Chapter 11
Chapter 11 The Pinhole Camera
At the Ya Lai Group building.

Lin Qingwan was constantly looking at her watch.

It was nearly 10:00 o'clock. Lin Qingwan revealed a victorious smile.

"Incredible. You think you’re so talented you could catch the shooter in two hours? There should be a limit to your boastfulness. Who do you think you are, Sherlock Holmes?" She thought to herself.

Lin Qingwan looked at her two yawning security guards. "However... If you really can catch the shooter, I would feel more comfortable giving you the 50,000 a month,” she thought.

At that time, the company's electronic clock sounded 10 times.

It was 10:00 o'clock now.

Ye Fei had lost.


At that moment, the elevator doors opened and Ye Fei stepped out. Behind him was Murong, a smile on her face.

"Ye Fei, you finally came back. It is 10:00 o'clock now; you have already lost." Lin Qingwan was as proud as a queen addressing her subjects.

"Excuse me, Manager Lin, but I have already delivered the shooter to the police station. I believe you’ve lost," Ye Fei said nonchalantly.

"What?" Lin Qingwan stood up. She couldn’t believe it.

Lin Qingwan looked to Murong."Sister Murong, is it true? Has the shooter really been caught?"

"Sister Qingwan, it’s true! Ye Fei is really good, he caught the shooter himself. Well, I helped a lot too! Ye Fei gave me all the credit, so I might even get a Class Three Merit," Murong said happily. She hoped she would get promoted to a lieutenant.

"Ye Fei, you really got the shooter!" Lin Qingwan exclaimed happily.

"Manager Lin, we had a deal. You owe me an advance on one-month’s salary," Ye Fei smiled.

"Give me your debit card number and I’ll immediately transfer you the money." The shooter had been arrested and Lin Qingwan could finally relax.

Ye Fei suddenly realized something. "I... I don't have a debit card. I'll do it tomorrow; then you can transfer me the money."

"Well, then we're going home. I'm tired."

Lin Qingwan yawned. She felt safer when Ye Fei was around.

"Sister Qingwan, you should stay in my house tonight; I will protect you. My apartment has a clean guestroom. Although the shooter was caught, whoever was paying him is still out there, so it's better to be careful." Murong took Lin Qingwan's hand with a worried expression.

"Don’t worry, Ye Fei will stay with me. You have roommates; it’ll be inconvenient if I stayed in your apartment." Lin Qingwan looked at Ye Fei.

"Ok, that’s fine." Murong also looked at Ye Fei. Although they didn't know each other long, she truly grown to admire him.


Lin Qingwan lived in a lakeside community in a high-end villa with elegant surroundings and convenient transportation.

The only drawback was that there were too few people. It was too secluded. When the night wind blew at the bushes, it even gave off a bit of an eerie feeling.

In any case, Lin Qingwan was afraid to stay there alone.

Ye Fei drove Lin Qingwan's silver-gray BMW X6 to her villa.

The villa had Spanish style architecture. The decorations were very luxurious and there was a touch of modern European elements. When Ye Fei entered the door, he saw a huge crystal chandelier on the ceiling and a hand-made Turkish carpet on the floor.

"My bedroom is on the second floor. You can't go up there. There’s a bunk bed in the maid’s room. You can sleep there." Lin Qingwan pointed to a room in the corner.

"If I can't go upstairs, how can I protect you?"

Ye Fei did not expect to be treated well, but it was inconvenient to live with the servants.

"You can still protect me. If I encounter danger, I'll scream." Lin Qingwan frowned.

"Well, you're the employer, so I’ll do what you say, but I first have to go upstairs to get acquainte

d with the environment," Ye Fei reluctantly said.

Lin Qingwan's face blushed a little. She hesitated for a while, but eventually she nodded. "Fine, you can go up."

Although Lin Qingwan grew up abroad, because of her upbringing, she was a very conservative woman.

The second floor was where Lin Qingwan lived; in other words, it was her boudoir. To let a strange man she’d just met today come into her boudoir naturally made her very uncomfortable.

Ye Fei climbed up to the second floor and found the floor plan to be similar to the first floor. However, there were a lot of colorful clothes hanging on the balcony, obscuring the line of sight from the window.

Ye Fei opened the glass door and reached out to take those things down.

Lin Qingwan gasped. She trotted towards Ye Fei in her slippers and pushed him aside.

The clothes hanging on the balcony were her underwear and nightgowns. The underwear included several thongs made of lace or with leopard print on them. She was clearly embarrassed.

Ye Fei had just come back from abroad. He knew many foreign women wore stuff just like that, so it didn’t really surprise him. That’s why he didn’t think Lin Qingwan would react like that. She rushed to pull down her underwear and held them to her bosom. Her face red, she stared at Ye Fei, "You saw nothing!"

Ye Fei didn’t speak.

She quickly threw her underwear into a closet. Ye Fei moved over towards the bedroom.

"No, no, absolutely not."

Lin Qingwan shook her head resolutely. The bedroom was her forbidden area. She hadn’t even let her father go into her bedroom since she was 12 years old.

"Manager Lin, I need to protect you. If you won’t let me look around, how can I protect you?" Ye Fei smiled bitterly.

"I don't like people, especially men, sticking their nose in my privacy." Lin Qingwan said decisively.


Ye Fei looked around, and his expression slightly changed. He walked up to the wardrobe, pointed to a drawer in the corner and said, "Manager Lin, if you pay such attention to privacy, why did you install a pinhole camera here?"

"Pinhole camera?!" Lin Qingwan exclaimed. Looking at the cupboard, she couldn’t see any pinhole cameras.

"You didn’t install this?" Ye Fei asked. In fact, when he had initially entered the house, he immediately felt that something was wrong. Looking around, he had found multiple spots around the house equipped with pinhole cameras. He figured she had done this for security reasons.

"Of course not!" Lin Qingwan nearly cried, "Has someone installed cameras around my room?"

Ye Fei frowned. He seized the corner of the wardrobe and fumbled around with it for a moment, only to reveal a tiny camera.

When Lin Qingwan saw the camera, her expression changed.

This camera was in her room? That meant... her movements, including bathing and getting dressed had been seen by others? Others had been able to see her body…

To Lin Qingwan, being peeped on was just like being shot.

Her knees buckled and she almost fainted.
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