Chapter 233: 233

Because today Ye Fei came to the Eagle Claw National Martial Arts Club to visit Liu Ao, yesterday he deliberately bought a modern black silk uniform.

So Ye Fei was really like a newcomer to come here to learn martial arts, and Nie Ruoyun yesterday did not follow his master Liu Ao to go to Hongquan Martial Art Fight Club, so he did not know Ye Fei.

Nie Ruoyun saw Ye Fei walked in, thought he was the person who wanted to learn martial arts, and thought Ye Fei did not know the rules, so he rebuked Ye Fei.

Ye Fei glanced at Nie Ruoyun, he was dressed in a black uniform, looked very handsome.

"Hey man, I come to find master Liu Ao."

Ye Fei smiled and spoke very politely.

"Find my master?"

Nie Ruoyun was confused, this young man in front him was only about twenty years old, and he incredibly said to see his master?

In fact, although Liu Ao was only a master of the club, not the rich or the officials, his status in the martial arts was very high.

Liu Ao's nickname was Eagle King. Anyone who could afford the word "king" was not an ordinary person.

Nie Ruoyun looked up and down at Ye Fei, impatiently said, "My master is not here, I will tell him when he comes back, you leave a contact number."

Ye Fei knew he was underestimated by this man, so he smiled and said, "Don't you know your master Liu Ao invited me to come here, if he is not here, I will be here waiting for him to come back."

After that, Ye Fei was about to walk to the hall, and pull a chair to sit down, at this time, Nie Ruoyun stepped back, spread his arms to try to block Ye Fei, "The disciples of our club are practicing martial arts, it's not appropriate for you to stay here. If you want to wait for my master, please go to the street to wait."

Ye Fei suddenly became angry.

Ye Fei was invited to come here by Liu Ao, but this disciple actually stopped Ye Fei and did not let him in, and also let him wait in the street, he was really so impolite.

Ye Fei stretched out his hands to pat Nie Ruoyun on his shoulder, told him to get out of here. However, Nie Ruoyun thought Ye Fei wanted to fight with him, he immediately stretched out his fist to punch the belly of Ye Fei.

"Go away!"

Ye Fei was young and arrogant, when he saw the other side was very rude, he became very annoyed.

Seeing Nie Ruoyun wanted to beat him, Ye Fei sneered, he slightly moved his feet, easily dodged the attack of Nie Ruoyun, at the same time, he kicked out the right leg, mercilessly hit Nie Ruoyun on his back!

The body of Nie Ruoyun got up from the ground and sprang forward, then fell to the ground.

After all, Ye Fei easily defeated Hong Tiexin, so of course Nie Ruoyun could beat Ye Fei.

After that, Ye Fei stepped into the hall of Eagle Claw National Martial Arts Club.

At the moment, more than ten disciples were practicing martial art, a more than 40-year-old middle-aged man was supervising them.

Just now the action of Ye Fei was very fast, in a short time, he beat down Nie Ruoyun, then he entered the hall, the people in the hall heard the sound and turned around. As a result, They saw Ye Fei was standing in the doorway with a smile, and Nie Ruoyun was lying on the ground.

"Boy, who are you? How dare you break into our hall?"

Ye Fei said to this middle-aged man, "My name is Ye Fei from the Swallow Club, I have an appointment with master Liu, we will meet each other here. But just now there was a man, he did not allow me in, and he told me master Liu was not here, if I wanted to wait for him, I needed to go to the street to wait him."

This middle-aged man felt Ye Fei this name was a little familiar, at this time, a few disciples and a girl rushed over, this girl was Liu Ao's daughter Liu Qian, she whispered, "Uncle, he is Ye Fei from the Swallow Club, yesterday he defeated Hong Tiexin on the spot, took off the sign of Hongquan Martial Art Fight Club."

"What, he is Ye Fei?"

The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes to look up and down at Ye Fei, he thought it was unbelievable.

He is the brother of Eagle King Liu Ao, called Xie Xuan, was not famous in the martial arts, but his martial art was as good as Liu Ao.

The eyes of Xie Xuan eyes removed from the body of Ye Fei, glanced at Nie Ruoyun, coldly said, "I don't care who you are, but you break into our martial arts hall, and have wounded our disciple, I think you are the challenger."

After saying that, Xie Xuan took a deep breath, and he wanted to fight with Ye Fei.

"In this martial arts club, people are really impolite, since you want to fight with me, let's go."

Ye Fei sneered and said.


At this time, there was a thunderous shout from the door, when Xie Xuan heard that, immediately stopped his move.

Dressed in a red suit of martial arts, with two antique walnuts in his hands, Eagle King Liu Ao stepped into the hall of Eagle Claw National Martial Arts Club.


Xie Xuan hurriedly walked over, in fact, he was quite afraid of his brother.

"Xie Xuan, you are so reckless! Don't you know that Ye Fei is the guest I invited?"

Liu Ao reprimanded Xie Xuan in public.

"I know... However, I heard he also mastered Eagle Claw Attack, so I want to fight with him."

After Liu Ao scolded Xie Xuan, he said to Ye Fei with a smile, "Ye Fei, my brother is impolite, please forgive him. And please move to the backyard with me, we will talk about the matter of yesterday."

Ye Fei nodded, since Liu Ao had scolded his brother, he did not say more words, then he followed Liu Ao to the backyard.
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