Chapter 14
Chapter 14 Dangerous Beauty
Murong was in the kitchen, humming to herself while preparing some food. She heard a knock at the door, and knew Ye Fei and Lin Qingwan had arrived. She hurriedly opened the door, but saw only Lin Qingwan standing by herself. , "Sister Qingwan, where is Ye Fei?"

"Ye Fei, Ye Fei, Ye Fei! It’s only been a day, and your soul is hooked by Ye Fei," Lin Qingwan laughed. "He’s parking the car. He will be here soon. Wow, Murong, it smells good in here."

Lin Qingwan hadn’t had much of a dinner, so she was quite hungry. When she walked to the table, she saw a whole array of dishes, and even a bottle of chilled red wine.

It was not a late-night snack, it was a candlelit dinner.

"Sister Murong, has a fairy moved your heart? Be honest - do you have a crush on my bodyguard, Ye Fei?" Lin Qingwan chuckled.

"Sister Qingwan, what do you mean? I made these dishes for you!" Murong said with a red face.

"You think I can't see into your little mind?" Lin Qingwan ran over to tickle Murong.

In the midst of their tickle fight, Murong suddenly said, "Hey, listen. Sounds like someone is fighting outside…"

Lin Qingwan went over to the window. She could hear a commotion downstairs. "Sounds like Ye Fei's voice!"

Murong's expression changed. She knew how impulsive Ye Fei was, having dared to throw a knife in the interrogation room. It would be bad if he hurt someone.

Murong grabbed a coat from the couch and ran downstairs in her slippers.

"Hey, that’s my coat!" Lin Qingwan chased after her, but Murong was already in the elevator, the doors closing behind her.

Lin Qingwan smacked her lips, looked at a table covered with food, and smiled. "Still trying to pretend? Murong must be fascinated by Ye Fei."

Murong ran downstairs in Lin Qingwan's coat, and followed the sound of screaming to the alley where Ye Fei was beating up three men.

"Ye Fei... What's wrong with you? Why are you beating them up?"

Murong hadn’t seen that beautiful woman in a red skirt. She thought Ye Fei was beating others for sport.

"Oh, because they deserve it."

Ye Fei glanced at Murong before giving one of the thugs another kick.

"Why are you still hitting them? What if you end up beating them to death?" Murong grabbed Ye Fei’s hand.

"Ow, ow!"

The three men lay on the ground moaning, unable to stand up as Ye Fei rained down blows upon them.

"Murong... Stop accusing him, he saved me." When the beautiful woman saw it was Murong, she relaxed a little.

"Manman?! What are you doing here? Ye Fei saved you? What’s going on?" Murong was confused..

"Ye Fei? Is he your colleague? He's amazing! He easily knocked down these three hooligans on his own. Yes, these three men tried to molest me while I was drunk, but he came just in time." The woman walked over and mercilessly trampled the thugs with her high heels.

"Ye Fei is not my colleague, he is Sister Qingwan's bodyguard, and an army veteran... Ye Fei, this is my roommate, Liu Manman. Thank you for saving her." Murong introduced the two people to each other.

"Oh, Liu Manman." Ye Fei looked at Liu Manman. He surmised she must be the model that Lin Qingwan mentioned.

Liu Manman was really beautiful. She had a great figure, but she liked to really cake on the makeup; Ye Fei didn't like this kind of style.

"What about those three?" Ye Fei looked at Murong.

"These three men attempted a rape. This is a very serious matter, so I have to take them to the bureau. Ye Fei, please take Manman upstairs."

"Huh? You're a cop?" The three men were dumbfounded. They did not expect the police to show up so quickly.

"Cut the chatter! Where do you get the nerve?"

Murong called the station. After five minutes, a patrol car arrived.

The driver of the patr

ol car knew Murong was the one who caught the shooter earlier. "Officer Murong, what big case have you cracked this time?" he asked in amazement.

"I caught these three rapists."

Murong pushed the three men into the back of the patrol car.

"Officer Murong... you are really something. You’re definitely getting a promotion after all this." The officer looked at Murong in adoration.

Murong waved to Ye Fei and Liu Manman and the car drove away.

"Let's go upstairs," Ye Fei said.

Liu Manman turned to Ye Fei. Suddenly, she frowned and covered her head. "I’m... I'm dizzy. Can you help me?"

"All right." Ye Fei answered decisively. Without hesitation, he put her slender arm around his shoulders.

Ye Fei smelled a charming, refreshing fragrance.

Ye Fei recognized it as Chanel No. 13. Liu Manman had very luxurious tastes.

He supported Liu Manman over a few steps, but it felt very awkward. He smiled, "I'll just carry you."


Liu Manman was surprised. “I ask you to help me and you just want to grope me! Shameless.”

She was about to refuse, but suddenly felt herself fly up into the air.

Ye Fei didn't wait for her to say anything. He held her in his arms and ran towards the door.

Liu Manman's body was very light. Her skin was warm from all the alcohol in her blood. Ye Fei felt like he was holding a fleshy stove. Looking down, he saw her two big eyes were tightly closed, long eyelashes trembling slightly.

She was a delicate, beautiful woman. Any man couldn’t help but care for her. Her light pink lips, like a delicate flower, were irresistible.

Even Ye Fei couldn’t help but feel his heart rate increase for a moment. He hastily focused on his ancestral meditation technique and quickly calmed his body.

" Liu Manman sure is a beauty," he thought to himself.

Her smile and frown can move any man’s heart.

In ancient times, she would be a dangerous beauty, just like Daji and Bao Si.
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