Chapter 128
Chapter 128 One Move
Ye Fei held up a finger. "I need just one move to defeat you!"

One move!

His voice was not loud, but it fell upon the ears of the spectators like a boulder into a lake and caused a great uproar.

Yamamoto Takeshi’s eyes immediately turned red. His pride could not abide such contempt.

"Fuck you!" He immediately launched his body forward, charging like a wild beast at Ye Fei. This time he did not use his legs, but his fist.

A straight punch!

The core of karate was a one-hit-kill. Every part of the body became a lethal weapon, just like this straight punch.

Ye Fei mirrored the attack with his own punch.

The two fists flew towards each other at the same time and almost everyone thought they would collide. 

However, Ye Fei suddenly extended his fingers together and his punch changed into a knifehand strike.

In addition to sniper rifles, he was a master at using knives.


The speed of this knifehand strike was beyond compare. Yamamoto Takeshi clearly attacked first, but Ye Fei's merciless knifehand already struck his chest before his punch connected.

Yamamoto Takeshi suddenly covered his chest and stumbled backward until he fell off the ring. He lay motionless for a long while, gnashing his teeth.


A knifehand! It was just a knifehand.

No one could believe their eyes.

Seeing Yamamoto Takeshi spitting out blood on the ground, Ye Fei knew he had wounded his heart, but he ignored the crowd’s astonishment. For him, victory was well-deserved.

Despite Yamamoto Takeshi’s young age, he was a good fighter and had accumulated a lot of experience fighting in the karate hall.

However, Ye Fei's experience had been accumulated on the battlefield. He had honed his skills in countless desperate life-and-death struggles. It was nothing out of the ordinary for him to beat a student who could only be arrogant in the karate hall’s fighting ring.

He turned to look at Lu Xueman.

Her face immediately turned pale. Her body trembled as her beautiful eyes fell on Ye Fei.

She could not believe that her outstanding and powerful Yamamoto Takeshi had been defeated by him. With a single strike, no less!

The members of the Karate Association were equally dumbfounded, knowing well how strong Yamamoto Takeshi was. Many famous masters came to the karate hall to challenge him and were defeated.

He was famous in this university and had great ambitions. He was not satisfied with this small Shanghai University campus, but only regarded it as a launching platform to extend his renown to the entire city of Shanghai and even all of southern China.

However, this great and powerful Yamamoto Takeshi was now lying on the ground, coughing up blood and unable to stand up. People were pinching themselves to make sure they weren’t dreaming.

"He won! He really won!"

All at once, a massive cheer rose from the crowd of spectators.

Seemingly against all odds, Ye Fei won the match, and traditional Chinese martial arts defeated karate!

Li Shilong beat his chest with his fist and roared, "I knew it! It is not about the best martial art, but about the best fighter!"

To tell the truth, although he had been practicing Sanda for so long and won a number of regional championships, he almost considered giving up Sanda to learn karate after being defeated so easily by Yamamoto Takeshi.

However, Ye Fei had given him new hope. After this, Li Shilong almost regarded him as his idol.

Ye Fei walked over to Yamamoto Takeshi and plainly stated, "You have lost."

Yamamoto Takeshi glared at him threateningly as he finally got back up on his feet, his mouth still stained with blood. "Yes, I lost. So what?"

"There are two kinds of people I can’t stand,” Ye Fei said in a low voice, “arrogant bastards and men who hit defenseless women. You are both these things."

Yamamoto Takeshi laughed grimly. "Haha, you’re even protecting that shameless bitch? Do you like her? If you want her, you can have her! It's free."

"Takeshi, you bastard!" Lu Xueman ran over and swung her arm to slap his face.

He certainly could not let a woman strike him in public, so he caught her hand and smacked her so hard she fell down.

Lu Xueman struggled up to her knees and opened her mouth to spit out two cracked teeth. She glared furiously at Ye Fei, shocked that he didn’t stop Yamamoto Takeshi.

"You deserved it." Ye Fei ignored her and kept his eyes on Yamamoto Takeshi. "I just told you I hate assholes who hit women. Since you won't give me face..."

He suddenly grabbed both of Yamamoto Takeshi’s arms… and twisted.

Two sets of ulnas and radiuses snapped in Ye Fei’s hands, accompanied by a pig-like squeal.

"From now on, the Karate Association is dissolved!"
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