Chapter 180
Chapter 180 The Desperate Struggle
In the detention room, Ye Fei felt dizzy and sleepy, at this time, he heard the noise outside, a guard came to open the door, said, "Ye Fei, come out."

Ye Fei stood up, even couldn't keep his eyelids open, the guard directly pushed him out.

They crossed a long, gloomy corridor, then stopped at the door of another detention room.

At the door, they heard the noise inside.

It was a large room, inside the room there were ten beds and six people, they were strong men, when they saw Ye Fei came in, they started to look up and down to Ye Fei.

Ye Fei was very sleepy, went straight to an empty bed, directly fell on the bed to sleep.

"You all have to be quiet."

The guard glanced at everyone, then closed the iron door and walked away. 

These men in the detention room were malicious, when the guard left here, a bald man suddenly stood up, grinned, "I stay here for a long time, it is the first time to see such an arrogant man, he is so impolite. Teach him a lesson."

The big guy was obviously the leader of this room, after he said that, other men immediately stood up and surrounded the bed of Ye Fei.

"You bastard! Get up!"

A man threw Ye Fei to the ground.

Ye Fei was sleeping, suddenly was threw to the cold floor, when he opened his eyes, saw six men surrounded him, immediately became angry.

Ye Fei frowned, angrily said, "What do you want do?"

"Beat you!"

A man shouted, lifting his feet to kick toward Ye Fei's chest. 

Ye Fei was not panic, he jumped up, wanted to headbutt this man.

However, just at the moment, Ye Fei felt something wrong, his head was very dizzy, and his body also had no strength, soft like noodles.

Ye Fei practiced martial arts since childhood, he was strong and seldom got sick.

That man was hit by the headbutt, it seemed to be bitten by a mosquito, then this man immediately choked Ye Fei's neck, pressed he down on the ground, with his foot on the neck. No matter how Ye Fei struggled, he could not stand up.

"Brother Hua, this man is really arrogant, but just like a girl, has no strength."

The man who choked Ye Fei said.


The bald man looked down at Ye Fei, full of murderous look, said, "Someone said, this man was very powerful. In the place of Dog King, defeated Crazy Axe. Luckily he is a fool, took the medicine, otherwise, we can not beat him down."

"Crazy Axe."

Hearing this name, everyone was stunned, they all knew Jackie Tang was powerful, this man incredibly could defeat Crazy Axe in the ring, it was unexpected.

Unfortunately, even if Ye Fei was so powerful, at the moment he could not defeat a man.

The bald man squatted down, slapped in the face of Ye Fei a few times, scolded, "Boy, I know you can defeat Crazy Axe. But that is useless, we need to live in this world with our brains today. The world today is not for a fool like you. I'll get you out of this world."

Ye Fei did not have strength at all, wanted to struggle, was tightly pressed by a few men. 

He knew he had been drugged.

Moreover, this person who wanted to kill Ye Fei was very sinister, incredibly made Murong bring the meal.

"Murong this fool."

Now Ye Fei even didn't have strength to scold Murong, angrily said, "Why, who directs you to do this thing?"

This person could let these men kill Ye Fei in the detention room, obviously he was not an ordinary person, Ye Fei immediately guessed this person must be Su Zongheng, but he still wanted to get the real information from this bald man.


The bald man immediately laughed, "I believe that you must know who is this person. If you really don't know who's trying to kill you, then forget it. Anyway, the death of you this fool is also good for society. In short, I can't tell you who this person is."

"A fool..."

Ye Fei felt angry, knowing that in this group of people's eyes, he was a downright fool. 

Ye Fei was not stupid, as a sniper, not only needed a superb marksmanship, but also needed a smart mind.

In the battlefield, Ye Fei also often praised by the leader, said he was very clever, was a good soldier.

But why he became a fool in their eyes?

Ye Fei thought he was wary enough, but why he repeatedly fell in the trap of the bad guys?

Were the bad guys smarter than Ye Fei?

Or something else?

The bald man waved his hands, a man immediately handed two pillows on the bed to him, the bald man took them in hands, excitedly said, "I will kill you now. Before that, I tell you a truth, maybe you can use it in your next life. It is so dark in this society, it's hard for good people to live in this society."

The words of the bald man made Ye Fei suddenly understood something, he finally found an answer.

Ye Fei still underestimated the extent of the darkness of this society!

In this society, too many bad guys had a powerful backstage force, the false prosperity of the city paralyzed Ye Fei. In fact, the city was more frightening than the battlefield!

In the battlefield, Ye Fei had his comrades and guns, but in the city, Ye Fei could only fight by his own.

"I know."

Ye Fei nodded slightly. 

The bald man used the two pillows to cover the face of Ye Fei.

Because of that, Ye Fei felt breathless, he immediately desperately struggled, but he had no strength at the moment, it was no use struggling. Slowly, Ye Fei gradually ceased to struggle, and his hands and feet were limp down.

The bald man still did not loosen his hands, after a few minutes, he just slowly took away the pillows.

Ye Fei's eyes were closed, and he completely lost his breath.
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