Chapter 52

My Little Girl (44)

Not long after the Yuanyang Festival began, the royal carriage of Emperor Sheng Nan arrived. At the same time, Sheng Qianmo also dismounted from his horse in a hurry.

Emperor Sheng Nan was quite surprised to see Sheng Qianmo show his face at the Yulin Academy. By his recollection, the prince would not attend the annual festival, and it was hard to make him come down to the academy either. Yet now he happened to be present.

The emperor couldn’t help but tease him a little, but the prince brushed aside his words.

In the seating area, Sheng Qianmo was naturally seated with Emperor Sheng and their other brothers in the same row.

Head Master Chen, Teacher Li, and many other respected scholars of the academy came to propose a toast to the emperor and other royalty.

All of a sudden, a massive display of fireworks lit up the sky. The students seated behind exclaimed with delight as they saw the colorful fireworks condense into square-shaped characters. The people around read out word by word, “Peace and prosperity for the Beiguo Kingdom.”

The brilliant display and splendid preparations left many people astonished and gaping.

Emperor Sheng himself felt it was unordinary. He raised his eyebrows with satisfaction. “This is quite interesting.”

Next to him, Master Sun from Class One overheard his praise. He became even more confident about the next event, and said, “Your Majesty, please look down there.”

Without a doubt, the presentation that played out before their eyes was from Class One.

Sheng Lingyun was unable to resist as he exclaimed, “Wow!” while wearing an expression of disbelief and wonderment.

In mid-air, on a high platform, appeared out of nowhere a floating white light. Around that small piece of light, little by little, thin and dense dots of green light coalesced together. In a flash, they formed a pair of mandarin ducks, a symbol of lifelong love.

The magnificent display left many people exclaiming with the feeling of magic and beauty.

Emperor Sheng raised his eyebrows again. “How did you do this?”

Sheng Zhiyu smiled, and said, “Could it be that in this world someone truly possesses magic?”

And yet, Sheng Qianmo moved his lips a little, then pointed them to the opposite side of the glowing ducks. An average person would unable to tell that there, in a well-concealed corner, was a white screen. Behind it were countless fireflies, and these fireflies were the mandarin ducks. They could appear in mid-air on the opposite side because of a mirror.

Master Sun had prepared a set of speeches to praise his students in front of the emperor. But he hadn’t expected to be seen through by the Fourth Prince. He was stumped for words but put a bold face and explained their presentation anyways.

After the explanation, Sheng Lingyun realised. All of a sudden, he exclaimed, “Ah, so that’s how it is!”

Sheng Zhiyu smiled. “Didn’t the emperor tell you to attend class in the academy?”

Sheng Lingyun nodded in agreement. With a straight face, he said, “Indeed. Affected by the aroma of books in the academy, I even feel the urge to read at the Yun Manor from time to time.”

Naturally, the emperor did not believe his words. So he just snorted and laughed, then continued watching the performance on the stage.

After watching several more performances, Li Yuan came to talk to Sheng Qianmo in private. The prince left for a moment. When he came back, the play “Du Shiniang” was starting

Sheng Qian Mo stood in the crowd and his careless gazed moved to the stage. What he saw was a scene that he would remember his whole life.

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