My Nightclub Landlady - Chapter 280

Chapter 280

Chapter 280 We can talk like a gentleman



Although Zhou Liang was not as effective as Qin Feng, he laid in his ruthlessness the critical position. In a few moments, four or five gangsters were scrapped. They wailed and screamed. There was nothing else going on in the whole building, and all the owners on the first to fifth floors listened to the situation. Even the people in the next building heard the noise and peered through the windows. Had it not been for the aging buildings and the poor lighting in the hallways, they would have been able to see very clearly. 

Zhou Liang grabbed Brother Biao by the collar and yelled, "You are the eldest, right?" 

Brother Biao's eyes were so red and swollen that he couldn't keep his eyes open. "No, no. I was wrong. I was wrong." 

Zhou Liang slapped him, and Brother Biao almost knelt on the ground. At this time, none of his younger brothers dared to come near, and all those who could move hid under the stairs. Some even ran to the ground floor, fearing they would be met by Zhou Liang. Already Zhou Liang smashed the knee bones of several brothers directly, and their life was considered invalid, because of an incident, they fell a lifelong disability, even if Brother Biao's ability big, or even if Zhao family gave more money to them, they also did not want to do. 

Zhou Liang grabbed his waist with both hands, yanked him violently, and threw Brother Biao directly into the room. Then he shouted loudly to the little brother who was holding his head in both hands outside. "Pull back all the rubbish in the house and drag them out. Fuck off." 

Those guys who were still able to move the guys, were anxious to drag the brothers at the bottom. Some had been squeezed suffocated. if they suffocated for a while, they were likely to die. 

Off and on, people are finally dragged out, Zhou Liang humphed, "A group of waste. Get the fuck out of here!" 

The gang rolled and crawled with fright, carrying their unawakened brothers on their backs and running downstairs in a hurry.

With a bang, Zhou Liang closed the door. 

At this time, Brother Biao knelt piously on the ground, frightened, and shivered all over. 

Qin Feng put his arms in front his chest, crossed his legs and played the cell phone. Zhu Fei glanced at him to find that he was even in fun to play Xiaochu. 


Zhu Fei extended her foot and kicked Qin Feng. "At least you should show respect to him. After he was kneeling down on his knees." 

Qin Feng did not lift his head, "Kneel for a while first." 

Brother Biao's right arm was disabled by Qin Feng, and was swinging on the ground, and now the left leg was broken. That he was kneeling was really suffering from the pain. His forehead fell a big bead of sweat, fixedly staring at Qin Feng on the sofa. 

Zhou Liang stood next to him with his arm in his arms and said nothing. He was waiting for Qin Feng to speak. 

Zhu Fangguo, however, took the lead in settling down. "Qin Feng, stop torturing him and let him get up. Hurry up and get him to the hospital. If we go on like this, something big will happen." 

"Don't worry about it, uncle. I have to cure him today." 

Qin Feng said. 

"Qin Feng, he has been like this. What are you going to do?

He is going to be finished." 

Zhu Fangguo got up and helped Brother Biao himself. Zhou Liang had already taken his seat in front of the sofa and was eating cucumbers washed by Zhu Fei. "Yes, crispy. Delicious." 

Zhu Fei

glanced at him with white eyes, "I don't let you eat it! This is for Qin Feng." 

As soon as her voice fell, he heard Zhu Fangguo cry out. The three men on the sofa looked up and saw Brother Biao holding a sharp blade directly against Zhu Fangguo's throat. His sturdy arm laid dead in Zhu Fangguo's throat, and he shouted, "Be honest with me!" 


Qin Feng and Zhou Liang got up in a hurry, instinctively approaching, but Brother Biao shouted anxiously, "Get back to me! Move back." 

It turned out that his left leg injury was fake, but he only had a serious fracture in his right arm, and he dealt with Zhu Fangguo with one hand.

Zhu Fangguo's neck was flushed, suffocating, unable to speak, and being dragged down by Biao Zi and retreated step by step. Qin Feng and Zhou Liang were worried that he would do something impulsive. They were anxious to take a foothold and stood where they were, saying, "You put down your knife, something is up for discussion!" 

"To negotiate? Shit!" 

Brother Biao shouted, "Kneel down to me! Damn it, don't you dare to beard the lion. I'm telling you, even if you can fight, you have to call me big brother! Do you know?" 

Zhu Fei was so frightened that she could not help but go forward to save her father. But as soon as Brother Biao pressed his wrist, he directly cut Zhu Fangguo's clavicle skin. If she moved up a little more, he could pierce his great artery directly. "Don't want to listen to me, do you? Good. Then nobody's gonna get any better!" 

Qin Feng grabbed Zhu Fei in a hurry and shouted, "Don't be impulsive, don't be impulsive." 

When the words fell, Qin Feng made the potential to kneel, Brother Biao smirked and said, "Damn you. No matther how well you can fight, you are still kneeling to me!" 

He looked at Zhou Liang again and excoriated, "And you. Damn it, it's Thai boxing, isn't it? What a flutter! Get down on your knees before me!" 

Zhou Liang was speechless for a while, but he did not expect that such a situation had been caused by a momentary carelessness. It was really disgusting. 


Qin Feng's knees bent under a little bit. When Zhu Fei saw this, she puts her arms around his armpit and yelled, "Don't kneel! 

How can you, a gentleman, kneel on your knees?" 

Zhou Liang stood upright and didn't want to kneel at all. 

Because he and Qin Feng had a way to deal with the scene. 

Brother Biao shouted anxiously, "Kneel down before me! On your knees!" 

As soon as he finished his final word, Qin Feng and Zhou Liang rolled over at the same time, at a very fast speed, and they rolled over directly under the feet of Brother Biao. Although the knife in his hand was around Zhu Fangguo's neck, when people were nervous, they would always make mistakes. He unexpectedly did not take Zhu Fangguo as a safeguard any more but took the initiative to stab Qin Feng with a knife.

In this way, he got into Qin Feng's trap. He pushed Zhu Fangguo away, and then directly broke brother Biao's wrist with dagger. With a brittle sound, the entire left wrist was directly broken down. 


There was another cry, and Brother Biao knelt down on his knees again. 

His hands were all disabled. Qin Feng picked up the knife on the ground, stabbed directly into the gap in his shoulder, and then forced to turn, and the knife directly broke his bone open. 

In this way, the whole right arm of Brother Biao was completely ruined and could not be cured even if it was not amputated. 

This was to give him a mark. Originally Qin Feng really didn't want to scrap him. He just wanted to scare him with a few words, and then let him go. However, he did not expect that he hijacked Zhu Fangguo. He must have actually taken the courage of a bear heart and a leopard and wanted to fight with impunity, so that he could legitimately fight. Even if Qin Feng let him fight without useing both of his hands, but hijacking an old man was a good thing. 

Qin Feng despised this kind of person very much. He could be no as skilled as others, but he must lose like a man. 

Brother Biao screamed for about three minutes before slowing down. The blood on the ground was on the ground. Even Zhou Liang felt a bit frighten. Zhu Fangguo and Zhu Fei had long since been so frightened that they dared not look up. 

Qin Feng crouched down, stepped on Borther Biao's hair, and said, "Do you still want to try it?" 

"No, no." 

Enduring the agony, Brother Biao anxiously begged for mercy, "I am wrong. I am wrong. Grandpa Feng, Grandpa, my own Grandpa, I am so wrong. You let me go like a dog!"

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