Chapter 147
Chapter 147 Cool Terrorist
Qin Xiaogang's smile was kind, but his eyes - full of contempt.

Ye Fei suddenly remembered that he met Qin Xiaogang at the police station. On that night when Murong and Ye Fei caught the gunman, there was a meeting of the higher officers to talk about countermeasures. Qin Xiaogang was one of them.

There were many people milling about in the station on that day and Ye Fei only just glanced at them, so his impression of Qin Xiaogang was very faint. If it weren’t for his youthful face amongst the many older officers, Ye Fei wouldn’t have noticed him.

"Ah, Ye Fei, do you know my brother? He is the deputy director of the district police station. People say he’s a rising star in the force!" Qin Xiaomeng smiled proudly.

Qin Xiaogang’s eyes were still full of contempt as he said, "The good-for-nothing can’t hold a candle to your investigative abilities."

At that point, even Lin Qingwan noticed something wrong.

Ye Fei recalled Murong telling him that police officers tended to form cliques in the station. Qin Xiaogang was probably a friend of Zhang Shuaipeng, and the two resented Ye Fei for robbing the captain of his glory in solving the gunman case. "The good-for-nothing? You mean Captain Zhang Shuaipeng?"

At that point, Qin Xiaogang pulled his sister aside and whispered, "Xiaomeng, what's wrong with you? Why are you making friends with these suspicious people?"

Qin Xiaomeng grunted with displeasure. "Why do you say that? Ye Fei is a good man."

Qin Xiaogang sneered. "Good man? Can a good man be wanted by police across the world? I’m telling you, Ye Fei is a dangerous terrorist! You'd better stay the hell away from him."

Qin Xiaomeng’s eyebrows almost shot off the top of her forehead. "A wanted terrorist?!"

Qin Xiaogang glanced contemptuously at Ye Fei. "So you can't make friend with him. Besides, I’ve met a few very eligible bachelors recently, I’ll introduce you. If you can marry one of them, I will be very happy."

"A terrorist!" Qin Xiaomeng suddenly became excited. "Holy cow, that’s so cool!"

"What…?" Qin Xiaogang frowned and sighed. "What's the world come to, when terrorists are cool…?"

He didn't know why his sister thought terrorists were cool, but on second thought, girls always go for the mysterious bad boy, right?

Qin Xiaogang immediately decided to do his best to make Ye Fei look bad, so his sister would get over him as fast as possible.

He walked back to Ye Fei and Lin Qingwan with an amicable smile. "So, Ye Fei, do you know how to gamble on stones?"

Ye Fei bluntly said, "Nope."

"You don't? All right, I will tell you." Qin Xiaogang was elated in his heart. In fact, he didn’t know too much either, but it was enough to one-up Ye Fei. "Stone gambling is mostly about jades. When a piece of jade is mined from the earth, it’s covered in a layer of ordinary rock, so one can’t know if it’s jade or just a normal stone before cutting it.

Gamble on stones was as lucrative as it was risky. There was a saying in the jewelry industry: ‘Gambling on stones is like gambling on lives.’

A winner would become a rich man indeed. A loser would lose everything.

But the more people gamble, the more they lose. The more they lose, the more they gamble.

Qin Xiaogang was showing off his knowledge of gambling on stones, when a smiling middle-aged man came over and said, "Boss Qin, welcome! I see you’ve brought a few friends over today? Hah, I have plenty of stones today. Come, I’ll let you have a peek!”

This middle-aged man was the owner of The King's Court, Xu Tongda. He was a very shrewd businessman with plenty of friends in Shanghai. Everyone called him Boss Xu.

Xu Tongda ignored so many other guests and only came to welcome Qin Xiaogang in person. The cop laughed self-indulgently and said, "Hehe, my friend here doesn’t know anything, it’s his first time seeing stone gambling. I just happened to bring him along to have a look."

Xu Tongda enthusiastically shook hands with Ye Fei as he quickly looked him up and down. "Friend of Qin Xiaogang, it is a pleasure to meet you!"

He’d been in the jewelry business for many years, so his eyes were very perceptive of the little details. When he saw the scrapes and tears on Ye Fei’s old clothes, he immediately lost all interest in him.

However, when he saw Lin Qingwan, his eyes shone. He knew such a beautiful lady, with such noble bearing, had to be someone of note. 

Qin Xiaogang smiled to Ye Fei, "Don’t buy anything if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you want to buy one, just ask me to help you look it over first. If you don't have money, I can lend you some, hehe."

Qin Xiaogang’s words were lined with sarcasm. Ye Fei remained silent, but Lin Qingwan snapped, "Rest assured, I, Lin Qingwan, am not in the habit of letting other people pay for my shopping."

Xu Tongda’s jaw almost hit the floor, "The chairwoman of the Ya Lai Group? THAT Lin Qingwan?"
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