Chapter 51

My Little Girl (43)

On the day of the Yuanyang Festival, Sheng Qianmo was supposed to see Shu Nuan off at the academy. However, something happened at the military camp that demanded Sheng Qianmo personally handle the matter. As a result, he ordered Li Yuan to escort Shu Nuan to the academy. He promised Shu Nuan that he’d come watch her when he was done at the camp.

The students who were taking part in the play Du Shiniang got along well because of the time spent rehearsing together. They were at ease dressing and changing clothes together, early morning in the courtyard.

While preparing their costumes, some of the students in the courtyard were discussing about how the emperor would be attending the performance. Several girls took turns talking about the emperor, and discussed how best to grab his attention.

Su Hai, who happened to pass by, said to the group, “Ah, you people… I think you caught an evil wind and let it influence your minds. Chattering on about such things… Could it be that you joined the Yulin Academy for the purpose of meeting the emperor?”

A female student gave him a bland look. “Who didn’t come here to study with the dream of meeting the emperor as an official one day?”

Su Hai spoke with righteousness dripping from his voice. “How vulgar! I am not the same as you. I just want to enrich my mind!”

Su Hai wasn’t even lying. His father, Su Huang grew up in the barracks, and like the legendary Prince Sheng, began marching and fighting with the army from a young age. But he was unwilling to let his children grow up the same way, and that was how Su Hai found himself in the academy.

However, his female classmates were too lazy to reason with him, and indulged once again in their whisperings.

Su Hai roamed the courtyard, and at the edge of it he found Shu Nuan against a dresser, having changed into a white dress.  He was stunned, and said, “Ah, how come I didn’t run for the Male Lead…”

On one side, a female classmate burst into laughter.


“Su Hai, you have no sense of shame. You don’t want to be the male lead. Instead, you want to strip away the female lead role from Shu Nuan…”

“Yeah, right!” Su Hai refuted. “Can a male lead be as beautiful as a female lead?”

Shu Nuan stared at Su Hai in her bronze mirror, looking rather helpless. “You will not gain anything here.”

The girl continued, “He is obviously changing his tricks to praise your beauty!”

Some people next to Su Hai also threw some words at him.

He was embarrassed with it being so noisy. He touched his nose and ran out.

But the 10th Class’s play was nothing to be surprised about. The students of the classes as high as the 1st and 2nd had prepared shows much more marvellous. The first two rows were reserved for royalty and the aristocrats, and the rest behind them were for the students, from where many had personally seen the emperor in the past.

Meanwhile, Sheng Lingyun blocked Sheng Zhiyu’s way, who had just gotten off his sedan chair outside the academy, and greeted him, “Fifth Brother, I will follow you all day today!”

Sheng Zhiyu was worried since that shameful Seventh Brother of his had come to show his face. It was natural his brother would take refuge with him: the emperor was coming, and Sheng Lingyun had only just offended their Fourth Brother a few days previously.

Sheng Zhiyu did not treat him with politeness. He warned, “Whatever you do, just don’t give this Fifth Brother of yours any trouble.”

“That won’t be the case! In a short while, our brothers will arrive as well. I will make sure to behave myself!”

Sheng Zhiyu snorted without saying much and went in.

Sheng Lingyun, in a hurry, followed behind.

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