Chapter 275: 275

In the afternoon, Li Bin went to the high-speed railway station to go back to Hebei.

Zhong Mei had a class in the afternoon, so she went to school.

In the villa, Ye Fei was left alone. He had intended to take the time to practice martial art, but Liu Ao and some people carried the gifts and visited Ye Fei.

When Ye Fei opened the door, he saw Liu Ao, Liu Qian and Xie Xuan carrying lots of gifts, so he immediately said, "Master Liu, you don't need to take so many gifts to here."

"Ye Fei, you can't say that. Everyone's life in Eagle Claw National Martial Arts Club is saved by you, you are our savior, if not you, we must all die in that explosion! I heard the police took you away, and I remember your wounds are very serious. Why are you completely recovered?"

His eyes were full of confusion.

In his impression, Ye Fei's wounds were very serious, but now he not only could open the door by himself, and he looked very good.

It was really incredible.

"Come in and sit down."

Ye Fei did not answer Liu Ao's doubts, because the secrets of type JF1 medicament was the state secrets, after all, Liu Ao these people were ordinary people, and Ye Fei didn't want to involve them in this vortex. 

Liu Ao them were sitting on the sofa in the living room, and Liu Qian could not help looking everywhere, feeling this villa was luxurious, then she said, "Ye Fei, I see your dress is not so expensive, unexpectedly, you are a rich man, incredibly live in such a luxurious villa."

Ye Fei was embarrassed to smile, "I have no money, I am a poor man, this is my boss's house."

Hearing the words of Ye Fei, Liu Ao looked at Ye Fei and said, "Bodyguard this occupation, for you, is really overqualified. Moreover, bodyguard is not a proper job for you, the men should have own career."

"Of course, I can't be a bodyguard for life. But I don't have any special skills, even if I want to do something else, I can't find my way."

Ye Fei frowned slightly, in fact, he also thought that he could never protect Lin Qingwan for life. After all, he was an ambitious man with responsibility.

"Nonsense, if you don't have any special skills, I think no one will have special skills! Have you ever thought about opening a martial art club?"

Liu Ao opened his mouth and said.

"Open a martial art club?"

Ye Fei shook his head, "I don't think about it."

"Ye Fei, I think you are a good martial artist, so I tell you something. With your military study talent, you will become a grand master sooner or later. Of course, everything is difficult at the beginning, if you do not know how to do, I let Qian come to help you, she is very good at the operation of the martial art club."

Liu Ao glanced at Liu Qian, found her face turned red.

Hearing the words of Liu Ao, Ye Fei was a little confused, he did not know what Liu Ao mean. Even if he was going to open the martial art club, he needed to rely on himself, why Liu Ao let his daughter come to help?

However, when Ye Fei saw the facial expression of Xie Xuan and Nie Ruoyun, especially Nie Ruoyun, he did not say any words, but stared at Ye Fei. Then Ye Fei just understood the meaning of Liu Ao, in fact, he just wanted Ye Fei to marry his daughter.

No wonder Nie Ruoyun was not happy, he loved Liu Qian for a long time, now his master incredibly wanted Ye Fei to marry his daughter, he certainly was jealous.

"Master Liu, I appreciate your kindness. But I have some other things to do at the moment."

Ye Fei shook his head and declined the offer.

Liu Ao's face was already red, unexpectedly, his offer was rejected by Ye Fei.

Therefore, Liu Ao felt he lost his face, and he wanted to immediately leave here, but it was not good to leave right now, so he still sat on the sofa and kept silent.

Instead, Nie Ruoyun and Xie Xuan were relieved, and Xie Xuan talked to Ye Fei about the recent changes in the martial art of Shanghai.

The bombing of Huayu Building killed many martial artists and masters of Martial Arts Associations, and it was like an earthquake for the martial art in Shanghai.

The tournament was suspended, but the waves did not stop.

It could be said that the peaceful years of the martial arts in Shanghai had come to an end. A turbulent and bloody world had arrived.

Speaking of that, Xie Xuan was very happy, "In the era of peace, there is no way for martial art to develop. Heroes emerge in troubled times."

There was an important reason why Xie Xuan was so happy, in addition to the chaotic arrival of martial arts.

Many martial art clubs were damaged in the case of bombing, but the Eagle Claw National Martial Arts Club had no loss. Now Xie Xuan wanted to take his disciple to swallow up other clubs.

Now Ye Fei's mind was not in this aspect, he just determined to find his grandpa Ye Tianchen. Therefore, Xie Xuan wanted to invite Ye Fei to help him, but he also refused.

After Liu Ao them left here, Ye Fei decided to take a look at the Swallow Club.

Li Bin was not in the Swallow Club, there were only a few thieves staying here.

Ye Fei took the taxi to the Swallow Club, after he got off the car, he heard the sound of a fight in the deep alley.

"Damn it, you incredibly dare to steal things in our territory."

In the deep alley, Xu Haifeng and several other men were punching and kicking at a man.

Then Ye Fei saw Xu Haifeng and several men were beating a skinny 10-year-old boy with ragged clothes, so he walked over, loudly said, "stop!"
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