Chapter 262

"Hah hah, Ye Fei, you think you really can run away? Tell you, you must be responsible for these people who were knocked down by Li Bin's van."

Yuan Chen looked at those people hit by Li Bin's van on the ground, could not help but laugh.

Even if Yuan Chen did not make Ye Fei into trouble, the police also would find him, he absolutely could not escape this disaster of prison.

What was more, a few cars had stopped at the exit and entrance, unless Ye Fei was a superman, and he could remove these cars by his own, otherwise, he would never escape.

"What to do... What should we do?"

Li Bin was holding the steering wheel, full of panic.

Ye Fei tightly frowned, now the only way was to get off and run. But, the blood had soaked his clothes, he knew that his injury was very heavy, even if he got off of the van, it was impossible to leave here.

"Today... Is it really my time to die?"

Ye Fei's eyes eventually fell on Li Bin's body.

Although Li Bin had a variety of shortcomings, at the most critical moment, Li Bin came here to save his life, Ye Fei had regarded Li Bin as his brother in life and death!

"Alas, this time I implicate my brother!"

Ye Fei sighed, was ready to open the door to get off to surrender, but at this time, Ye Fei suddenly saw a tall man was standing in the dark corner of the distance.

It was the cleaner Ye Fei met when he got off the elevator!

At the moment, the tall cleaner, was staring at Ye Fei, and a grimace came from the corners of his mouth.

He slowly stretched out his hand to take off the masks, hats and sunglasses, revealing the dark red skin below!

Ye Fei was stunned.

Oh my god, what a terrible face!

There was no skin on the face, blood vessels and muscles directly exposed in the air, and this horrible face, also opened the mouth, showing white teeth, grinned toward Ye Fei.

"Colonel Jack!"

Ye Fei finally knew why he felt that look was familiar.

Now colonel Jack appeared here, and his purpose was very obvious.


Just from the burning vengeance in colonel Jack's eyes, Ye Fei just knew that colonel Jack came here for revenge.

But what exactly was colonel Jack going to do?

Ye Fei was thinking about that...

"Cleaner! The point is why he disguised himself as a cleaner! And, what's in his two big black garbage bags?"

Ye Fei suddenly thought of something, then he glanced at the underground parking lot, and found there were lots of big garbage cans.

These garbage cans should not be put here!

"Oh, shit. It's bomb! Colonel Jack put the bombs in here!"

Ye Fei saw colonel Jack was laughing, then he took out his phone from his pocket, was ready to press the call button.

"Get down, if you who don't want to die, get down!"

Ye Fei opened the window, shouted to the pursuers behind them.

"Get down? You think we're stupid!"

Nobody obeyed the words of Ye Fei. They all thought he was still bluffing.

"Brother, if you believe me, step on the accelerator, no matter what happens, do not let go!"

Ye Fei saw no one believed in himself, so he could only say to Li Bin.


So Li Bin stepped on the accelerator.

Just at this time, colonel Jack had pressed the button on his phone.

With a loud bang, the earth trembled.

Li Bin was so scared, but he did not release the accelerator, the van, in the midst of a burst of fire, made its way to the exit.

Li Bin had no time to brake, the van crashed the guard pavilion in the exit, then he and Ye Fei turned off the van, covered with blood, they were ready to flee outside, but heard the second loud noise of the explosion in the parking lot.

The shock wave blew over, so Ye Fei and Li Bin were blown to a shaky position, only against the wall. The ground was shaking.

There were several people near the exit, also were knocked out far away, the deep underground parking lot was a sea of fire.

Ye Fei pulled Li Bin stood up, but, followed by a third bang, and then the sound of the fourth bang immediately sounded. The huge impact force made Ye Fei and Li Bin could not stand firmly, only lying on the ground, dared not move again.

Suddenly Ye Fei frowned and realized that colonel Jack didn't care if he was killed by the explosion.

Colonel Jack only needed to make the bombing, so the number one suspect must be Ye Fei.

Moreover, if Yuan Chen was died, then his father would revenge, even if Ye Fei proved this matter had nothing to do with himself, Yuan Chen's father also must revenge.

"Brother, you wait for me outside!"

Ye Fei turned to rush toward the sea of fire.

"What? What are you doing? They beat you like this? You're gonna save them?"

Li Bin loudly shouted at Ye Fei.

But there was no answer.

Li Bin was hesitated for a while, but finally did not have the courage like Ye Fei, rushed back into the fire to save people.

But Li Bin did not know, Ye Fei could not be silly to rush into the fire to save people.

He rushed into the fire to find colonel Jack.

Colonel Jack was the initiator of the bombing, as long as Ye Fei could catch him, then he had a chance to excuse himself. Otherwise, he would be sent to the jail.

Ye Fei wanted to get up and chase colonel Jack, but the sound of the violent explosion kept him from moving for the moment.

Colonel Jack also saw Ye Fei, then he smiled at Ye Fei from a distance and went out through the emergency exit.

At this time, the explosion of the underground parking lot reached the peak, the ceiling collapsed, the whole parking lot became a ruin.
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