Chapter 214: 214

The door of the cabin opened, and a man who was wearing camouflage uniform came in, behind him, there were a few men, they glanced at everyone, finally their eyes fell on the body of Ye Fei, said, "Qin Long, colonel Jack has come back, invite you to talk to him alone."

"Back? I think he is always here."

Ye Fei stood up, touched Bei Meiqi's waist, said, "Forget it, lead the way."

"Your girlfriend can't go with you. Colonel Jack said he just talked to you alone..."

The man seriously said.

"What about my girl?"

Ye Fei frowned and said.

"Your girlfriend can stay here until you come back."

The man's tone was very strong.

"Qin Long... I'm afraid, the people here look fierce, if you leave me here... I'm so scared."

Bei Meiqi leaned against Ye Fei's chest, slightly trembling, her lovable appearance, just like a wounded rabbit.

"Don't be afraid."

Ye Fei touched the soft hair of Bei Meiqi, turned to look at the man, loudly said, "You see, my girlfriend is afraid. I must take her with me! Go and get your boss to come to me."

The attitude of Ye Fei could be said to be completely unreasonable, all the people were stunned. In the captain's cabin, colonel Jack loudly laughed, said through the walkie-talkie, "Let this woman come up together."

The man nodded and asked Ye Fei to come up to the room of Jack with Bei Meiqi.

Ye Fei took the hand of Bei Meiqi and walked to the door of the captain's cabin. Then a man and a woman immediately respectively searched them, after that, they let Ye Fei and Bei Meiqi come in.

In the room, a more than 50-year-old white man was sitting at the back of the table, when he saw Ye Fei came in, he immediately stood up, stretched out his right hand and said, "Mr. Qin, I am Jack, nice to meet you."

After Ye Fei shook hands with Jack, then he put his arm around Bei Meiqi, and sat on the sofa beside him, said, "You are colonel Jack and you want to find me to buy a batch of arms? You are right. I am good at this business. Who are those people in the ship? They don't deserve to stay with me at all."

Colonel Jack took a look and shrugged toward Ye Fei, "It's really my fault, you are my honored guest, I should have prepared a deluxe room for you. In order to make up for my fault, I express my sincerest apologies to you."

"You don't have to apologize."

Ye Fei looked down at his watch, "I do not want to be here for a long time, I hope you can show your sincerity."

Colonel Jack raised his head and said, "Of course it is."

Immediately, a man pushed two large wooden boxes over, then they opened the boxes, they were full of gold bars.

Ye Fei walked to the box, grabbed a gold bar in the hands, it was the real gold.

Ye Fei was shocked, arms deal was indeed one of the most lucrative business in the world.

"I have expressed sincerity, then what's your sincerity?"

Colonel Jack asked the man to close the box and said to Ye Fei.

"Colonel Jack is really a sincere person, the things what you want, I certainly have prepared, put in the warehouse, now you arrange someone to go with me to examine goods."

Ye Fei loudly laughed.

Everything was going according to the script.

"I'll go myself."

Colonel Jack did not hesitate, decisively said, "Let's examine goods, your lovely girlfriend is here to have a cup of tea, wait for me."

"How could that be...?"

Ye Fei hurriedly said, but saw the facial expression of Jack, could only say to Bei Meiqi, "Angel, I immediately come back, you can wait for me here."

"No... I don't want to stay here."

Bei Meiqi gloomily said.

"Angel, be obedient, I'll be back in half an hour at most."

Ye Fei coldly said.

"Well... All right."

Seeing Ye Fei was about to be an

gry, Bei Meiqi could only nod to promise.

"Mr. Qin, your girlfriend is really lovely, I know you love her."

Jack walked out of the room with Ye Fei and got off the ship, then got in a jeep to the arms warehouse.

Colonel Jack thought he had control of Ye Fei's girlfriend, also could control Qin Long, but he did not expect, he completely fell into the trap.

On the ship, Bei Meiqi drank a cup of black tea, then shouted to go to the toilet, now the man in charge of the ship was a man, and his name was Paul. Paul immediately arranged for a girl to take Bei Meiqi to the toilet.

As soon as she closed the door of the toilet, she took off her hairpin, this was a small signal receiver that signaled to the headquarter.

"I have received the signal from officer Bei."

A policeman with headphones suddenly shouted. 

"OK. According to the original plan, arrest Jack."

The commander was a middle-aged man with a scar on his lip, he said decisively.

More than 10 police cars immediately drove to surround the ship.

"What's the matter?"

Paul found something wrong and asked loudly.

"Sir, it is the police in China. Our information was leaked out."

A man with a gun ran back from the deck, loudly shouted.

"Don't panic. Set sail immediately and sail into the sea."

He went back to the room, and a group of arms dealers did not know what had happened, just only felt the ship was shaking and seemed to be sailing.

"Why did you sail? What's going on?"

"Let us disembark, do you want to kidnap us?"

When the arms dealers saw Paul came in, shouted at him.

"I'm sorry, it's not kidnapping. But... Slaughter!"

Paul suspected there were some spies here, so he immediately waved his hands to order the people to shoot them.

In an instant, the arms dealers in the cabin fell in the blood.

"Captain Paul, another woman is alive. He is Qin Long's girlfriend."

One man reminded him.

"Yes, go to find her, and do not kill her for the time being."

Paul immediately said.
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