Chapter 189
Chapter 189 A Girl with Bad Luck
Although the optical fiber cable was stronger than the clothesline, but it was too long, and now the wind was also strong, when Ye Fei stood on the optical fiber cable, it violently shook up.

Ye Fei took a deep breath, if not because he became the top martial artist, the ability to coordinate all parts of the body had been greatly improved, he would never dare to attempt this dangerous act.

Moreover, the reason why Ye Fei took such a risk and chose such a dangerous way to practice Qing Gong was because he felt deeply his shortcomings during the fight in the building of the Dog King.

Ye Fei learned martial arts since his childhood, and had been a special soldier for many years. Whether his skill, vision, or marksmanship, was the best, he was a strong man.

Since a long time, anyone couldn't beat or defeat him. But recently, he had suffered two consecutive losses.

One was Fire Dragon, the other was Yamamoto Xiong.

Facing Fire Dragon, Ye Fei was ambushed, but killed him by using throwing knife, this matter made Yamamoto Xiong and Su Zongheng shocked, but in Ye Fei's view, at that time he was quite unsuccessful, even his ancestral throwing knife was lost. 

Facing Yamamoto Xiong, Ye Fei was completely defeated. If not because Yamamoto Xiong did not want to reveal his true identity, then Ye Fei would be beat to death by him in the ring.

At this time, Ye Fei realized that his own level of martial art was very low.

Most people of the foreign countries, had guns in their homes, naturally they did not want to learn Kung Fu. But China is the world's most stringent gun ban country, so in these years, more and more started to learn Kung Fu.

Yamamoto Xiong was a great well-deserved martial artist, if Ye Fei met him next time, he still could not defeat him.

Thais was the gap!

Becuse of this gap, Ye Fei wanted to practise Kung Fu with great effort.

Ye Fei slowly breathed, the shaking optical fiber cable slowly stopped, he suddenly saw the edge of the opposite building, then he stepped forward.

Blink of an eye, Ye Fei reached the middle of two buildings, there was only a thin fiber optic cable under his feet, the wind tonight was very strong, when a gust of wind blew over, the body of Ye Fei also shook up.

In fact, now Ye Fei was dozens of meters above the ground, if he fell down, he would immediately die.

Even if the person who didn't have acrophobia, looked down at the ground, he would be scared to be fainted.

However, Ye Fei was still determined to walk on the optical fiber cable.

But the wind was too big, Ye Fei could only walk for a while, then stopped, waiting for the strong winds stopping, then he continued to go ahead!

This scene was extremely breathtaking, even the world's most outstanding acrobatic performer, also dared not challenge Ye Fei's action.

Just less than one hundred meter away, Ye Fei walked for about ten minutes, finally he reached the opposite building, felt his muscles on his calf were a little numb. 

Then Ye Fei smoked a cigarette, and then jumped on the cable again. 

He was ready to walk back.

Ye Fei did not know when he was walking back, the pedestrians on the street were looking at him.

At first, a girl who dressed in white dress quarreled with her boyfriend, then she was preparing to angrily look at the sky, inadvertently saw a figure floating on the sky.

In fact, it was difficult for people in the street to clearly see the building's roof, but the weather tonight was very good, with bright moonlight, from her this angle, the figure of Ye Fei was like a black silhouette just reflected in the moon.

The girl looked surprised, rubbed her eyes, and made sure that she was not mistaken, and suddenly uttered a scream, her fingers pointed toward Ye Fei


All the pedestrians around her looked up at the sky and saw this amazing scene. 

For a time, all the pedestrians on the street stopped, and even the vehicles on the street also stopped, the driver opened the window and looked at the black silhouette in the moon, causing a small traffic jam.

"Wife, take the son out to see the alien quickly!"

A middle-aged man in a suit took the phone and shouted excitedly.

"He should be the magician, it is so late, he is still acting, is there a television station recorded on the show?"

"Wow, magician, let's go and have a look, it's really amazing."

Two female college students adoringly said.

"No, he is not the magician, he should be a thief."

Murong had just finished work and left the small electric motorcycle downstairs, then she also look up to see this amazing scene, suddenly stunned, but she immediately thought of the most reliable answer, so she turned to run into the apartment, snapped the elevator button.

The elevator only went to the twenty-second floor, the top of this building was the twenty-fourth floor, after she got off the elevator, ran to the top, kicked open the iron door, took out a flashlight, shining toward the figure between the two buildings, loudly shouted, "Don’t move, I am a police officer.”

Ye Fei watched the end with rapt attention, the end was right in front of him, a smile appeared on his face, at this time, a strong light shone toward his eyes, made him a little dizzy, at the same time, a roar sounded in his ears. 

At this moment, the right foot of Ye Fei deviated about less than five millimeters, but just because of this, his center of gravity changed, then he fell directly from the optical fiber cable.

Murong uttered a exclamation again, when she turned on the flashlight to shine towards that figure, she saw that figure was Ye Fei, so she hurriedly ran over.

"Bad luck, you are a girl with bad luck. Murong, you are really a stupid girl."

At the moment, Ye Fei was also scared, fortunately, he was about to reach the end, under his foot was a balcony of other family, otherwise, he must be fell to death.

If not because of the worried expression on the face of Murong, Ye Fei really thought Murong was a killer to assassinate him.
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