Chapter 218: 218

With a series of gunshots, colonel Jack's huge body was shot and appeared countless blood holes.

If he was an ordinary person, no matter how brave he was, he would have been beaten to death, but colonel Jack could still stand up.

Colonel Jack uttered an angry roar, knowing that he had no hope of killing Ye Fei, and he would die if he stayed here any longer.

Therefore, colonel Jack turned around decisively, jumped into the sea, and by the time the police closed in, he was out of sight.

"What the hell is this?"

All the police were shocked, they thought colonel Jack was really a terrible monster.

Ye Fei sat up, then an ambulance came here, the medical personnel put him on the stretcher, and examined his body.

The moment he got into the ambulance, Ye Fei saw several people in green biochemical suits walked to the spot where he had just fought with colonel Jack.

"Look at this!"

Suddenly, a person who was wearing biochemical clothing found something, excitedly shouted.

Other people hurriedly walked around, saw he picked up an empty transparent tube with a drop or two of green liquid in it.

These people also became excited.


After Ye Fei was sent to the hospital, he felt he could not move. He was badly injured, the muscles in his back were extensively injured, and his three ribs were also broken, of course, for Ye Fei, in that thrilling battle, he was very lucky, because he did not sacrifice.

He rested for three days.

On the fourth day he was able to get out of bed and walk, but as he took a deep breath, he felt his whole body was painful.

Ye Fei knew this was because his viscera was injured.

The muscles in his back and ribs was not so important, but if his viscera was injured, in a short time, he could not fight with anyone, otherwise, it was more difficult to recover.

At this time, someone was knocking at the door.

"Please come in."

Ye Fei thought it was Lin Qingwan or Murong, recently these two people always took care of himself.

But it was Bei Meiqi who came through the door.

When Ye Fei saw Bei Meiqi, he felt very angry, walked to her, used her right hand to grab her slender white neck.

"Ye Fei, what do you want to do? I'm the police officer, if you dare to attack me, that's a serious crime!"

Bei Meiqi was startled with a pale face, so she loudly shouted.

"Attack you? If you make me angry, I can kill you. How dare you take advantage of me!"

Ye Fei was very angry, in these days, he felt something wrong, Bei Meiqi absolutely lied to him.

He felt this was a conspiracy.

And Bei Meiqi was the one who pulled Ye Fei into this conspiracy.

Ye Fei almost lost his life, of course, he was very angry.

"You... You're hurting me!"

She cried, with tears in her big eyes.

At this time, Ye Fei found Bei Meiqi had a crutch in one hand and a thick bandage on her shoulder. The injury looked worse than his own.

"You got hurt."

"You deserved this, officer Bei, I help you, but you still framed me, I almost died. Is that how international police works?"

Ye Fei let go of her neck and looked at her coldly.

"I have some secret sorrow. After all, you are not an international policeman. I have signed a confidentiality agreement. I can't tell you something!"

She coughed for a while before her breathing returned to be normal.

"Then why do you come to me now? You're not going to tell me anything!"

Ye Fei glanced at her and said in a cold voice.

"No, I've decided to tell you everything! Including the real reason why the Falcon destroyed."

Bei Meiqi looked at Ye Fei, slowly said.

"What? You have decided to tell me everything?"

Ye Fei was a little confused, he d

id not know what Bei Meiqi wanted to do.

"Rest assured, I will tell you the truth, because I have gotten the permission of the superior. Ye Fei, you've done a great job this time."

Bei Meiqi laughed, "Snow Wolf Avenger, this notorious terrorist organization is over. With the joint efforts of us and the Chinese police, the rest of the people are arrested except for colonel Jack, and we have found two boxes of gold bars. We did not find the corpse of colonel Jack, but he was probably dead at sea, after all, his wounds were too serious."

"So, in return, international police has canceled your wanted."

Bei Meiqi excitedly said.

"My wanted is canceled? That means, I have not been wanted now, and I can go anywhere?"

Ye Fei was also excited, if his wanted is really canceled, it would make Ye Fei very happy.

"You're not going to be wanted by international police, but you are still wanted by some other organizations, like the FBI, and now you can't go to the United States, but you can go other countries."

Bei Meiqi laughed again, "However, this credit... In fact, it's nothing, your real credit... Let him tell you."

Bei Meiqi pointed to outside the door, at this time, a middle-aged man came in, he wore a black uniform, wearing a pair of glasses, like a scholar, but Ye Fei could see, this middle-aged man had military temperament.

"Introduce myself, my name is Lv Danyang, is the member of the MSS."

The middle-aged man helped his glasses and introduced himself.

"MSS, Ministry of State Security."

Ye Fei immediately stood up, saluted to Lv Danyang, loudly said, "Hail to the Chief!"

MSS, short for the ministry of national security, was formerly the bureau of the central investigation department. Later it was the national confidentiality organization, outsiders had no idea about this organization.

MSS was a top-secret intelligence organization that dealt with emergencies and had authority over the public security system and even the military.

The Falcon was also led by the MSS, so, Ye Fei saluted to Lv Danyang, called him the Chief.
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