Chapter 202: 202

"Ye Fei, don't over do it!"

Bei Meiqi patted the table, and stared at Ye Fei.

Ye Fei looked at Bei Meiqi, sneered, "What? Don't forget last time the thing you put me and Lin Qingwan as bait."

"Well, it's my fault, I apologize to you."

Bei Meiqi stood up and bowed to Ye Fei, sincerely said.

Ye Fei was stunned, he did not expect the international police officer Bei Meiqi incredibly apologized to him, for a time, he didn't know what to say.

"Well, I have already apologized to you, now we can sit down and have a chat now." 

Bei Meiqi pointed to the seat.

"Of course."

Ye Fei pulled over the chair and sat down again, looked at Bei Meiqi and said, "But officer Bei, I repeat my words, I do not know how Su Zongheng died. If you talk to me about this thing again, I'll stand up and leave."

"Well, police have confirmed that the people who sniped Su Zongheng were two international killers, one is called Black Wolf, the other is called White Sheep. Black Wolf had fallen from the rooftop of the building and died, White Sheep is being pursued by the police."

Bei Meiqi took out a stack of papers and put them on the table.

Ye Fei immediately was silent for a while, then said, "So what the hell do you want me to do?"

"Let your help me to catch a person."

Bei Meiqi took out a picture, and pointed to it.

Ye Fei did not look at the picture, directly said, "You want me to catch White Sheep? Sorry, I have no time..."

"No, no, not White Sheep. Look at the picture." Bei Meiqi held the photo in front of Ye Fei, "This man is called colonel Jack, a member in a terrorist organization."

Ye Fei looked down at the picture, it was a nearly 50-year-old white man, wearing a military uniform, he should be the Colonel Jack.

"Who is this person, I do not know, why should I help you?"

Ye Fei said in amazement, in his mind, he didn't know this guy at all. 

"Colonel Jack, the member of a terrorist organization, once was the instructor of Navy Seals, he is agile, he participated in the Gulf War, the Afghan war, the Iraq War and many other battles, he once won a Gold Cross Medal..."

Bei Meiqi was holding the data and reading the information of colonel Jack. 

"Stop, his life experience is very amazing, I have to admit, he is a tough opponent, but what does that have to do with me? Why should I help you?"

Ye Fei interrupted her words.

"Because when Su Zongheng died, colonel Jack was doing business about arms with him in his car. And this is a deal that international police have been planning for a long time. But, Su Zongheng suddenly was shot to death, colonel Jack canceled the deal, so our plan could only be canceled."

Bei Meiqi stared at Ye Fei's eyes.

Ye Fei immediately was silent, he did not think at that time, there was another man in the car. Strictly speaking, this thing was indeed related to Ye Fei, if not because of Ye Fei, the plan of international police would not fail.

But now the problem was, Ye Fei could not help Bei Meiqi, if he did that, it meant he admitted he killed Su Zongheng, besides, Ye Fei also had no reason to help the international police.

"Officer Bei, if you want me to help you, you should have some conditions to attract me. I remind you, my desire is not very strong, you had better be able to come up with some higher chips."

"I help you settle with the Su family, then he dares not come to you and Lin Qingwan's trouble!"

Bei Meiqi directly said, "Our international police have mastered much evidence of smuggling and trafficking of arms by Su family, now it can not be exposed, but I can tell you a little, then you can let Su family dare not move."


Ye Fei was slightly interested in it. 

To tell the truth, Ye Fei really worried about the retaliation of Su family.

Although Lin Hongyuan tried his best to help his daughter and Ye Fei, however, after all, Lin Hongyuan was abroad, if something bad happened, it was a regret.

However, Ye Fei gently shook his head, said, "Only this chip, not enough. You'd better come out with a chip that makes me more excited, or our talk will be finished."

"Ye Fei... You're greedy, you will die from eating too much."

Bei Meiqi bit her lips, mercilessly stared at Ye Fei.

"Don't worry, I have a good appetite."

With a smile, Ye Fei snapped his fingers and asked the waitress to refill the coffee of Bei Meiqi.

Bei Meiqi added two pieces of sugar into the coffee, then gently stirred, after a long while, she took a deep breath, said, "I have a chip here, a chip you can not refuse!"

"I'm all ears."

Ye Fei shrugged his shoulders.

"I'll help you find Eagle Claw."

Bei Meiqi said in a low voice.

"Eagle Claw!"

Ye Fei suddenly stood up, staring at Bei Meiqi, angrily said, "What are you talking about? Eagle Claw? He was already dead in a foreign country. How to find him?"

The code name of Ye Fei in Falcon was "Eagle Eye", and "Eagle Claw" Liu Han was his comrade.

It could be seen from the code name that Eagle Claw was more powerful than Eagle Eye, after all, the falcon hunted its prey with a pair of claws, Liu Han was this pair of sharp claws.

Many of Ye Fei's Kung Fu were learned from Liu Han. Ye Fei never won Liu Han.

However, one day their action failed, Ye Fei helplessly watched Liu Han fell in the battlefield, and then completely lost his news, apparently he was dead.

But what did Bei Meiqi mean by saying Eagle Claw?

"Ye Fei, you really don't know anything!"

Bei Meiqi sighed, "For so long, you still have not figured out the reason that the Falcon was wiped out?"

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