Chapter 145
Chapter 145 Drawing the Snake out of Its Hole
Ye Fei was angry at first, but seeing Lin Qingwan's pale face, he seemed to understand something and did not say anything. He quietly signed the discharge forms and got ready to leave.

Before leaving the hospital, Ye Fei snuck a glance into the next door ward. Chu Mo was there taking care of Liu Manman, looking tired.

"How is she?" Ye Fei walked in and looked at Liu Manman. Her hair was slightly disheveled and her face pale and gaunt.

"She lost too much blood. The operation was successful, but...” Tears appeared in Chu Mo's eyes, “I’m not sure if she can wake up. Oh, how could Manman be so stupid?"

Ye Fei sat by her side for a while, until Lin Qingwan came looking for him and impatiently dragged him off to the car.

When they got in the car, along with Murong, Ye Fei smiled at her knowingly. "Manager Lin, now you can tell me what happened."

Lin Qingwan sighed, "I will indeed tell you something. On the way."

Murong’s face immediately brightened up. "I always knew Sister Qingwan isn’t that selfish!"

"Of course." Lin Qingwan drove onto a main road with a serious face. "I got you out of there in such a hurry because I found out that someone at the hospital was keeping track of your every move."

"Someone was spying on me? Who? How?" Ye Fei was confident that despite his injuries, he was still alert enough to pick up on someone watching him.

Could Lin Qingwan be mistaken?

"Murong, keep quiet about what you hear now." Lin Qingwan was a little worried.

"Sister Qingwan, what's the matter with you today? Don't you trust me?" Murong grumbled.

"To be honest, the only people I can trust now are you and Ye Fei," Lin Qingwan sighed. "The spy is one of your colleagues, the four policemen assigned to protect Ye Fei. As for which one, I’m not certain."

Murong was stunned. "My colleague? My God! They are good police officers!"

"Good police officers...” Lin Qingwan coldly said. “One of them could be corrupt. Not to mention... What if it's an order from a superior?"

Murong considered this. Lin Qingwan could be right.

"If the mastermind behind the plot can bribe the police, he must be a powerful figure,” Ye Fei frowned. “I assume you’ve uncovered a clue?"

"Yes, I have. It’s probably Su Zongheng," Lin Qingwan spat out the name through gnashing teeth.

"What? Su Zongheng? How could it be him?" Murong exclaimed. "He is one of the top ten outstanding youths of Shanghai, a very promising entrepreneur. How could he do this kind of thing?"

"Personal vendetta." Lin Qingwan thought for a while and added, "I have no real evidence, it’s just my guess."

"Su Zongheng does have the resources to pull it off, but why hasn’t he had Ye Fei killed?” Murong wondered aloud. “If he really did bribe a police officer, then he had many opportunities to sneak up on Ye Fei over the past two weeks…"

"Because... Su Zongheng is playing it safe now,” Lin Qingwan said grumpily. “He won’t do anything until he’s absolutely sure of his success."

"So what should we do?"

"Well, I don't know about that. I believe he wants us to panic, break apart from the inside out.” Lin Qingwan pointed to her bloodshot, exhausted eyes, "To tell you the truth, things are going his way so far. I don’t know how much more of this tension I can take."

"What do you have in mind, Manager Lin?" Ye Fei knew Lin Qingwan already had a plan.

"If he’s waiting for a good opportunity to strike, we’ll just give it to him. Draw the snake out of its hole," Lin Qingwan said. "Ye Fei, you rest up for a few more days, and then you’ll take me out on a date."

"What?" Ye Fei and Murong exclaimed in unison.

"Manager Lin... Ahem, did you just ask me out?"

"Sister Qingwan, are you joking?” Murong chimed in, “Ye Fei has a girlfriend; you can't date him!"

"Cut the crap. It’s all a trap to lure Su Zongheng out in the open. Ye Fei, are you confident you can protect me when he bites the bait?"

"Yes, Ma’am!" Ye Fei saluted immediately.

The three burst out laughing.


Meanwhile, in an upscale Shanghai fitness club.

Su Zongheng walked down from the boxing stage, whereupon a blonde in a tight tracksuit quickly came up with a white towel to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

He sat beside Yamamoto Xiongcai and drank a mouthful of water from a bottle before saying, "Mr. Yamamoto, would you like to spar with these Muay Thai masters?"

Yamamoto Xiongcai glanced at the group of Thai boxers on the other side of the arena with indifference. "Not interested! Nonetheless, I’ll give you a piece of advice – don’t drink water immediately after a hard workout. Give your muscles a few minutes to relax."

"Thank you for your guidance," Su Zongheng laughed.

Yamamoto Xiongcai clenched his fists. "Explain something to me. Now that Ye Fei is seriously injured, why aren’t you taking advantage of this chance to kill him? When I think of my son, I can’t bear to wait any longer!"

"Take advantage of this chance to kill him? Hmm, you’re right." Su Zongheng rubbed his hands, but then he said, "Yet, who will do it? If you are willing to go ahead now, I won’t say a word against it."

Yamamoto Xiongcai shook his head. "I'm not going to do that. I am a martial artist! If I kill Ye Fei, it’s going to be in an arena."

"If you’re unwilling to do it yourself, have patience and let me do things my way. I don't want any more of my people to die for nothing."
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