Chapter 253: 253

It was close to noon, now the place was Huayu Building.

Located in the heart of Shanghai, Huayu Building was an 80-storey skyscraper, and it was a private property of Yuan Chen.

At the moment, there were many vehicles blocking the door in front of the underground parking lot.

A portly middle-aged man got off a car, said to the security guard, "What happened, why don't you let me park the car? I'm a VIP."

The captain of the security guard came out, and he immediately laughed, "Mr. Xiao, the pipes in the parking lot were broken, if you don't want your car to be wet, you'd better park your car in the mall opposite."

Although Mr. Xiao was not satisfied, but there was no way, so he could only leave here.

Soon, the security guard put a brand of "suspended using" outside the parking lot, not only the cars could not go in, and the people also could not enter into the parking lot.

Inside the parking lot, there were lots of parking spaces, and the rest of the cars in the parking lot were centered in the center, and formed a wall, like a round Colosseum. 

The people of Eagle Claw National Martial Arts Club were tied with rope, with rags in their mouths, everyone's body was bruised and wounded.

Especially Eagle King Liu Ao, his temper was very stubborn, even if he was tied with hemp rope, he still struggled.

Yuan Chen and others were laughing.

Then Yuan Chen looked down at the watch, found it was almost 12 o'clock, so he waved his hands toward the direction of Liu Ao, a man immediately walked over, took off the rag from the mouth of Liu Ao.

"Yuan Chen, you sick bastard, I'll let you die."

Liu Ao shouted to Yuan Chen.

"Brush his teeth, his mouth is too dirty!"

The words of Liu Ao made Yuan Chen very angry, but after a while, a cold smile appeared on his face, then he said.

"Yes, sir. I will brush this old boy's teeth."

Some masters of martial arts clubs were standing by Yuan Chen, In addition to them, there was a man also standing beside Yuan Chen, he was brother Kirin.

Yuan Chen did not completely trust those masters, and they were not ruthless enough.

Brother Kirin sneered and found a toilet brush from the toilet under the stairs. It was so dirty, and exuded a strong stench.

Brother Kirin walked to Liu Ao with the dirty toilet brush, grinned and said, "Look at this, hah, this is your toothbrush, it is very suitable."

"What... What are you saying, you're going to put this thing into my... It's a toilet brush!"

Liu Ao almost spat out.

"Nonsense, of course I know this is a toilet brush, but your mouth is more smelly than toilet, use this to brush your teeth, I think it is good."

Brother Kirin pointed to two men opposite him, "You two catch this old guy, don't let him move, I'll help him brush his teeth!"


Liu Ao was so angry that he opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of spittle, which was right in the face of brother Kirin.

Brother Kirin directly kicked Liu Ao's chest, swearing, "You this old bastard, incredibly so dishonest! Damn it, I forget something, I just want to help you brush your teeth, but I forget to get you toothpaste. Wait, I'll go to the toilet and get you some toothpaste."

After saying that, brother Kirin carried toilet brush and walked toward the direction of the toilet.


Anyone could guess what the "toothpaste" in brother kirin's mouth was.

"A martial artist can not be humiliated!"

Liu Ao issued a loud roar, and he suddenly exerted his full force to jump up and rush over.

Brother Kirin heard the sound behind him, and he thought Liu Ao wanted to hit him, so he immediately dodged aside, unexpectedly, Liu Ao's goal was not him, but a car.


As a martial artist, Liu Ao had his own dignity and backbone.

You could kill me, but not insult me!

Liu Ao could not imagine that dirty toilet brush poke into his mouth, what a scene of humiliation it was.

Better die than be insulted!

No one expected that, Liu Ao chose suicide!

With a loud sound, Liu Ao's head slammed into the car, and it was injured, blood flowed out from the wound, and he was motionless on the ground.

"Shit, let's have a look."

Yuan Chen was stunned, because Liu Ao was a famous and prestigious martial artist in Shanghai, if he really died here, it would be very troublesome.

A man with a little skill in medicine urriedly run over, used his finger to touch his nose, and looked at his eyes, then he loudly said, "Mr. Yuan, this old guy is okay, he is just injured, and temporarily lose consciousness, but he has no danger in his life."

Hearing that, not only Yuan Chen and brother Kirin were relieved, the people of Eagle Claw National Martial Arts Club were also relieved.

Just now, Liu Ao really wanted to die, but he forgot the car's steel plate was thin and elastic, it was not the same as the cement wall, just now if he hit the cement wall, then he must be dead.

"Boss, what should we do? Although the old guy is not in danger of life, but there are lots of blood flowing out from his wound, let's send him to the hospital first?"

Brother Kirin was afraid that Liu Ao suddenly died, so he walked to Yuan Chen and whispered to him.

Yuan Chen looked down at the watch, found it was almost 12 o'clock noon, Ye Fei would come over, if he came over, did not find Liu Ao, he must think there was something wrong.

Yuan Chen shook his hands and said, "Just bandage him up first, I think he temporarily can't die."
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