Chapter 109
Chapter 109 Parler Francais
Yuan Chen thought that Ye Fei would make a fool of himself if didn't know this.

"Oh, I didn’t think an upper class person such as yourself wouldn’t know,” Ye Fei raised his head and stared at Yuan Chen with disdain. “It's okay, I will tell you."

As the son of the party committee secretary, Yuan Chen’s face acne-ridden face reddened with shame to be looked down upon by a commoner.

But it was too late to back down, so he could only go on to say, "Please do, Mr. Ye. I’m listening."

"All right," Ye Fei nodded. "Since Mr. Yuan does not know, then I will say a few simple words."

The eyes of everyone in the restaurant were now curiously focused on him.

Ye Fei stood up and raised his glass like a refined European aristocrat. He went over to Yuan Chen's side and slowly said, "The name of Pommard is famous throughout the world, but the different climats still have some subtle differences. The wine of southern Pommard has a higher alcohol content, while the northern Pommard wine is lighter and has a silky palate.

"The obvious halo of pomegranate red, the typical Pommard bouquet, in combination with the aromatic and elegant rose petals is enough to excite any wine connoisseur. One ought to allow the wine to slowly flow in the mouth, stimulating every taste bud, so that the wonderful taste remains between the tongue and the teeth. Just a little is enough to intoxicate one for three days."

The other diners stared at Ye Fei in confusion. However, it now seemed obvious that he was a wine expert.

Murong looked at this man of rich aristocratic temperament with eyes full of worship.

"In short, this bottle of wine has a silky palate, so it must have been produced from grapes grown in the northern climats of Pommard. This is a fine bottle of red wine. Thank you for your hospitality, Mr. Yuan." Ye Fei nodded to his audience with a reserved smile.

Yuan Chen was embarrassed, but then his eyes fell on Robert, because of all the people present, only Robert was a real wine expert. Only he would know if Ye Fei just made all that up.

Seeing Robert’s confused expression, Yuan Chen was ecstatic.

"Monsieur Robert, was what he said correct?" he said arrogantly.

Robert smile embarrassedly and said, "Sorry, my Chinese is not very good. I didn’t understand what Mr. Ye said."

He made a quick bow to Ye Fei and said, "Honored guest, I feel you are an expert of wine tasting, but can you please repeat what you said in English?"

Hearing this, Yuan Chen almost burst out laughing.

Ye Fei’s little speech contained a lot of professional-sounding wine terminology. It was easy for him to say it in Chinese, but could he repeat all of that in English? Certainly not!

To tell the truth, Yuan Chen even doubted that Ye Fei understood Robert's request.

Murong was quite worried as well.

English was a compulsory course during her police training, but she never got a good grasp of it and soon forgot all of it after graduating. She didn’t even understand what the foreigner said.

Meanwhile, Ye Fei smiled and repeated his explanation not in English, but in fluent French, ending with a friendly nod to Robert.

Robert was stunned. Then his eyes lit up with excitement and he continued to ask him a few questions in French.

Ye Fei smiled and answered for Robert, who firmly shook his hand, so excited that he nearly burst into tears.

Seeing Ye Fei's elegant manner and fluent French, all the guests were stunned. No one expect that this simply-dressed young man was not a rural villager, but a noble French aristocrat!

After his shock, Yuan Chen felt a little disappointed. He never thought this man’s cultural accomplishments and knowledge were so great.

"I had no idea Mr. Ye has such a profound understanding of French culture! Since this bottle is indeed good red wine, then let us happily drink it," he hurriedly said to cover up his embarrassment. 

Robert did not leave, standing by to personally serve the wine to the three guests.

Ye Fei didn't want to talk to Yuan Chen anymore. He raised his glass and took another sip. At that point, the French foods that he ordered arrived.

Robert presented each dish to Ye Fei and explained the ingredients and cooking methods in great detail. When Ye Fei began to eat, however, he turned in an instant from a French gentleman to a boorish peasant, wolfing down his meal like a starving refugee.

Yuan Chen looked at Ye Fei sadly, thinking that such fine cuisine was wasted on the likes of him.

He picked up his fork and tasted the foie gras. It’s flavor was sublime, but the tastier the food, the more distressed he became.

At first, he thought Ye Fei couldn't possibly eat everything he had ordered, so he could at least pack some to take away, but the way things were going, it seemed Ye Fei would even order some more.

Yuan Chen was profoundly unhappy. He suddenly stood up and growled, "I’m going to the toilet."

When he reached the toilet, he locked the door and immediately dialed a number on his phone: "Scorpion, gather a few tough guys and come to Restaurant Maxim. Some lowlife is embarrassing me in public!"

"He’s either very brave or very stupid to cross you, Yuan Chen. I’m on my way."

The man called Scorpion was playing cards in a game room, but after receiving Yuan Chen’s call, he immediately called over four reliable men and they drove toward the pedestrian street, steel pipes and machetes in hand.
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