Chapter 265

Lin Qingwan had a meeting in the company, suddenly he received the phone call of Murong.

"Sister Qingwan, there is a vicious explosion in the Huayu Building, and someone put bombs in the underground parking lot."

Murong said anxiously.

"Did the explosion kill a lot of people?"

Lin Qingwan frowned, "No wonder I just felt the meeting room shaking, thought it was an earthquake, and they all said it was an illusion! Unexpectedly, it is an explosion, but ... What does this have to do with me?"

"It is said that Ye Fei put bombs, and killed the son of municipal party secretary Yuan."

Murong said.


Lin Qingwan could not believe his ears, full of consternation, and repeatedly said, "Impossible, I know Ye Fei, although he was impulsive, but he is not a bad man, and he can not do this crazy thing."

"I also believe in Ye Fei, but he has been treated as a criminal suspect, taken away by the police, I can not get in touch with him now! Sister Qingwan, do something about it."

Murong was so worried that she began to cry.

"Sister Murong, don't worry. I'll figure something out."

After Lin Qingwan hung up the phone, she returned to the meeting room to announce the end of the meeting, and hurriedly walked out.

Lin Qingwan returned to her office, held her head to think for a while, and made a phone call.

Lin Qingwan made a phone call to Qin Xiaogang, deputy director of the police department.

Qin Xiaogang had a meeting in the other places, after he received Lin Qingwan's phone call and heard that Ye Fei killed Yuan Chen, he suddenly was silent.

A long time later, Qin Xiaogang just said, "Did Ye Fei do this? He put the bombs?"

Lin Qingwan hurriedly said, "Of course not, you should know the character of Ye Fei, and his Kung Fu is so good, you think he still need to put bomb?"

Qin Xiaogang agreed, "Don't worry, wait for me to call the police bureau to ask."


Lin Qingwan hung up the phone and asked the secretary to make herself a cup of coffee, but she was not in the mood to drink it.

Lin Qingwan did not know why she did so, logically speaking, Ye Fei was just one of his bodyguards, she did not need to worry about him so.

However, in fact, now Lin Qingwan was very anxious, did not do anything.

Ye Fei quietly broke into her life, had brought a change to her life.

Qin Xiaogang hung up the phone and made a phone call to Zhou Hongtao immediately.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Hongtao was furious and scolded Qin Xiaogang.

After that, Zhou Hongtao felt he was serious, then said, "Xiaogang, to tell the truth, I appreciate Ye Fei this young man very much, and the central leader let me take care of him. But this time the matter is too big, now 32 people died, more than 100 people are injured. Moreover, some witnesses saw Ye Fei beat a person to death, this charge he can not escape!"

Qin Xiaogang frowned, he did not know Ye Fei really beat someone to death.

Being silent for a while, Zhou Hongtao said, "Xiaogang, if you want to save Ye Fei, you can't, neither can I. But a person can do, now you should think of a way to find someone to call the central leader. By the way, I send you the central leader's telephone number, you do not call this number, you'd better find someone to call him."

Lin Qingwan made a phone call to Qin Xiaogang, then had been waiting anxiously for his reply.

Half an hour later, Qin Xiaogang finally returned the first phone call. Qing Xiaogang told Lin Qingwan the situation over there, including Ye Fei was taken away.

Hearing the words, Lin Qingwan was panic.

"How could this be?" Lin Qingwan muttered, "Although Ye Fei is usually impulsive, but he can not put so many bombs to kill so many people, he must be wronged!"

"I know Ye Fei is wronged, but... The problem is the municipal party secretary Yuan has been furious, even openly said to let Ye Fei be buried with his son Yuan Chen, this thing has exceeded my ability range! But don't worry, now one person can save Ye Fei, I give his phone number to you! This man is the central leader."

Qin Xiaogang said eagerly.

"All right!"

After she got the phone number, she was hesitated for a moment, then took a deep breath and dialed the number.

The phone rang three times before it was picked up, and an old voice came over there, "hello!"

"Hello, is this the central leader?" Lin Qingwan asked.

"Hah, I am already not be a central leader, just a retired old man, why do you call me, speak directly." The other end laughed and said.

"I got this phone from Ye Fei, and I'm..."

Lin Qingwan paused for a moment, suddenly did not know how to say.

"Oh, you are Ye Fei's girlfriend, right? Hah, he is a good young man."

The central leader immediately smiled and said.

Lin Qingwan did not refute, directly said, "Something happened over here, so I made a phone call to you."

Then, Lin Qingwan slowly said what had just happened.

"What? There is such a thing!"

After the central leader heard that, he took a deep breath. He did not expect this thing was so serious.

"I will pay attention to this matter. Trust me, I'll try to protect Ye Fei."

There was a hint of hesitation in the central leader's voice.

After he hung up the telephone, the central leader stood up from the couch, looking at the distant sunset, sighed, "Old Ye, it's not I do not protect your grandson, but... Your grandson's disaster is too big. I am afraid, I can do nothing!"

After sighing, the central leader still dialed a few numbers, and then stood quietly next to the lake, watching the sunset sank into the mountains below.
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