Chapter 171
Chapter 171 Crazy Axe
Inside the room on the top floor, Su Zongheng saw the scene, also slightly frowned.

"This boy, is absolutely intentional. Intentionally use this kind of attack method to defeat him."

Su Zongheng touched his chin, seemed to think about something

"Damn it, this man is too amazing. What the hell did he do? If I had not arranged this match, I would have thought it was a fake fight."

The Dog King was very astonished, now he knew, why Su Zongheng said "The Fanatic" could not defeat Ye Fei, and could not support his three blows.

Now he just knew he even could not support one blow of Ye Fei.

And one leg of Ye Fei was hurt, if he did not hurt, how strong should he be?

It was too amazing

"What did he do? Just used one blow to knock 'The Fanatic' down, this is the real martial art."

Yamamoto Xiong was excited, among all the people present, only he clearly saw the blow of Ye Fei was so powerful.

He already couldn't wait to fight with Ye Fei.

"Boss, now the following audience have been shouting, what should we do? I'll go there to suppress it!" The Dog King saw the audience shouted more and more loudly, anxiously said.

Su Zongheng was in silence for a moment, suddenly lightly smiled, "Let Jackie Tang fight with Ye Fei."

"Jackie Tang."

The body of the Dog King trembled, he thought it was unbelievable.

Jackie Tang was the champion of underground boxing and the only man to win three successive championships. He was a legend!

"The Fanatic" was totally incapable of comparing with Jackie Tang.

"The Fanatic" looked crazy, but only on the surface, in fact, he was calm in the mind, clearly knew what he should do.

But, Jackie Tang was different, he was a real madman, a fight madman.

No one could defeat Jackie Tang in the coastal area of Shanghai in these three years.

With such an achievement, Jackie Tang was not satisfied, then he went to the United States to fight.

There were lots of greatest talents in the underground boxing ring in the United States, but the 23-match winning streak of Jackie Tang was an amazing record, his nicknamed was "Crazy Axe", he became the most dazzling star in underground boxing.

But soon this star fell and became nameless.

Jackie Tang was not defeated by his opponents.

He was insane, and the spirit indeed had a serious problem, with extreme violence and killing tendencies, he needed to eat some illicit drugs were to control the mood.

The opponents of Jackie Tang knew they could not win this madman in the ring, so they set a trap, called the police, said Jackie Tang often sold drugs.

In the house of Jackie Tang, he was rounded up by many police officers, then he was shot for resisting arrest, and in three minutes, he knocked down the policemen who had rounded him up.

However, Jackie Tang was shot by an anaesthetic rifle, he still did not escape, was arrested by the police.

He killed three police officers, seven police officers were seriously injured.

Such a serious attack on the police should have shocked the entire United States, and even the whole world.

However, if this thing spread out, the police would be humiliated, so the news was sealed off by the police force.

Jackie Tang was also put into the high-security prison, at any time might be on the electric chair.

Such a man could not have come out, should be in the death penalty.

However, Jackie Tang really had a mental problem, killed a few other prisoners, then, he could only be transferred to a mental hospital, Su Zongheng spent a lot of money, used countless methods, just got Jackie Tang.

Jackie Tang, a legendary name, a well-deserved king of underground boxing.

Su Zongheng incredibly let Ye Fei directly fight with Jackie T


The Dog King was shocked, but still nodded, let Jackie Tang come to the ring.

"Jackie Tang! Crazy Axe!"

"Three successive championships, the king of underground boxing!"

"He's going to fight with this cripple?"

"Oh my god, what's the matter, today I can see Jackie Tang?"

"Isn't he going to fight before the finals? How does he come to the ring now?"

Hearing the name of Jackie Tang, the audience immediately become more excited.

The Dog King let Jackie Tang fight with this cripple, that meant, Ye Fei had the qualification to fight with Jackie Tang.

Therefore, just now it wasn't a fake fight, but this cripple was indeed really powerful.

Soon, Jackie Tang appeared in the ring.

His height was about 1.8-meter, taller than Ye Fei, and his weigh was 87 kilograms, heavier than Ye Fei.

Jackie Tang went to middle of the ring, took off his clothes, then everyone immediately was stunned.

The bodies of the fighters usually had some tattoos, such as dragons, tigers, demons, skeletons and so on, mainly in order to frighten others, however, on the body of Jackie Tang, there was no tattoos, but some scars, looked very terrible.

Only a few of these scars were left over from the fighting, most of them were the ugly imprints of self-harm.

Seeing Jackie Tang's ferocious expression and the scars on his body, Ye Fei slightly frowned.

He knew Jackie Tang was a real madman, was a downright lunatic.

"Now the man who comes to the ring is, Jackie... Tang..."

The host loudly roared to introduce Jackie Tang, obviously the host was also the fan of him, loudly shouted, "He is the king of the underground boxing. Today we are going to see a great fight!"

Jackie Tang stayed in the ring with a dull smile, it seemed the audience's cheers had nothing to do with him.

Such this kind of reaction, made Ye Fei produced a bad feeling.

In the room, Su Zongheng was exceptionally happy, he held up a glass of red wine, said to Yamamoto Xiong, "Mr. Yamamoto, what do you think of Jackie Tang? Actually I also do not want to let him come into the ring, unfortunately the situation is pressing. If Jackie Tang kills Ye Fei, then you will have no chance to fight with Ye Fei, please understand me."

"In my opinion, Ye Fei may not lose."

Yamamoto Xiong said with a smile.
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