Chapter 112
Chapter 112 Dine and Dash
Ye Fei patted Li Bin's shoulder, "Do not call me Boss Ye, I don’t like it. You can just call me Ye Fei."

Li Bin hesitated for a moment before nodding, "All right, Ye Fei."

"Here’s what you’re going to do..." Ye Fei whispered in Li Bin’s ear.

"Is that?" Li Bin said with a surprised tone.

"Yep, it's that simple!" Ye Fei smiled.

"Alright, you can count on me!" Li Bin patted his chest.

Ye Fei returned to the table and found Yuan Chen absent-minded. When Yuan Chen saw him, he looked like he saw a ghost. "What the hell? Didn’t Scorpion get him? Impossible!"

He knew Scorpion's abilities well. The man was not only ruthless, but clever. Yuan Chen had never heard of Scorpion failing a job before.

"Ye Fei, what happened?" Murong said, sensing something was off.

"Nothing. The toilet exploded; unbelievable!" Ye Fei was wiping his hands with a paper towel, but his eyes were focused on Yuan Chen.

Yuan Chen knew something bad must have happened. He stood up and mumbled, "I, uh... I'm going to the toilet, too."

"I told you, the toilet exploded. Aren’t you afraid of getting splashed with sewage?" Ye Fei said.

"I... I'll go to the other toilet."

Yuan Chen trotted off before Ye Fei could say anything else.

At the staircase, a man bumped into him.

The man lowered his head and hurried off without an apology, and Yuan Chen didn’t even manage to see his face clearly.

"Hey, that’s rude!" he grumbled after him, but went on his way.

When he reached the toilet, he found that the manager of the restaurant had called an ambulance and a few paramedics were busy lifting Scorpion and his boys up onto stretchers.

"Scorpion, what the hell happened? Did the toilet really explode?" Yuan Chen whispered.

"Mr. Yuan, don't make fun of me! You have a terrible enemy. We failed."

Yuan Chen stared at him in disbelief. "You mean… Ye Fei… He... He did this to you?"

"Yes. He’s got to be some kind of MMA champion or something. You’d better stay on his good side, Mr. Yuan."

After that, Scorpion and his brothers were carted away by the paramedics out the back door of the restaurant.

Yuan Chen was still flabbergasted. He never would have imagined a kid like Ye Fei had the ability to beat up Scorpion and his guys.

Who the hell was this guy?

For a moment, he wanted to give up and get out of Ye Fei’s way.

But on second thought, he was the son of the party committee secretary. He was not afraid of anyone!

Despite his decision to plot against Ye Fei forever, he would forget it for the time being. Once he got home, he would find out exactly who this Ye Fei was.

When Yuan Chen returned to the table, he was entirely not in the mood to eat. He drank half a glass of exorbitantly expensive French wine and snapped his fingers, "Waitress, the check!"

The waitress quickly trotted over with a smile on her face. "Here’s your bill, sir. Will you be paying with cash or credit card?"

When Yuan Chen saw the bill, he took a deep breath and a single tear glistened at the corner of his eye. This meal for three cost sixty thousand Yuan.

Of course, the wine alone was over twenty thousand Yuan.

Damn it.

Yuan Chen was beyond grumpy, but he still kept a graceful demeanor. "Who carries that much cash? I’ll pay by credit card, of course."

"Very well, sir," the waitress immediately handed him a card reader. 

Yuan Chen reached into his pocket and a confused expression appeared on his face.

"Where is my wallet?"

He stood up nervously and began looking for it under the table and behind the chair, but it was gone.

He clearly remembered bringing his wallet. Did he lose it in the toilet just now?

"Wait a minute... My wallet is missing." Yuan Chen embarrassedly ran to the toilet and searched everywhere, but still did not find his wallet.

There wasn’t much money in the wallet, but his ID card, driver's license and credit cards were in it. He’d be in a lot of trouble if he lost it.

Yuan Chen was searching through the toilet a second time in a panic when he suddenly remembered that a man had bumped into him on the stairs. He must have stolen it!

He called the police to report this and then sadly went back to his table.

Ye Fei and Murong had finished eating by then and were lazily scraping their teeth with toothpicks.

The waitress stood by with an impatient expression. "Sir, can you pay your bill now?"

Yuan Chen was extremely embarrassed. "Uh... Can you put it on my tab?”

Ever since he was born, Yuan Chen never lacked for money. Today was his first time being unable to pay for something.

"No, sir." Although the waitress was still smiling, there was a trace of irritation in her tone.

She suspected those three had come only to dine and dash. Who orders so much expensive food and eats it all so quickly?

As a result, the waitress discreetly signaled her supervisor to come over and explained the situation to him in hushed tones.

The supervisor had a bad temper. "Lost your wallet?” he snorted. “Our restaurant has tight security and there are cameras all over the place. It's impossible to lose anything. You have invited people to eat here despite having no money to pay for it. You, sir, are truly shameless!"
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