concealed weapon master all over the southeast coast.

But today, Old Joe discovered he was wrong.

The young man opposite, who claimed to come from the Swallow Club, used a throwing knife to defeat his two iron balls. As we could see, this young man's concealed weapon skill was far above his own.

"Is he really the person of Li family of Hebei! But, why the person of Li family can appear here?"

An idea came to Old Joe's mind, but at this time, he saw that the throwing knife had been spinning in midair for a moment, and then fell back into the young man's hand.

The cold sweat came out on Old Joe's forehead.

The young man's skill in throwing knife was better than he imagined. It was estimated that he was the direct descendant disciple of Li family.

"The throwing knife of Li family is very outstanding, I had thought it was a rumor, today I see, it is really extraordinary."

Nine Fingers Old Joe suddenly clapped his hands and smiled.

"Old Joe, I don't want to talk to you. These children, and the one called Tie Dan, I will take away!"

Ye Fei said directly, without any ceremony for Old Joe.

To tell the truth, if possible, Ye Fei really wanted to kill Old Joe and his companions in this house, but after he saw the concealed weapon skill of Old Joe, he just knew this was impossible.

Not to mention, behind Ye Fei followed some hungry children.

"What? Did I hear you right?"

Old Joe immediately become angry, "You think you are the man of Li family, and you can do whatever you like? I tell you, you cannot."

"I must take them away, I think you can't stop!"

Ye Fei immediately said, with attitude arrogant, like a playboy of Li family.

"With the throwing knife in your hand, of course I can't stop you! But if you take them away, believe it or not, I will immediately kill another ten children."

Old Joe said in a strange tone.

"What do you mean?"

Ye Fei was stunned.

"I mean, I think you're a good man, but, I'm a bad man. It is human nature for a good man to be threatened by a bad man."

Old Joe suddenly stretched out his hand to grab the neck of a young thief around him.

"Old Joe..."

The young boy wailed for mercy.

But Old Joe put his finger on his neck, and laughed to Ye Fei, "See? If you dare to run away, I will kill him!"

"He is your man, killing him has nothing to do with me!"

Ye Fei frowned, because he did not expect Old Joe incredibly used this way to threaten himself.

"Oh? It seems that you are not a stupid martial artist, but a person who has seen life and death!"

Old Joe saw that Ye Fei was unmoved, then said, "I can't threaten you with my men, but what about him?"

Old Joe sneered, suddenly clapped his hands, then two teenagers came in with a boy behind them.

"Tie Dan."

Ye Fei saw this boy incredibly was Tie Dan, immediately shouted.
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