Chapter 234

Xie Xuan looked at the back of Ye Fei, his eyes were full of hostility, spat to the clean floor, muttered, "A young boy, I really do not know why you are arrogant, and my brother is also funny, I don't know why he value this young man so much."

Immediately, Xie Xuan called Liu Qian over, "Niece, what is this boy doing? What did your dad call him for, just a young man."  

Liu Qian pouted, also was a little dissatisfied, "I also do not know, last night, I heard your dad made a phone a call to Ye Fei, he said he would give some directions to him about his Eagle Claw Attack."

"Give some directions to him? He even has no time to give some directions to his disciples, but now he incredibly helps an outsider, I really do not know the reason."

Xie Xuan shook his head, full of confusion.

"Uncle, sister, I know the reason."

A young disciple came over and said, "In my opinion, my master likes this boy. He is so young, but he can win Hong Tiexin, my master must think he is a young talent, it is estimated that my master wanted you marry him."

"What are you talking about? How old he is, he is younger than me.”

Liu Qian's face suddenly turned red.

Xie Xuan glanced at Nie Ruoyun, and Nie Ruoyun was also angry, he had admired Liu Qian for a long time, and they had reached the point of talking about marriage, but now the presence of Ye Fei made him particularly angry.

However, Ye Fei did not know that he had become the target of public criticism, followed Liu Ao to the backyard.

"Ye Fei, please do not hate my brother and disciples, you should know, now is a very unusual time, at any time someone may come here to kick the hall, we have to prevent."

Liu Ao still thought Ye Fei was still angry, so he looked at him and said.

"Master Liu, I am not narrow-minded. However, I have a question, I am not your disciple of Eagle Claw National Martial Arts Club, but you pass your Kung Fu to me, there is really no problem?”

Ye Fei asked with a crooked head.

"I just give you some directions. You practice Eagle Claw Attack first, let me have a look."

Liu Ao immediately laughed.

Ye Fei immediately practiced Eagle Claw Attack once again.

The move of Ye Fei was very awesome.

However, after Liu Ao saw that, he repeatedly shook his head.

Obviously, in the eyes of Liu Ao, the Eagle Claw Attack of Ye Fei was counterproductive.

But instead of making a quick comment, Liu Ao said to Ye Fei, "Use your Eagle Claw Attack to beat me."

Now, Liu Ao was very puzzled, because he thought there were some strange things about the Eagle Claw Attack of Ye Fei.

The problem was, how did he defeat Hong Tiexin with his unskilled Eagle Claw Attack?

Even if Hong Tiexin was restless, but after all, he was a old martial artist, he should be able to defeat Ye Fei.

Therefore, Liu Ao decided to fight with Ye Fei, and observed what was going on.

"Master Liu, I am going to show my skills."

Even as the sound of his voice died away, he ran towards Liu Ao, and his both hands changed into claws, then he fiercely twisted his waist.

With a loud shout, Ye Fei rushed over. As if the hawk swooped down with a long, sharp cry from a height of several thousand meters.

For a moment, the noise was fierce and vicious.

Suddenly, a layer of goose bumps appeared on Liu Ao's body. He immediately shouted, "Stop."

Then Ye Fei stopped his move, asked Liu Ao in confusion, "What's wrong?"

"I'm afraid you'll beat me to death."

The forehead of Liu Ao was full of sweat, he was so stunned. He did not expect Ye Fei was so awesome.

"Young boy, what a sharp fist you have. I can see you've been practicing martial arts since you were a child. Am I right?"

Liu Ao could see Ye Fei's martial arts foundation was very solid, just now Ye Fei's movement could give him bring strong pressure, it was so incredible.

Such a skill could not be practiced overnight.

"Yes, you are right, I learned Kung Fu from my grandpa when I was a child. And I also want to learn some other Kung Fu, that can make me much stronger."

Ye Fei nodded, and said truthfully.

Hearing the words of Ye Fei, Liu Ao immediately laughed, after a long while, he just said, "Since we've known each other, this time I'll teach you the Eagle Claw Attack. Just hope you can remember my favour. If one day you become my enemy, please show me some mercy."

Ye Fei laughed, "I am not an ungrateful person, I will never forget your favour."

"Many Eagle Claw Attack masters are better than you. The main reason is your Eagle Claw Attack is not complete. Well, today I will pass this complete Eagle Claw Attack to you, you have to watch my action."

Liu Ao took a deep breath, showed the complete Eagle Claw Attack in front of Ye Fei, and as long as he moved, he would explain to Ye Fei.

To tell the truth, Liu Ao's behavior had been suspected of violating the rules of martial arts club, because any club had a rule, that was Kung Fu could not be passed to outsiders.

If you wanted to learn, of course you could, but you must learn from your master.

However, the Eagle Claw Attack that Liu Ao passed to Ye Fei was called Wudang Eagle Claw Attack. He learned this king of Eagle Claw Attack from mount Wudang

The difference of them was not very big, each had its own unique feature.

Liu Ao's Eagle Claw Attack was more attention to the power of the claw.

But Wudang Eagle Claw Attack was more attention to the strength of the finger.

Liu Ao knew Ye Fei's finger was powerful, so he thought Wudang Eagle Claw Attack might be more suitable for Ye Fei.
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