Chapter 177
Chapter 177 Escape From the Danger
After Ye Fei seized Su Zongheng, lots of security guards in this building came here to surround Ye Fei, they held all kinds of weapons in their hands, they loudly shouted to frighten Ye Fei, but no one dared to come up.

Seeing the murderous look of Ye Fei, Su Zongheng knew Ye Fei might really kill him, so he ordered the Dog King to bring Qin Xiaomeng to here.

The Dog King hurriedly walked away, and soon came back with Qin Xiaomeng.

The body of Qin Xiaomeng was tied by hemp rope, but she was strong-minded, bit her lips, didn't cry any more. However, when she came here to see Ye Fei, immediately cried out, "Ye Fei..."

Qin Xiaomeng couldn't say anything, but the name of Ye Fei.

"Xiaomeng, don't be afraid, I'll take you out of here right away."

Ye Fei softly comforted her.

"Ye Fei, you this bastard, let my boss go, then I will let this girl go."

The Dog King took out a dagger, put it on the Qin Xiaomeng's neck.

"Bullshit, immediately let Xiaomeng go, or I will kill him now!"

Ye Fei put the muzzle into the mouth of Su Zongheng.

Su Zongheng was so scared that his body was trembling.

Then Ye Fei moved his thumb to open the pistol's insurance.

Su Zongheng could not say any words, crazily waved his hands. 

The Dog King was also scared, he immediately used his dagger to cut the hemp rope on her body, pushed her out.

Qin Xiaomeng was closed in the dog cage for a long time, had been lying in the cage, so her knees were stiff, when she was pushed by the Dog King, immediately fell to the ground, but she was very strong-willed, used her hands to prop up on the ground, moved towards Ye Fei step by step.

"Ye Fei..."

Qin Xiaomeng was very sad, burst into tears.

"Xiaomeng, it's okay, don't cry! Let's get out of here now!"

Ye Fei pulled her to behind him, softly said.

"Bastard, I already let this girl go, now you should let my boss go."

The Dog King was staring at Ye Fei, coldly said.

"You think I'm a fool? You so many people surround me, if I let him go now, then you will immediately kill me. Let us leave here, and when I am safe, I will release him naturally."

Ye Fei coldly said.

"You fools, just do what he says!"

Su Zongheng loudly roared.

"Yes, sir."

The Dog King angrily said, "You this bastard, today you are lucky, I will let you do, if you dare to touch my boss, wait for death!"

Ye Fei coldly hummed, ordered the Dog King picked up those three throwing knives on the ground , and then, said to Su Zongheng, "There is another throwing knife belonging to me."

"Another throwing knife? Don't you have only three?"

Su Zongheng asked in amazement.

"Don't play innocent! In the alley of the hospital, the man who ambushed me was you! The throwing knife that I used to kill Fire Dragon, you must have picked it up! Get it out of here."

Ye Fei loudly shouted.

Su Zongheng knew his own actions could deceive the eyes of Ye Fei, so he could only order the Dog King to go to his office to bring the throwing knife with a "Li" word to here.

After Ye Fei put away these four throwing knives, he took Su Zongheng to outside the building, let Qin Xiaomeng find a rope to tie his hands, then put him on the three-wheeled motorcycle, Qin Xiaomeng also got on the motorcycle, under the gaze of lots of people, started the motorcycle, went away.

"Dog King, boss has been taken away, now what should we do?"

Beside the Dog King, a bodyguard asked.

"I also don't know how to do."

Then the Dog King took out the mobile phone, dialed a number, "I'm sorry to call you so late, affect your rest. But there is an urgent matter, I must tell you. Your son is kidnapped by someone."



eople who had sat on the three-wheeled motorcycle all knew that it was very bumpy.

And Su Zongheng was not sitting in the position, but the whole person was indiscriminately stuffed onto the motorcycle.

"Ouch... Ouch..."

Su Zongheng constantly wailed, his bones were almost broken.

"Ye Fei, what did you do to him? Why he is so miserable, should we send him to the hospital?"

Qin Xiaomeng heard Su Zongheng wailed very miserably, could not help saying.

"This girl, is really too kind."

Ye Fei said softly, "It doesn't matter, he will not die."

"Ye Fei, you bastard, you're safe now, come on, let me go!"

Su Zongheng loudly shouted.

"Let you go? You think I'm a fool? I've tied you out, you think I can release you so easily?" Ye Fei sneered, he had no intention to let him go.

"You have broken your promise. Are you really going to kill me?"

Su Zongheng originally wanted to scold him, suddenly thought of something, immediately shut up.

"Kill you? Such you this kind of guy, I really want to kill you. However, here is the city, I will change a way to punish you."

Ye Fei rode his motorcycle to the police station.

Zhou Hongtao was in a meeting to study the plan to rescue Qin Xiaomeng with other leaders, at this time, suddenly a young policeman broke in and shouted, "Director Zhou..."

"What's the matter with you? Don't you know we're in a meeting?"

Zhou Hongtao angrily said.

"Director Zhou... Ye Fei is back, and he saves Qin Xiaomeng back!"

The young policeman excitedly explained.

"What? He incredibly really saved Qin Xiaomeng back!"

Zhou Hongtao said, "Go out to have a look, by the way, you go to inform Qin Xiaogang about the good news."

The young policeman went to the detention room to see Qin Xiaogang.

Hearing the good news, Qin Xiaogang was happy to jump up, shaking the iron fence, said, "Let me go out, I want to see my sister."

"All right."

The young policeman immediately took out the key and put Qin Xiaogang out.

Qin Xiaogang hurriedly ran outside, saw Ye Fei and Qin Xiaomeng were surrounded by a group of people.

Qin Xiaomeng was just frightened, her face was pale, there was no injury on her body. But Ye Fei was badly hurt, especially the would of his abdomen, the blood flowed out from his abdomen.

However, Ye Fei even did not frown.

"What a tough guy!"

The police officers originally very admired Ye Fei, now was more adoring.
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