Chapter 181
Chapter 181 A Huge Breakthrough
"This fool, it's so easy to die. Hey, someone gives me 100,000 bonus, it's easy to earn this money."

The finger of the bald man was placed under the nose of Ye Fei, found his breath had completely disappeared, he immediately laughed.

"He is really dead! Brother Hua, what do we do next? We have to find a way to dispose of the corpse."

A man touched the pulse of Ye Fei, there was no movement.

"No hurry!"

The bald man lit a cigarette, "Wait a moment, I knock the door and send the signal, someone naturally will deal with this corpse."

Other men just felt relieved, didn't make a sound any more, some of them lit a few cigarettes, it appeared very depressed.

Staying with a corpse in the same room made them uneasy.

The bald man was not uneasy, after all, he had killed so many people before, now he was looking at these men, wanted to know who was the real coward.

However, at this time, he suddenly saw the fingers of Ye Fei seemed to move.


The bald man was like getting an electric shock, suddenly jumped up, full of panic.

"Brother Hua, don't scare us, what happened?"

These men was also startled to ask.

"Did... Did you see the fingers of this dead man suddenly moved a little bit?"

The bald man said with a panic voice. 


These men were frightened, they did not dare to look at the corpse, so did not see.

"I have seen it."

A man whispered with trembling voice, "I also have seen his fingers suddenly moved a little bit!"

"Damn... He's dead, isn't he? Can his corpse suddenly stand up to frighten us?"

"This corpse can suddenly stand up to frighten us... Brother Hua, don't scare us!"

Other people's voices were trembling, they did not have too much culture, heard a lot of rumors about that.  


The bald man also had no idea at all, and he was also scared.

At the moment, Ye Fei heard everything that happened in this room.

Yes, Ye Fei was not dead!

Ye Fei not only was not dead, but got a blessing in disguise, came into the legendary "fetal breathing" realm!

Fetal breathing, just like a baby, breathed with the navel.

When the baby was in the pregnant woman's body, not breathe through mouth or nose, but through the navel.

When his Kung Fu reached a certain degree, he could breathe through navel, this was the symbol of the top martial artist. 

Unexpectedly, today Ye Fei actually made a breakthrough!

"The top martial artist, finally I become the top martial artist."

Ye Fei was excited, almost loudly shouted, but found his mouth could not open.

"It's bad, although my spirit sobers up, becomes strong, my body is still unable to move!"

Ye Fei found that he had exerted all his strength, but only the fingers could move.

"It was the poison that had been swallowed before, paralyzed my body."

Ye Fei suddenly understood why he could not move.

If it was before, Ye Fei had no way to deal with the matter, but now he was the top martial artist, he could expel toxins from the body through breathing technique.

Then Ye Fei gently took a breath, ten fingers slightly curved, this breath moved through his body.

Half a minute later, the breath carried the toxin out, when it reached the throat, stuck there.

"Even if you are alive, I'll kill you again!"

The bald man finally calmed down, stepped forward, walked to Ye Fei, choked the throat of Ye Fei with two hands.

At the moment, the toxin came out from the throat of Ye Fei, he vomited much dark stench to the face of the bald man.

The toxin left from his body, Ye Fei felt he was not sleepy any more, suddenly jumped up, kicked to the chest of the bald man, the bald man was kic

ked to fly out, hit to the bed, issued a loud noise.  

The right leg of Ye Fei originally could not move because of the channel blockage, but at this moment he was in a top realm, the meridians naturally got through, and his leg injury disappeared.

Ye Fei was extremely happy.

"He is alive!"

"He is alive!"

All the men were frightened to shout, they did not know why Ye Fei could come back again from the death.

"Shut up right now."

Ye Fei slightly frowned, then gave these prisoners punches, as a result, these men overturned in the ground with broken teeth, they immediately did not dare to say any words.

"This boy... Why did he suddenly become so powerful, was he not poisoned? The toxin has been expelled?"

The face of the bald man was dirty, then he was lying on the bed to use the sheets to wipe his face. At this time, he watched Ye Fei had knocked all the men down, so he secretly took out a sharp dagger under the bed, then poked towards the waist of Ye Fei.

"You don't deserve to use knives in front of me."

Suddenly Ye Fei kicked to the wrist of the bald man, then the dagger flew up, Ye Fei waved his hands, then the dagger flew over his cheek, stabbed in the wall.

"The top martial artist can control the throwing knife through breathing technique."

A piece of skin of the bald man was cut off, the blood flowed out from his cheek, he was so scared that his body was trembling, Ye Fei walked over, stepped on the head of the bald man, sneered, "Want to die, or live?"

The bald man was trembled to say, "I don't want to die. Please let me go. we just followed the order to kill you."

After experienced this matter, Ye Fei thought about a lot, he was ready to change his ways to do things."

Not only relied on strength, but also rely on the mind!

"Order? Whose order?"

Ye Fei's toe slightly stepped, the bald man felt he would be dead, hurriedly shouted, "Su Zongheng..."

"Su Zongheng, it is him indeed!"

Ye Fei sneered, however, the traitor inside the prison was not Su Zongheng, but other person.

"Now you go to send the signal to get the person to come over. I want to see who's framing me!"

Ye Fei coldly said.
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