Chapter 172
Chapter 172 Jackie Tang, Defeat
"Mr. Yamamoto, you have a high opinion of him."

Su Zongheng slightly frowned, was a little angry.

"No, I just think he must die in my hands!"

Yamamoto Xiong lowered his head, staring at the ring.

Race start!

"Hello, my name is Jackie Tang。"

Jackie Tang said with a smile, he incredibly stretched out his hand to shake hands with Ye Fei.

Ye Fei did not anticipate Jackie Tang was a polite person, subconsciously stretched out his hand, wanted to shake hands with Jackie Tang.

At this time, Jackie Tang suddenly grabbed the wrist of Ye Fei, pulled him, fiercely head-butted towards the nose of Ye Fei.

Sneak attack!

If it was a formal match, this was an obvious foul, but now it was the underground fight in this building, there was no rule, any intrigues could be used.

The intrigue of Jackie Tang made the audience loudly cheered up!

All these audience were so-called upper-class people, during the day, they also thought of kind of intrigues in business or politics, so they not only didn't think Jackie Tang was tricky, but thought he was clever!

"Well done."

"Beat this cripple!"

The audience shouted.

We had to admit this trick was extremely insidious, the nasal bone of human was very fragile, if his nasal bone was broken, it would cause huge pain and a strong sense of dizziness.

If Ye Fei was really hit by Jackie Tang, he would lose this match.

That meant he must be dead.

"You really think I am a martial art who have no brain?"

A sneer rose from the corner of Ye Fei's mouth, in his view, the attack of Jackie Tang was too naive. As the saying goes, there can be too much deception in war. The intrigues on the battlefield were much more than the ring.

At this time, Ye Fei lifted up his right hand to put on the forehead of Jackie Tang, stopped his attack.

Jackie Tang was stunned, he didn't expect this young man was so easy to stop his attack, and then, he saw the Ye Fei stretched out his middle finger.

"What kind of attack is this?"

Jackie Tang was confused, he didn't know what Ye Fei wanted to do.


The middle finger of Ye Fei incredibly mercilessly hit his forehead.


Jackie Tang covered his forehead, stepped back, he felt as if the bullet hit his forehead, very painful.

The whole audience was silent.

They were too shocked to even speak out any words.

What was Jackie Tang doing?

Were they playing games? Or another fake fight?

The most important thing was, Jackie Tang was hit by the finger of Ye Fei. The middle of the forehead had a red dot, looked very ridiculous!

Was it funny?

Su Zongheng clearly saw everything that happened in the ring. He was also stunned. He knew Ye Fei was powerful, but... He did not think, Ye Fei was so amazing.

"Ridiculous! It's just a joke."

Su Zongheng tightly clenched his fist. Now he knew the words of Yamamoto Xiong was true, Jackie Tang could not defeat Ye Fei at all.

Jackie Tang felt dizzy, he staggered and struggled a few times to stand firmly, his face turned red, then he loudly roared, jumped up, used his right leg to mercilessly kick the chest of Ye Fei.

The nickname of Jackie Tang was "Crazy Axe", meaning that his legs were extremely powerful, like a pair of sharp axes.

Jackie Tang was furious, he rapidly kicked towards Ye Fei, much more powerful than Yamamoto Takeshi and "The Fanatic".

Ye Fei slightly frowned, his leg was not flexible, and now Jackie Tang was into a state of madness, Ye Fei couldn't know his next trick, so he could only rely on his strong dynamic vision, slightly moved his footsteps and body to avoid the attack of Jackie Tang.

The Dynamic vision of Ye Fei was very am

azing, even he could clearly see the video whose speed reached 36 times, with his undivided attention, he could even capture the trajectory of the bullet, so in his eyes, the attack of Jackie Tang was presented in slow motion, and he was able to avoid it.

However, Ye Fei was difficult to avoid it, he was very dangerous for several times, almost was knocked down by Jackie Tang.

He could see it and he could avoid it, these were two different concepts.

The brain ran fast enough, but the body couldn't catch up. 

After all, now Ye Fei was injured, the body was not flexible, for him, it was not easy to avoid the attack of Jackie Tang.

Fortunately, although the attack of Jackie Tang was rapid and powerful, but it was very easy to consume physical strength. Besides, his recent mental illness was more and more serious, he needed a large number of illegal drugs to help him control the illness, so his physical strength was not as good as before, after attacked Ye Fei so many times, he started to pant, like a dog.

At the moment, Ye Fei suddenly rushed over, still stretched out his middle finger to hit his forehead.

"Is this a trick again?"

Jackie Tang was so scared that his expression became extremely ugly, then he just thought of Ye Fei would hit him on his forehead, wanted to escape, but it was too late!


A loud, clear voice sounded throughout the ring.

Like was shot by a bullet, Jackie Tang fell to the ground, an obvious blood hole appeared on his forehead, the blood flowed out from the hole.

Jackie Tang was lying on the ground, completely had no response, he incredibly was knocked down by the finger of Ye Fei.

The whole audience was silent again!

Jackie Tang, defeat.

In the room upstairs, Su Zongheng threw the glass towards the wall, the red wine spilled everywhere, he shouted abuse, "Bastard, Jackie Tang is really weak. How can he be so weak?

Yamamoto Xiong shook his head, "Have you ever heard that there is a kind of martial art called 'Finger Kung Fu' in China?"

"That kind of Kung Fu should only appear in the martial arts fiction, is there really such a kind of Kung Fu in reality?"

The Dog King asked in amazement.
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