Chapter 201

Ye Fei killed Su Zongheng, immediately felt relaxed, as if he moved away a big stone from his heart.

For a long time, Su Zongheng always wanted to kill them all the time, made Ye Fei and Lin Qingwan couldn't sleep well.

At this time, since Su Zongheng was dead, Ye Fei certainly felt very happy.

To be honest, Ye Fei should not use this method to snipe Su Zongheng.

Once the central leader told Ye Fei that he could protect Ye Fei in China as long as he didn't do anything illegal. But shooting Su Zongheng was obviously a felony, if it was exposed, then even the central leader could not protect Ye Fei.

But Ye Fei did not regret it.

After the experience of the detention room that night, Ye Fei had understood that the only way to deal with the wicked was to become more wicked than the wicked.

If others knew the matters today, it would be extremely troublesome.

The city life of Ye Fei might come to an abrupt end, and he would become a wanted man and began a real life of escape.

But he believed that no one knew what happened today.

This time Ye Fei was very cautious, he hardly left any evidence. Moreover, as long as White Sheep was not silly, she would declare to the outside world, she was the person who killed Su Zongheng.

When Ye Fei was back to the purple apartment, found Lin Qingwan was watching TV, the news that Su Zongheng had been shot dead was broadcast live on TV.

Seeing Ye Fei came back, Lin Qingwan looked a little surprised, pointed to the TV and said, "Ye Fei, Su Zongheng is dead, do you know this thing?"

Ye Fei repeatedly shook his head, "I do not know this thing. Maybe the killer killed him.”

Ye Fei did not tell the truth, not because he did not believe Lin Qingwan, but in his opinion, he could not tell anyone about this thing.

Ye Fei took a bath in the bathroom and threw his clothes into the washing machine. After a while, he put on a new clothes, walked out of the bathroom, then he found Lin Qingwan had changed a noble and elegant dress, so he asked, "What happened? Do you want to go to the company?"

"No, no. Today Su Zongheng is dead, this is a great thing, we must go out to celebrate. I have made a phone call to Murong, it's my treat today."

The mood of Lin Qingwan was also very good, when she heard the news that Su Zongheng died, she also felt happy and relaxed.


Ye Fei nodded, he was in a good mood today, also wanted to go out to have fun.

At this moment, someone suddenly knocked at the door. 

"It must be Murong, she is back early today."

Lin Qingwan opened the door, saw the person who knocked at the door incredibly was Bei Meiqi.

"Officer Bei, what are you doing here?"

After Ye Fei saw Bei Meiqi, he frowned and asked.

Bei Meiqi directly stepped into the house, looked at Ye Fei, and then glanced at Lin Qingwan, said, "Can I talk to Ye Fei alone."

Looking at this proud international police officer, Lin Qingwan was angry, sneered, "I've never seen such an impolite person! Even if you are the police officer, want to go into other people's home, you must need the owner's permission. If you don't have a search warrant, believe me, I'll find a lawyer to sue you for trespassing my house."

Instead of watching Lin Qingwan, Bei Meiqi stared at Ye Fei, "Ye Fei, I want to talk to you alone."

Lin Qing wan was more angry, pointing to the door, shouted, "Go out, or I immediately call the police!"

The atmosphere in the room was very heavy, Ye Fei thought for a while, then turned to say to Bei Meiqi, "This thing has nothing to do with her, I'm in a good mood today, I can talk to you a few words."

Ye Fei turned his head again and smiled to Lin Qingwan, "I go to talk to her a few words, after I come back, we go out to celebrate."

In the coffee

shop downstairs, Ye Fei and Bei Meiqi sat at the window.

"What can I do for you?"

The waitress came over with the menu.

"A cup of black coffee, plus three pieces of sugar."

After Bei Meiqi sat down, she rubbed her eyes which full of bloodshot.

"A glass of orange juice."

Ye Fei smiled and said.

"What happened, officer Bei? Are you going to take me away this time?"

Ye Fei looked at her and smiled.

"If I really want to take you away this time, I wouldn't come here alone."

Bei Meiqi glanced at Ye Fei, "Someone is protecting you, as long as you are in China, we international police can not arrest you. And I also promised not to pester you."

"Yes, you promised me, but unexpectedly, you're breaking your promise. Where is your credit?"

Ye Fei took the orange juice from the waitress and drank a little. 

"I'm not breaking my promise, I really have something to talk to you. Do you know Su Zongheng is dead?"

Bei Meiqi stirred her coffee slowly with a silver spoon.

"Yes, just now I watched the news on TV."

Ye Fei laughed.

"Ye Fei, you killed Su Zongheng, right?"

Bei Meiqi suddenly stared at Ye Fei's eyes, loudly shouted.

Ye Fei coldly said, "Officer Bei, although you are the international police officer, you should take out the evidence, or I can sue you for slander."

Bei Meiqi immediately said, "We've found the location of the snipe, at such a far distance, the person who can accurately shoot Su Zongheng to death, in addition to you, I can not think of other people."

Bei Meiqi had seen Ye Fei's marksmanship in the shooting range, when she saw the location of the snipe, she immediately thought of Ye Fei.

"Where's the evidence? If you're looking for me just to say it, I'm sorry, I don't have time."

Ye Fei already stood up.

"Ye Fei, do you know... You've made a big mistake this time. Su Zongheng is dead, his family must find out the truth!"

Bei Meiqi grabbed Ye Fei's hand and hurriedly said.

"You don't have to care about me, officer Bei. After all, we don't know each other very well."

Ye Fei coldly threw off her hand.
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