Chapter 244

Yuan Chen seemed to be hugging Ye Fei, in fact, he was threatening Ye Fei by lowering his voice.

The body of Ye Fei was slightly trembling, because he knew that Yuan Chen had already known he let Li Bin steal his wallet.

"Mr. Yuan, that thing is just a joke."

Ye Fei admitted that he let Li bin steal his wallet. As the saying went, if enmity was not settled amicably there was no end to it.

Yuan Chen should forgive Ye Fei, and shook hands with him.

At this time, Yuan Chen suddenly pushed Ye Fei away, then he stepped back, staring at Ye Fei, coldly said, "Joke? It's really perfect joke. I tell you, no one dares to joke with me!"

"Mr. Yuan, Ye Fei just finished his match, now he needs to prepare for the next match, so he needs to have a rest."

Li Bin saw there was an evil smile on the face of Yuan Chen, so he wanted to leave here with Ye Fei.


Yuan Chen suddenly loudly said.

Ye Fei knew Yuan Chen this man was always arrogant in normal times. He must have hated the last thing in the western restaurant, today finally seized the opportunity, he must revenge.

Sure enough, when Ye Fei thought of that, Yuan Chen said, "Ye Fei, I think you should immediately apologize to me for the last thing. otherwise, I will let you can not participate in this tournament."

The words of Yuan Chen immediately made the audience stunned, but after knowing the identity of Yuan Chen, they became silent.

Because everyone knew Yuan Chen absolutely had the ability to do so.

"Ye Fei, the arm is no match for the thigh... You should apologize to him."

Li Bin lowered his voice to say that, in fact, he was so afraid that both of his legs were trembling.

Ye Fei looked at Li Bin, knowing that he was thinking about the Swallow Club. If because of this thing, Ye Fei was disqualified, Li Bin would be very regretful.

"Brother, such Yuan Chen this kind of villain, I can not be bowed, but, today I give you a face."

Ye Fei bit his teeth and said.

Then Ye Fei stepped forward, handed over to Yuan Chen, and said, "Mr. Yuan, last time I was wrong, I hope you can forgive me..."

"Hey, come on."

Before Ye Fei finished his words, Yuan Chen roughly interrupted him. He sneered and said, "Ye Fei, that's how you apologize? Don't you know you should kneel down to serve tea?"

Kneel down to serve tea!

Ye Fei suddenly became furious.

Yuan Chen this man was really insatiable, originally Ye Fei thought it was OK to apology to him by talking to him, but unexpectedly, he incredibly wanted Ye Fei to kneel to serve tea.

And in public, kneel to serve tea.

There was gold in the knee of a man, so Ye Fei could not kneel, any man would not kneel at this moment.

"Yuan Chen, I see, you do not want me to apologize to you, but want to humiliate me in public."

Ye Fei stared at Yuan Chen and said.

Yuan Chen gently patted his hands with a smile on his face, "Yes, you are right, I just want to humiliate you! What do you think? What can you do?"

When Ye Fei look at Yuan Chen this appearance, he clenched his fist, wanted to rush over to hit him, but he was stopped by Li Bin, shouted, "Ye Fei, don't impulse, he deliberately provoke you. If you hit him, you definitely will be disqualified. If you keep calm and ignore him, even if he is the Big Man of this tournament, he can not casually cancel your qualification."

Liu Ao also didn't think Ye Fei incredibly was so impulsive, so he immediately let a few disciple of Eagle Claw National Martial Arts Club pull Ye Fei, sent him to the lounge.

Yuan Chen looked at the back of Ye Fei, sneered, "You are really naive, you think I have no way to let you lose the qualification?"

When Yuan Chen waved his hands, a middle-aged man around him immediately came over, "What can I do for you?"

"Find a person who can defeat Ye Fei, and then inform the referee to play a trick, I want Ye Fei to be eliminated in the next match."

"Yes, sir."

The middle-aged man went to find someone immediately.


Place: The lounge of Eagle Claw National Martial Arts Club.

Ye Fei just rest for about ten minute, then he heard a voice inside the loudspeaker, "No. 288 vs. No. 400."

Li Bin, like a cat stepping on the tail, jumped up and shouted, "What's going on? Why is it your turn so soon? There must be something wrong about this."

Liu Ao touched his chin and frowned, "You need to rest at least one hour, it is possible to fight again. Now it's not even 10 minutes, there must be something wrong."

Ye Fei shook his head, said, "But I must go. If I do not enter the ring, that will be a direct waiver."

All the people nodded and there was no better way to deal with it now.

They knew Yuan Chen was playing a trick, controlled the match, but they did not have any methods.

When Ye Fei came back to the ring, he saw Yuan Chen was sitting there.

After Yuan Chen saw Ye Fei, he immediately laughed,

"Hey yo, unexpectedly, you're back so soon."

"Yuan Chen, what do you want?"

Ye Fei coldly asked.

"I just want to see the match. The next match is absolutely amazing!"

Hearing the words of Yuan Chen, Ye Fei became angry.

At this time, a group of people were walking toward here.

The leader was an old man who wore a black silk dress, and he was about 1.7 meters tall.

"Absolute master!"

When Ye Fei saw this elder, he felt the temperament of this elder was different from other ordinary martial artist.

Liu Ao was already stunned, then he stepped forward, respectfully said, "Hello, master Yang. Why do you come here?"
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