Chapter 122
Chapter 122 Trap
Even Li Shilong's coach could not beat Yamamoto Takeshi!

For a time, the whole audience sat in shocked silence.

Yamamoto Takeshi strutted haughtily around the fighting ring. "Who else wants to challenge me to prove Sanda is better than karate?"

Silence. No one thought they could beat Yamamoto Takeshi anymore.

"Ye Fei, you have to knock this Karate Kid wannabe down a peg," Li Tiejun whispered angrily.

Ye Fei shook his head and whispered back, "I did not come here to fight the Japanese guy, but to find Zhong Mei."

"Well... All right," Li Tiejun nodded slowly, obviously disappointed.

After a brief shock, the audience broke into thunderous applause.

The people who were clapping were members of the Karate Association, cheering for Yamamoto Takeshi.

"Humph!" Li Tiejun folded his arms indignantly.

Yamamoto Takeshi looked very self-satisfied. He nodded slowly and said, "Since no one dares to challenge me, Sanda really is a pile of rubbish. I'll give you ten minutes to think about whether you want to challenge me again or join the Karate Association! In our Karate Association, there are not only students, but also many regular people! Soon, everyone in China will know my name."

He chuckled to himself and stepped down from the ring to rest.

A beautiful girl immediately began fawning over him, a flattering smile on her face. This was Zhong Mei's classmate, Lu Xueman.

"Oh, Takeshi, you’re so awesome! Even a national Sanda champion is nothing compared to you!"

Lu Xueman lovingly nestled under Yamamoto Takeshi's arm in full view of everyone. In fact, she had just met him yesterday, but they were already as inseparable as long-time lovers.

She was wearing a white T-shirt with no bra, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her tempting cleavage.

He licked his lips and put his hand on Lu Xueman's buttocks. "Of course,” he grinned. “How can these bozos beat me?"

Seeing this, many students felt resentful and very disappointed in Lu Xueman.

Lu Xieman was beautiful, but in their eyes she just was a shameless minx who clung to whomever happened to be the strongest guy around.

However, Lu Xueman was indifferent to the other people's scorn; she even took some pleasure in it.

Yamamoto Takeshi was perfect and strong, her ideal boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Ye Fei had stepped aside towards the staircase and was headed up to the second floor.

Li Tiejun looked confused. "Where are you going? The second floor is just used for office space. There’s no one there now."

"I just saw Lu Xueman come down from there," Ye Fei replied coldly.

The two quietly climbed the stairs. At the top, they heard a condescending voice coming from the direction of the men’s restroom: "Why are you standing there like an idiot, you ugly bitch? Do you want our captain to put your stupid boyfriend in the hospital? Hurry up and clean the toilets!"

Inside, two young men were glaring disdainfully at Zhong Mei, her unsightly face full of fear.

She didn't fear being humiliated, but she was afraid Yamamoto Takeshi would make trouble for Ye Fei because of her.

Even if it meant scrubbing the men’s toilet for these thugs, she didn't want Ye Fei to be hurt.

"I'll clean it." Zhong Mei took out a wet rag from a bucket and squatted in front of a urinal. Enduring the strong stench, she used her slender hands to scrub the yellow stains.

The two young men made disgusted sounds and shook their heads.


The door was suddenly thrown open with a loud crash. Seeing Ye Fei standing there, the two men were startled.

"It's Ye Fei!" one of them recognized him.

Zhong Mei looked at him in disbelief. "Ye Fei! What are you doing here?"

He stepped past the thugs and grabbed her wrist, "Zhong Mei, come with me."

"Hey, don’t ignore us, asshole!" the two young men charged at him.

He did not move. The second they raised their legs to kick him in the ribs, he ducked and punched them both in the crotch.

The two collapsed to the filthy tile floor, groaning miserably.

"Come with me right now!" Ye Fei grabbed Zhong Mei's hand again.

She was still a little hesitant. "But... If I leave, Yamamoto Takeshi will not let you go."

"Silly girl! I don’t give a shit about Yamamoto Takeshi!" Ye Fei scolded her, but his heart was a little moved by her self-sacrifice.

"Ye Fei, you should watch what you say," a cold voice said from the doorway.

Yamamoto Takeshi and Lu Xueman were standing there, a large group of Karate Association members behind them. 

Obviously, he knew exactly what Ye Fei would do.

“It’s a trap!” Li Tiejun gasped from the side.
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