Chapter 221: 221

"I decided, and after I recover, I will go to this tournament."

Ye Fei tightly clutched his two fists.

Ye Fei would take part in this tournament, not only wanted to find Liu Han, but also took advantage of this opportunity to hone his martial arts skills.

Ten days later, he was left the hospital.

His physical fitness was far better than ordinary people, and he was young and strong, coupled with Lin Qingwan's meticulous care, his body recovered quickly.

The time for tournament was coming, although Ye Fei's injury was not completely recovered, he still began to prepare.

At this time, Ye Fei suddenly thought of not everyone could take part in this tournament.

Those who had the qualification must be the martial arts club that was developed in Shanghai for more than three years, which meant about two hundred club had the qualification to take part in this tournament.

Therefore, Ye Fei was not worried about that, he was ready to find a martial arts club, as long as he could get a qualification, even he could take someone as his master.

But, Ye Fei found that it was not simple to do this thing.

Lin Qingwan had a meeting in the company, so Ye Fei had nothing to do. He walked to a martial arts fight club, this was a Korean martial arts club that taught taekwondo, Ye Fei had asked someone, knew this martial arts club was not big, there was only one participating quota.

Ye Fei walked straight in and explained his intentions, unexpectedly, the coach immediately thought Ye Fei was the challenger.

Ye Fei could only fight with the coach.

He was the Fifth Dan Black Belt in taekwondo, but far from being an opponent of Ye Fei.

After a while, the coach was beaten down by Ye Fei.

But, the thing that Ye Fei took him as his master failed.

He changed three martial arts clubs, the other side thought he was the challenger, Ye Fei had no way, could only fight with them.

Ye Fei won, of course, but he felt very angry.

Standing in the roadside, Ye Fei smoked a cigarette, after thought for a while, he found himself was still a little naive.

After all, martial artists were different from ordinary people.

Most martial artists valued their reputation more than their interests.

No matter which martial arts club would not allow an outsider to replace them to tak part in the tournament.

Ye Fei felt that his method was wrong.

Ye Fei threw the cigarette butt into the trash, and looked sad, he was ready to go back to find Lin Qingwan, asked her whether there was a better way.

At this time, two minibuses suddenly stopped at the roadside, after the door opened, five or six young people jumped down from every car, there were more than ten people, and there were holding sticks, steel tubes and other weapons, looked murderous.

These young people, were dressed in black taekwondo uniforms, "Hongquan Martial Art Fight Club" was wrote on the back, Ye Fei knew this martial art club was a medium-scale fight club, they mainly taught Hongquan and Sanda. Hongquan was one of the traditional Chinese southern style boxing.Ye Fei was ready to go to the Hongquan Martial Art Fight Club to take a chance, but did not think he met the people of this martial art club here.

"What are these people doing? They look murderous, not like the martial artists, but like a group of small bullies.

Ye Fei was confused and he wanted to know what these people wanted to do, so his eyes fell on the bodies of these people.

"Fuck off, if you still look at us, I will dig out your eyes, and tread on it."

A young man whose hair was yellow found Ye Fei was looking at them, so he immediately flew into a rage, loudly shouted to Ye Fei.

If the ordinary person met this scene, he must lower his head and walked away, but Ye Fei felt ridicul


He did not move, and his eyes also did not move away, just looked at these people.

If they wanted to fight, Ye Fei would tell them what was the real Kung Fu.

"Brother, he just is a passerby, we have the important thing to do, our master told us don't provoke others."

A middle-aged man patted his shoulder and whispered.

"Well, you this bastard is lucky, I just have something to do, fuck off."

After that, he followed others to come into an alley.

Ye Fei looked up, saw they walked to the door of a house, there was a dirty brand on the door, covered with dust, which said two words "Swallow Club".

"Swallow Club?"

Ye Fei slightly frowned.

Swallow Club was the school created by Swallow Li San, Ye Fei knew a descendant of Li San, he was the thief Li Bin.

"Is this Swallow Club related to Li Bin?"

If Li Bin was really involved in this matter, Ye Fei was ready to go and see what happened.

For nothing else, only because Li Bin was his friend.

"Swallow Club? All the people in this club are thieves, they also dare to call themselves the martial artists, it's really shameful. Take this sign off of the house."

The middle-aged man was the leader, when he saw shabby signs, he immediately sneered. Then He waved his hands, his brothers took out the sticks to hit the sign.

The sign of the martial arts club was important for the martial artists.

Hearing someone was shouting outside and moving their own sign, the people inside the house were furious, immediately opened the door and rushed out.

The leader was Li Bin.

His face was swollen, with lots of band-aids, apparently recently he was miserably beaten by some people.

Li Bin saw someone was moving his sign, he became so furious, suddenly he stretched out his foot to kick the chest of a man.

That man flew about three meters away, then fell to a pile of bricks in the corner.
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